Dublin, Ireland: Dublin’s Literary Life

For many, the most endearing
aspect of Irish culture is their love of language,
both oral and written. Whether you’re
into Yeats or U2, the written gift of gab
is an Irish form of high art. Dublin, around the turn
of the 20th century, produced some of the world’s
great modern writers, like James Joyce, William Butler
Yeats, and Oscar Wilde. Wilde was a Dubliner, attended Trinity College
and walked this park. He wowed Dublin and London
alike with his quick wit, outrageous clothes
and flamboyant personality. In his humorous plays, he satirized upper-class
Victorian society. His characters
spoke very elegantly about the trivial concerns
of the idle rich. James Joyce wandered
the back streets of Dublin, observing its seedier side, which he captured in a modern
stream-of-consciousness style. His famous novel, “Ulysses,”
is set in a single day, June 16, 1904. In it, he follows Dubliners
on a one-day odyssey through the city’s markets,
hospitals, brothels and pubs. Tourists gather
for the Literary Pub Crawl, which leaves almost nightly
from the Duke Pub. Tickets are cheap;
Just show up. Two actors take a gang
of tourists on a witty walk, stopping at pubs and historical
sites along the way. It’s “Irish Lilt 101,” filled
with entertaining banter, which introduces the novice
to the high “craic” — that’s conversation —
of Ireland’s great writers. It’s the perfect finish
to a day in Dublin, enjoying a pint and the great
Irish storytelling tradition.

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  1. One of my stops in the near future. Rick, you forgot one special writer from Dublin and that's Samuel Beckett (April 13, 1906 – December 22, 1989). He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969. Anyway, good job as always. Cheers!

  2. Hi rick. I'm from Australia and I'm wondering are you or when are you going to release series 7 on Australian iTunes. Thanks, luv your vids I'm only 12 and love them sooooooooooo much. I'm going to europe in September and have being doing lots of research because of u. Thanks

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