Facts not fiction on Coronavirus

Hello, I’m Joanne Vogel, deputy vice
president for Student Services and I’m here to have a candid conversation with
you about the coronavirus. According to our partners at the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, there is currently very low risk to the public.
However, we understand that many of you are concerned, curious and maybe even are
feeling fear, so we’re here today to remind you that, generally, the risk is low and the symptoms associated with this virus are mild. Yes, you should go to class.
It’s important that you continue on about your daily routine and, as you
see behind me, the campus is open and students are headed to classes as usual.
It’s also important to know that anyone that had contact with our positive case
for coronavirus has already been notified. In order to stay healthy, we want you to
wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. If you do not have
soap and water available, please use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Also, with
unwashed hands, avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth. If you feel sick, if
you are sick, please stay home and avoid close contact with anyone else who may
be sick. And finally, if you need to cough or sneeze, cover your cough or sneeze,
either into your arm or into a tissue and immediately dispose of that tissue
in the trash. If you are sick with a cough, it may be
helpful to wear a mask to prevent the spread of illness to someone else.
If you are healthy, the way to stay healthy, from our health care
professionals, is that you wash your hands. That seems to be, and is more effective,
than wearing a mask if you are healthy. If you or someone you know feels
ill, please contact Health Services. They have a dedicated line to you, 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, and can answer any of your health care questions. As you are considering the information
that you receive about coronavirus, I advise you to think about it carefully
and consider the source. We have provided for you an updated and current link
where you can find the most accurate and reliable information that we have about
coronavirus. Thank you so much for listening today and stay well.

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