EVERYTHING IS SO… NORMAL | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 3

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  1. I may be young.
    It may be taken.
    I cant die.
    Or be forsaken.

    Dont think about it.
    Dont think of me.
    Keep on going.
    Dont you worry.

    I will hide.
    I will flee.
    But I cant hide
    What's infront of me.

    I will leave.
    I cant stay.
    'Cause I think of them all
    Every day.

  2. I Skipped A lot Of Moments And Got These Words:

    Natsuki Has No Boys

    Natsuki: *TRIGGERED*


    That’s Why Natsuki SNAPED HER NECK

  3. 18:38 did he just say "I think that Sayori and Monika have been really trying to get hard to get new members" lol!

  4. Here is my poem:

    I was looking at this video someting is wrong.
    I don't know what but a long time it took.
    I finally looked at the right place.
    And my face turns red once the date I have seen.
    That this video was posted in two thousand seven teen.
    * * *

  5. friend: '' what kind of music do you listen to?''
    me: '' it's complicated.. ''
    also friend:'' oh come on! ''
    also me: 29:18

  6. I have the feeling everyone already knows the game and then there‘s me;
    reading the coments and slowly getting scared

  7. In the beginning when Monika said something about "saving the game" it's almost as if she's pulling a Flowey on us!

  8. Sayori: Morp, if Natsuki asked to walk home with you, what would you do?
    Mark: Of course I would still walk with you instead of Natsuki! Now if it was Yuri or Monika, I would drop you like a hat!
    Me: Fair enough.

  9. The Dark Void
    It's hard to avoid being sucked into darkness
    At least once in your life you will go through it
    People say that pain heals it all but I don't really know
    When you're standing on the edge, it will be so easy to plummet.

    The void is so dark but it soothes my mind
    I understand the way people feel
    I wonder how long it will take to get out of it
    I don't know how long it'll take to heal

    I look up some things and my mind fills with doubt
    I wanna crawl up in a hole and die
    But that won't work for me, oh no!
    The best I can do is just cry

    The Dark Void is so simple,
    yet appealing and broad
    It's juts depression in a nutshell
    I simple few words abroad

  10. 3:05 is one the first instances that we see that Monika’s is sentient in the game and is self aware she is trapped in a game.

  11. Monika’s poem about the hole in the wall is an instance of monika’s sentience. She is aware that through the hole we sit. Staring back at her.

  12. Me : plays the game
    Mark : sayori you are disgustingly happy
    Me : little do you know innocent child. She’ll fall into depression and hang herself

  13. Mark: Great just great I need to right another one starts to sing

    Meh: pls stop

    Mark: keeps singing

    Meh: annoying lalallaallllalalalalalalaallalalalalaala

    Mark: keeps singing

    Meh: fine

    Mark: stops singing

    Meh: finally he sto—

    Mark: starts singing again

    Meh: nooooooooo edit mark I don’t think annoying

  14. When I see the word bewildered with that font it looks like they just slammed their keyboard
    It looks like this to me

  15. if I as playing this episode exactly as it was in this video my brain would be like
    everything is fine but something's up

  16. Watching this made me want to write my own first poem,
    So here you go:

    ,,I woke up happy
    With tears in my eyes

    I hope that my mother
    Didn't hear my cries

    I cry every night
    To release my stress

    I guess you could say
    It's like a game of chess

    I am defense less
    And I cannot take cover

    So please

    Don't tip me over."

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