Find Literary Magazines: Writer Saramanda Swigart Tells You How To Find Literary Magazines

Hi my name is Saramanda Swigart and I write
short stories and novels and I am going to talk about Writer’s Relief why I’ve been a
client for about a little under a year I can’t emphasize enough how much of an about face
my writing life took when I became a client because before when I used to send out my
own work I was fairly under-confident and just really rejections really got me down
I had this thought like maybe I’m a hack maybe I shouldn’t be doing this maybe I should go
back to my corporate job all of this but since I started with Writer’s Relief I really feel
like I have a team of people behind me which makes rejections into a whole different things
they just sort of seem like now because I get like an encouraging note with each rejection
they seem like something that just writers have to go through like any writer and where
I used to average about 40 to 45 rejections per acceptance when I was sending things out
on my own since I started with Writer’s Relief I think every single piece I’ve sent them
has eventually gotten published even if I have to fix it up and give it to them twice
and some pieces one piece in particular was accepted by I think 11 of the 25 that they
hand-selected so that’s actually a huge deal many of my pieces have actually been selected
by multiple markets so that’s a great problem to have and a completely new one for me I
feel like they’re on my side that’s a really big deal I can’t really express enough how
much having a team behind me has changed my level of confidence as a writer they’ve really
left me to what I love to do which is the writing itself you know school doesn’t really
prepare you for the world of publication even if it makes you a better writer there’s just
a certain fortitude that’s required also just it’s time consuming to research markets I
mean I have the things that I read but I don’t always have the distance from my own work
to know where it’s appropriate where it fits in so I’m just really grateful to Writer’s
Relief I mean every writer should be so lucky as to have a team behind them and I strongly
encourage other writers if they have the means it’s not cheap but if they have the means
to become a client because it’s really changed my life I’m a much more confident writer now
even the things that were more on the experimental side on the unpolished side I still now I
send it out I’ll send it out to them and often it gets accepted and if not it’s no big deal
I just go back and I re-work it that’s huge that’s really new for me so I’d just love
to say thank you and express my gratitude

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