Essay #2: Psychology Literature Review

Hi class. This is instructor Fran here, and I just wanted to talk to you about some expectations for Essay #2, and beyond. Essay number one was a special type of essay. It was a personal narrative in which you talked about your own personal experience. In our upcoming essays, essay number two and essay number three and any beyond, we are going to be writing academic essays and they differ from a personal narrative pretty significantly. There’s three things I want you to keep in mind. First of all, you will be writing in the more formal third person. What that means is you’re going to be avoiding the first person which is when you refer to yourself. You don’t want to refer to yourself that you think or you believe anything, and you don’t want personal evidence. Secondly, you want to avoid using the second person, which is when you address the reader: “you, your, etc.” The second point I want you to think about is you want to usually be writing a five-paragraph essay style for academic essays, so you want an introduction in which you have a hook, context, and thesis. You can review the module and introductions. You want body paragraphs that have topic sentences, evidence by way of quotes and paraphrases from our readings, and analysis of that evidence, and then you also need a concluding paragraph. Thirdly, you want to be following APA style. That means that on your document you’re going to make sure to indent the first line of every paragraph, you’re going to have your work double-spaced, you’re going to have normal size font, which is 11 or 12 point, and then, most importantly, you want to make sure you have both in-text and citations and a reference page in which you have the longer reference citations. So keep those three things in mind: third person, five-paragraph essay structure roughly (if you have two body paragraphs or four body paragraphs that would change how many paragraphs you have, but that would be fine), and then APA formatting. The other thing I want you to keep in mind is key: Think of these essays as a really, really thorough draft. You really want to be following the directions, and if nothing’s glaringly, glaringly wrong. you’re going to get full credit for the assignment. And then in later weeks we’re going to work on projects. I’ve kind of replaced midterms and finals with these projects where you work on revising these essays with my feedback. That being said, do your best job you can with essay. Number two, make sure you read through the directions really carefully and follow the instructions that I just talked about, but if you hit that criteria then my job is really more to be giving you feedback so you can fix these essays up when we work on our projects, if that makes sense. So one last thing- I encourage you to use the readings and videos that we have in our class site that relate to the topics of the essays, and if you want to integrate outside sources as well that are credible, that’s absolutely fine. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing your essays soon.

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