Find Literary Criticism & Biographies

Now, we’ll find literary criticism and biographies. I’ll go back to the results and ex out of
our “for students” search to return to all results. Under Content Types, I’ll click on Literature
Criticism. There are 103 results, but I can use the Search
within box again to find results on my smaller topic, which is allusions. Don’t pluralize, so it gives you more results:
use “allusion” rather than “allusions”. This second search is often tricky: you have
to spell words correctly, you might have to try synonyms, or there might not be many results
in this database. Just remember, after each try, ex out of the
last search. So, I have 27 results, which I can easily
read through. If I find something that might be good, I’ll
click on the title and immediately email it to myself as a PDF if available. Don’t get bogged down in reading the full
articles at this point, but focus on gathering potential sources in your email. Then, when you have all of your potential
sources, read through them and see which will actually work for your paper. To find a biography of the author, let’s
ex out of the last search. We will go to the Content Types and click
on Biographies in the right column. A biography will tell me important events
in the author’s life and give me clues about why they would want to write this text and
what it means.

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