English and American Literature and Philosophy – BA (Hons) | University of Kent

I chose to study English and American
Literature and Philosophy because I had so many questions. I’m really interested in why we do the
things we do as humans and why we think the way we think. I now have so many
more questions, but they are so much more relevant, especially to the society of today
and the things that are happening today. I find that Philosophy’s really really
helping me get a better grasp on everything that’s happening. Although I’ve never studied philosophy before, I really enjoy the subject knowledge.
There’s so much variety, there’s so many different modules that you can take on
the course that really opens every single door. There’s so many different
avenues that you can take and I’ve really found that to be beneficial for
my studies. So a recent piece of work that I’ve done that was particularly interesting was a public philosophy piece where you have been given free
rein and you are allowed to write about pretty much anything that you wish in a
public philosophy setting. So whether it’s a speech, whether it’s a blog post, an article. You write for your audience and it really helped me to
understand how to write for a philosophical audience and
how to address certain audiences in different settings and different writing
styles. It was a really really useful piece of work that I did. The facilities here are very useful in supporting my studies. From the library having thousands of books that you can just get lost in for the Philosophy department. The lecturers and the seminar leaders are always open to answering your questions
very quickly as well I find. And the course content as well it’s always
online, so if you have any questions or if there’s anything you would like to look
over, the lecture slides are usually there for you to reassess and see where
you are and where you’re stuck. I take part in some student ambassador
activities on campus so I attend lots of open days and I’m there to answer any
questions and help any prospective students out. I have attended some
welcome days as well where you can come and have a taster of what it would
be like to attend a seminar at Kent. I find that very very useful
and it’s really fun to meet prospective students and get their interpretation of
life at Kent. The advice that I would give to a student about to come to Kent to study my course is that it’s okay to not know. You don’t have to have all the
answers yet, you don’t have to know everything straightaway. The thing about
this course is that it is so accessible and that you can come in having never
studied philosophy before a day in your life. You will be
brought up to speed, you will learn new things every single day. You don’t have
to know everything as soon as you come here.

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