Exploring the parts of a comic | TeachOntario Graphic Novels Course

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the different
parts of a comic. Not all elements are in every comic, but it’s a helpful list of
terms. Right here, is the panel. The panel or frame
can be any shape or size but it delineates a specific moment in time. In between the panels is the gutter. As Scott
McCloud says in his book “Understanding Comics”, the gutter plays host to much of
the magic and mystery that’s at the very heart of comics”. It’s what’s in between
– it connects what’s happening in the panel on the left with the panel on the right. The
reader fills in the blanks in the gutter. When I talk in a comic, what I say appears
in a speech bubble or word balloon. The shape of the speech bubble, the way the words appear
inside it … all these parts work together to convey meaning and emotion. I hope this little video has helped you with
understanding some of the vocabulary and terms associated with comics. Continue enjoying
the course.

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