Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win – Book Review & Free Audiobook Code

hey everyone so I’m doing something a
little bit different today and I’m actually gonna be talking about a book
review so I’m Devin Howard as you guys might know let’s get into it so the book
is called extreme ownership how u.s. Navy SEALs lead and win so it’s all
about how you can run your own business or your own life with the same precision
that the Navy SEALs run themselves it was a number one New York Times
bestseller and say you know it’s good Navy SEALs recount how they were tasked
with the seemingly impossible mission of taking over a city in Iraq of course in
a situation like that leadership is incredibly important so recognizing that
they started a SEAL Leadership Program it’s a training program for Navy leaders
after that they started an organization that teaches different companies
leadership skills since then they’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies
startup companies so many different types of people and groups of people and
companies that have looked to them to teach them the basics of leadership
chapters focus on things like cover and move decentralized command and leading
up the chain the main focus of this book is that leaders are responsible for
everything well you may be you take the type of leader who delegate tasks to
your employees ultimately the responsibility of the success or failure
of a company rides on your shoulders if for example you do delegate tasks and
things don’t work out it’s important for you to understand as a leader how you
can mitigate the situation I want to read you guys a quote from the book
really quickly it says leaders must own everything in their world there is no
one else to blame it’s so and that’s a really important thing to understand
that when you are taking responsibility for a group of people or the success of
a singular focus you have to understand how your role affects the outcome the
book also covers topics like true teamwork and a common belief in the
mission of the company some of the things the book covers are the need to
outline goals follow-through with goals and communicate all the while
after reading this book you’ll realize what it means to be a true leader how
you can be a true leader and what you need to do to successfully lead your
company to success if this book has captured your attention and your like I
would like to read that I have a really cool offer for you you can go to scribed
and try it out for 30 days for free and you can read this book on there so check
it out the website is www.pevs.com

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  2. "Leaders must own everything in their world . There is no one else to blame." That's a good one. Doe's Donald Trump blame to any one?

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