Finding Literary Criticism in Seeker

In this tutorial you will learn how to locate a book of literary criticism in seeker On the library homepage seeker is the search box in the middle of the page labeled articles books and more this all-in-one database searches books and media from our catalog as well as newspaper magazine and journal articles business publications and more in seeker you can search by keyword title or author to find books of literary criticism Try searching the author’s name and the term criticism or interpretation. Let’s see if we can find anything about the author Edgar Allen Poe Since seeker is searching for books videos and DVDs newspapers magazines and journal articles We see that we are getting quite a lot of results to make things easier on ourselves Let’s go to source types on the left hand side of the screen and click books to limit our results Now our results are only print books or ebooks Let’s click on the first result to find out more information about this particular title. Once we open the record for this title We see publication information since this is a book. There’s a publisher listed This is something to pay attention to since this is the information used in an MLA book citation We also see something called subject terms. These terms can be a great resource for providing keywords and synonyms for future searches since they are hyperlinked You can also click on a subject term and you will be taken to all other items that have that term listed for example If you wanted to learn more about Edgar Allen Poe’s influence on other artists you could click on Poe Edgar Allen 1809 to 1849 influence and see what other resources are available on this topic We also see all of the places that this particular book is available If this is a print book we would just use the call number to know where to find it on the shelf Since this is an e-book we can just follow the online access link to get to the full text Pay attention to the location of e-books when you are searching in seeker If another library has an e-book that you are Interested in an L in DL does not have it you are unable to request it Like you would a print book due to licensing restrictions If you need help searching for books of literary criticism in seeker, or locating an item You have found you can always ask a librarian

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