Experience Education Week’s Summit on “Literacy for the Workplace”

– Hi, I’m Debra Viadero and I’m one of the assistant managing
editors here at Education Week. In survey after survey, employers tell us that their newest hires
lack the literacy skills they need to succeed in the workplace. But what kinds of
reading, writing, speaking and digital literacy
skills do young people really need to succeed in the workplace? And how can educators bridge
the gap between employer’s expectations and reality
when it comes to instilling those complex skills in young people? Join us on April 16th when
five Education Week reporters and their expert guests will
host online discussion rooms where they will unpack
some of the literacy skills that students need and
share some of what schools are already doing to instill
those skills in young people. The event will take place
from one PM to 2:30 PM eastern time and you’ll also
get a chance to pose questions to the reporters, their
guests, and to one another. Afterwards, there will
be a livestream video where our reporters will
sum up some of what went on in their discussion rooms. For some background
reading, I recommend reading our special report,
Literacy and the Workplace, which was published in September. Our discussion room topics grow directly out of the articles in that report. I hope to see you on April 16th. (light music)

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