ENGL 190 Literary Analysis Brainstorming

Hi this is Professor Sanchez and this
video will talk you through brainstorming the literary analysis
essay. So we’re going to begin thinking through your literary analysis essay on
Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye. What we want to do is come up with a few
thesis statements as a form of brainstorming and thinking through
possibilities for the paper. So we’re going to write this paper in steps; this is
part one; first I’d like you to do some reading in your textbook about analysis
so that you’re clear how it works; secondly I’d like you to come up with
some ideas; and then thirdly I’d like you to submit those ideas in the form of
thesis statements. So you’re going to write three thesis statements and send those
to me. That’s all you have to do. If you’re stuck, go back through the
annotations you have in the novel, look at things that stand out to you, patterns
fiction components, these sorts of things and find out if there’s anything that
you’re coming back to repeatedly or ideas that you’re interested in in the
novel. The other thing you can use is our class discussion. This really is a
brainstorming discussion where we can think through different ways to approach
this essay and thinking about the novel so use that as well when you write your
thesis statement. I would like you to start it with: In The Bluest Eye Toni
Morrison uses and then you’re going to fill in a specific fiction element, plot,
character, theme, a fiction element she includes
and then there you’re going to connect it to an overall theme or idea in the
novel. Pick something that interests you but that’s also something that is
explored in depth so that you have a lot to write about in the paper. I have some
sample thesis statements from other stories we’ve read here at the bottom, so
in this one you can see the fiction element is imagery and she’s using it to
signal Mrs. Mallard’s awakening; in this one setting to
illustrate the suffocating societal pressures on women during the 1900s; in
this one metaphors to connect humans to animals. Okay, so I think you can see how
each of those happens and how the fiction element connects to the overall
theme. So that’s what I want you to work on in your thesis statement so that you
set yourself up for a really strong paper.

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