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MARK SAMPLE: Imagine a computer game
played by millions made of only text on a screen. Imagine a poem 13 billion stanzas long. Imagine a play written
by a computer in 1963. Imagine a love story between a printed
page and a computer screen played out in the space between the two of them. Welcome to the weird, wonderful
world of electronic literature. Experimental, evocative,
and often puzzling, e-lit has nonetheless had a profound
influence on mainstream culture. Movies, books, television,
shows, apps, video games– they’ve all absorbed
lessons of the e-lit. Hi. I’m Dr. Mark Sample, the
director of the digital studies program at Davidson College. I’ve been a fan of electronic
literature since I first booted up Zork on a Commodore 64 in 1982. But electronic literature
goes back decades before that. And a vibrant community of
artists, writers, and programmers continue to make so-called born digital
works of literature and poetry today. These aren’t ebooks you
might read on a Kindle. These are dynamic experiences on
computers, tablets, and smartphones that take advantage of the unique
properties of digital environments. We’ll study major and marginal works of
electronic literature in this course, and learn what separates them from
more traditional works of literature. We’ll also develop strategies for
reading and understanding works that challenge our assumptions–
assumptions about literature, about authorship, about originality,
about creativity, and even about meaning itself. Above all, in this electronic literature
course, we’re going to have fun. So bring a computer and your curiosity. And see you soon.

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