[eng subs] Militias discussing Ukrainian literature

[speaks Ukrainian] … and so he wrote like… stairs [speaks Ukrainian] And about Tychyna, who knows why he wrote so… [speaks Ukrainian] Maybe because they printed him, so he wrote [speaks Ukrainian] so… And he had such verse about Lenin [speaks Ukrainian] Such very… communistic [speaks Ukrainian] And so horrible that… — And recite, will you recite it? Huh? — Will you recite it? [speaks Ukrainian] Poem? — Yes [speaks Ukrainian] I remember it… not so well [speaks Ukrainian] But there’s something like… [speaks Ukrainian] … begins like [speaks Ukrainian] “Lenin! Only one word! [speaks Ukrainian] And we are ready like tempest [speaks Ukrainian] Strain in one side!” [speaks Ukrainian] … something else “in another side!” [speaks Ukrainian] “And crush, and crush, and crush as you stand” [ed. there are 3 different “crush” words in original, also “as you stand” it’s literal translation of”yak stiy”, it just appears senseless there in the original] [speaks Ukrainian] When we attempted to find out what was “yak stiy” [speaks Ukrainian] asked our teacher [speaks Ukrainian] She answered: [speaks Ukrainian] Children, you don’t need it, don’t even try to understand this, no one needs it, just “yak stiy” and that’s all, just learn that by heart, no one knows what he meant by that “yak stiy” [speaks Ukrainian] We said: “how can that be?” [speaks Ukrainian] And she answered: “You know: [speaks Ukrainian] I’ve graduated from literature faculty, and we had such… [speaks Ukrainian] had such saying there [speaks Ukrainian] [ed. It’s rhyme in original ] It’s better to eat a brick than to learn Pavlo Tychyna [speaks Ukrainian] It’s what they had in… [speaks Ukrainian] high school educational institutions [speaks Ukrainian] That’s what they had there [speaks Ukrainian] What else to tell you about prominent Ukrainian… [speaks Ukrainian] writers and poets [speaks Ukrainian] all they were “perekydki” [ed. literally something like defectors, but not exactly, maybe with a bit more disparaging meaning] [speaks Ukrainian] or how to say this better… [speaks Ukrainian] they lacqueyed to the regime, but when nationalists came to power, the ones who were alive suddenly became “true nationalists” [speaks Ukrainian] just like all those psychos who now are jumping like monkeys on Maidan [speaks Ukrainian] and think of themselves as… (and those Philaret’s guys as well [ed. followers of not recognized “Kyiv Patriarchate”, and their patriarch is Philaret]) [speaks Ukrainian] think of themselves as nationalists, [speaks Ukrainian] such “true” ones [speaks Ukrainian] “For Ukraine!” [speaks Ukrainian] Tomorrow “Dickhead Putin” will arrive [speaks Ukrainian] And more than a half of them will be howling “GLORY TO PUTIN!” [speaks Ukrainian] well… maybe some time must pass [speaks Ukrainian] I’ve finished… that’s all, turn it off

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  1. Ethnic Ukrainians made up a large portion of the USSR government, maybe even a larger percentage than Russians since there was only 1 Russian Premiere in the history of the SU.

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