Fact Or Fiction: What’s Real? | Season 1 | PRODIGAL SON

This crime scene is
seriously messed up. Well, that’s my specialty. [suspenseful music] “Prodigal Son”
is a procedural. And the forensic
aspects are going to play a role in the show,
almost like a character. What’s the matter? I imagine the crime from
the killer’s point of view. You think like the killer. It’s a gift. TOM PAYNE: I think the
job that Bright has is a very specific type of job. It is not for everyone. He has a deep understanding of
how a serial killer would look at a room and look at a victim. It’s really exciting. You don’t have to fake anything. And it adds a whole
dynamic to the show. Cause of death? WOMAN: The only
presenting wounds are minor abrasions on
his wrists and ankles– –indicating he was
bound during the act. Let’s find out why. SHIYA RIBOWSKY: The show
feels grounded and realistic because the science is real. And the writers
and the producers are making a concerted
effort to get it right. She wasn’t
expecting our killer. The fight was contained,
and he subdued her quickly. Things are labeled properly. Everybody wants to
know, is it booties and gloves in the
autopsy room, or is it just booties or just gloves? Suture work is amazing. You’re like Picasso
with formaldehyde. Your bloody crime scene
and your forensic reports, it was so helpful to inform
everybody– lighting, sound, production, design, wardrobe. It just got everybody’s
vision cohesive. SHIYA RIBOWSKY: No
detail is too small. If it happens, it
could possibly happen. What I like most about
working on “Prodigal Son” is, is when the
director yells cut, and the dead bodies get up. It makes my day.

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