Everyone in This Village Can Speak Sign Language

– [Announcer] This Great
Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo, established
1852, re-established 2018. – [Narrator] Nestled in the
jungles of Bali there’s a small village a little different from the rest. (methodical music) In the region of Bengkala,
there’s a recessive gene common among the residents that causes a much higher rate of deafness. It’s been passed down
through seven generations. In a town of 3,000, normally,
only four or five people would be born Deaf, making
Bengkala’s proportion of Deaf residents incredibly unique. This sign language is known
only to the people of Bengkala because it was created by them. It’s different from
any other sign language throughout the world. (methodical music) Every part of town has adopted
to their Deaf neighbors. The mayor speaks Kata Kolok. The farmers speak Kata Kolok. The teachers speak Kata Kolok. (soft music)

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