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The Story of A Raven and A Swan. Once upon a time there lived a raven who was
as black as coal! He was very envious of the Swan, because her feathers were
as white as snow! The raven one day
got an idea! He thought he too would
become like Swan, if he lived like a swan! The foolish bird planned to swim and dive in the water
all day long! He decided that he would even
eat the plants that grow in the water! So he left his home in the woods and flew down to live
on the lakes! But though he washed and washed
himself all day long, his feathers remained as
black as ever! He almost got drowned by the end of the day.. Ha haa! The stupid bird then ate the
water weeds, but the food didn’t agree
with him So he got thinner, and thinner as days went. And one day, he died. So the moral here is “A change of habits will not
alter nature” The Frog and the Ox One day a little frog came
hopping upto a big frog who was sitting by the pond. The little frog looked
really excited! “What happened?” asked the big frog “Oh Father I have seen the biggest
frog in the world!” said the little frog “It was as big as a mountain! It had horns on its head a long tail and its nose
was divided into two!” “Ha” said the big frog. “Tush child Tush. You must have seen
the farmers ox!” But the big frog wasn’t willing to accept that the Ox
was greater than him. So he said; “But I don’t think
it’s bigger than me. He may be a little
taller than me but you see I can easily make myself
as big as he is!” “Huh? Can you show me?” Asked the little frog “Humph!” said the big frog “Was he as big as this?” as he puffed himself up. “Oh much bigger than that” said the little frog! Then the big frog puffed
himself up again and asked “Was he THIS big?” “Much much bigger than you” Again the big frog
blew himself out and asked the young one if
the Ox was as big as that! “Bigger father bigger” was the reply! “Ridiculous” said the big frog who thought he was
much more important than he actually was. “Wait and I’ll show you. I’m the oldest frog in this pond and the biggest too” So the big frog
took a deep breath and blew and blew and blew and swelled and
swelled and swelled! “Stop it father” said the little frog. I think you are going
to hurt yourself But pride overtook the Big frog and he kept blowing himself out! He puffed and puffed
himself so much and he finally burst The Big frog had lost his life just because he wasn’t ready
to let go of his pride! The Miller His Son and The Ass One day a long time ago an old Miller and his Son were on their way to market with an Ass which
they hoped to sell. They drove him very slowly for they thought they would have
a better chance to sell him if they kept him
in good condition. As they walked along the highway some travelers laughed
loudly at them. “What foolishness” cried one “to walk when they might
as well ride the donkey! The Miller did not
like to be laughed at so he told his son to
climb up and ride. They had gone a little
farther along the road when three merchants passed by. “Oho what have we here?” they said to the boy. “Respect old age young man! Get down and let the old man ride.” Though the Miller was not tired he made the boy get down and
climbed up himself to ride just to please the Merchants. At the next turnstile they overtook some women carrying market baskets
loaded with vegetables and other things to sell. “Look at the old fool” exclaimed one of them. “Perched on the Ass while that poor
boy has to walk.” The Miller felt a bit vexed but to be agreeable he told the Boy to
climb up behind him. They had no sooner started out again than a loud shout went up from another company
of people on the road. “What a crime” cried one “to load up a poor
dumb beast like that! They look more able to
carry the poor creature than he to carry them.” “They must be on their way to sell the poor thing’s hide” said another. The Miller and his Son
quickly scrambled down and a short time later the market place was
thrown into an uproar as the two came along carrying the Donkey
slung from a pole. A great crowd of people ran out to get a closer
look at the strange sight. The Ass did not
dislike being carried but so many people came
up to point at him and laugh and shout that he began to kick and bray and then just as they were
crossing a bridge the ropes that held him gave way and down he tumbled
into the river. The poor Miller now set
out sadly for home. By trying to please everybody he had pleased nobody and lost his Ass besides. The boy who cried wolf Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy who watched the sheep
of the villagers. One day when he was
sitting at the hillside taking care of the sheep, he got very bored. It was lonely for him, so he devised a plan to get
a little company! He took a deep breath and started shouting! “Wolf.. Wolf.. The wolf is chasing the sheep He shouted “Wolf.. Wolf.. The wolf is chasing the sheep” He shouted again! He shouted again, and
again and again! The villagers stopped what
they were doing, and rushed to help the boy! But when they arrived at the hill, they found no wolf! “Where is the wolf?” asked the villagers The boy laughed at the sight of
their angry faces! “I fooled all of you” he laughed at the villagers “Don’t cry wolf” “when there’s no wolf” said the villagers Then they went grumbling
back down the hill. The next day, he shouted again “Wolf.. Wolf. The wolf is chasing the sheep” The villagers stopped what
they were doing, and rushed to help the boy! He laughed as he saw villagers
running up the hill again, to save his sheep! He shouted again He shouted again, and
again and again! When the villagers arrived, they found no wolf and they got angry! “Didn’t we tell you not
to shout ‘wolf’ when there’s NO WOLF!?” said the villagers. But the boy just grinned, and watched them go
back once again. The next day, when the boy was watching
the sheep, there came a REAL wolf
attacking his sheep. Alarmed, he leaped
on his feet and started shouting “Wolf.. The wolf is attacking my sheep. Please help!” But the villagers thought the boy was
trying to fool them again, so they continued
with their work. When it was about to get dark, the villagers wondered why the
shepherd hadn’t returned. They went up the hill
searching for the boy. They found the boy sitting
alone and weeping. “There really was a wolf here”
said the boy. “I cried for help,
why didn’t you come?” One of the villager sat next to the
boy and told him “Nobody believes a liar, even when he is
telling the truth” The boy learned his mistake, and he never lied to anyone
in his life again!

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