Elite Dangerous Lori Jameson denounces League

Hello its Ricardo and I’m here in
another gal net update in regards the League of reparation an organization has
been coming around of murdering people in connection with the inner
organization now Allari jameson the engineer has denounced the terrorist
organization she was subject number one she was the one with the name in the
frame the engineer Laurie Jameson has made a public statement regarding the
league of reparation the terrorist group claims to be seeking justice with
betrayal of her ancestor the legendary pilot commander John Jameson
now her message was recorded at Jameson Memorial and broadcast by several media
networks there has been a lot of speculation about what connection
I might have with the so-called League of reparation which has murdered a
number of people in recent weeks the answer is none whatsoever like all of
you I am second by this bizarre form of genealogical terrorism so there you have
it she’s come out on one side or another she’s come down and said she’s not
involved I’m not prepared to discuss my family in a public forum but I want
everyone to know that I am personally appalled by this and I’m doing
everything I can to help the authorities so it’s the old I’m helping the
authorities where my inquiries scag now I don’t know about you but am I here
that I think guilty there’s something guilty going on there I’m sure that
Nexus whoever or whatever it might be is listening to this message so to them I
say stop these acts of revenge from my great-grandfather are misguided
unnecessary and evil if you want to honor his name you will allow us to live
in peace and without fear senior agent Tanya Ramirez a member of the tribe our
task for dedicated to stopping the league added I
can confirm that Laurie Jamison is cooperating with our investigation we
are completely satisfied that she her family and her associates are entirely
unconnected to the league of reparation all they were asked there you go we hope
that her message convinces Nexus to see sense and stop this pointless violence
so again references to Nexus them coming down on one side and saying nope they’re
not at all associated yet why are they cooperating with the investigation that
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  1. Lori Jameson, i wonder how many call her Lor for short? and of course Lor is an abrevation of : League Of Reparation. Or could that just be coincidence? get the thinking caps on commanders.

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