[ENG] How To: Blackout Poetry

Hello and welcome to my channel. Today, I´m going to show you how to do blackout poetry. Okay, I hear you´re asking: What is blackout poetry? Well, Writer´s Digest – I´ll put a thing here. Writer´s Digest said that: And to show you how you write one of your own, I will change my setup a little bit so, I can show you better. As for materials you will need an old newspaper. Then I have an old play. I have this in German, which is this version here and I have an English version won´t deface. Because I love books okay? :”D I already ripped out two pages, I think, and made poems. I will show them. Which is this one here and this one over here. As you can see, the most popular in blackout poetry is blacking out the words out don´t need. Therefore I use a Stabilo pen in black. Of course, you can use other pens for this. I used this thing here. This is the outcome – one of the many outcomes. As you can see. I love this one especially, I don´t know why. These are the thing you can do: You can use whatever pen you like. You can use purples. You can use blues, or just one of these badboys. The thing I didn´t test out were watercolors or acrylic paints. So, if you have tried, I would be glad to hear from these attempts as well. Because I never tried this before. Here, you can see some other poems I found online. I will link you the site and the poems, of course, down below. So, if you want you can take a look and if you don´t: Just do it. They are great! I will do a poem with one of the many, many texts you can find in this newspaper here. I think I will speed the process up, of finding an article, because this will take long. So… I think I found the one I´m going to use. It´s this one here. And what you do with your text is, you just take a pen. Not the black one you use to black out the thing. You take the one you mark the words you are going to use. Because if you just black out and then you think (censored). “I wanted to use that word, but I already blacked it out.” Then you have a problem. This is my poem: “A hopeless star. Single for almost a relationship.” It doesn´t have to make sense what you are marking on there, as long as you feel it. I think I will like this. Now I´m taking the black pen just black out the words I don’t need. For that I like to `save´, to draw a little box around the words I´m going to use, so, I don´t black it out. Then I just cross the words and lines I don´t want I don´t like. After that I continue painting the whole thing, so that words really pop. Here you go. It is that easy to do blackout poetry. But of course, you can do longer ones. Like this one. Where did I throw it? Here you go. You can do a longer one, like this one. I do not like the outcome. Maybe it is just the lack of experience, but practice makes perfect. I hope you liked this video and If you did, I hope you will give me a thumb up and subscribe for more content. Plus, if you have made a blackout poem yourself you can link it or comment it in the comment´s section down below. I´ll see you next time!

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