Music – “Better Days” by Lakey Inspired ✩ Hello and welcome to my channel! ✩ Since everyone is new here, my name is Vixen, and as you can see, I’m doing a type of draw with me speedpainting video that takes inspiration from Melanie Martinez’s new k-12 album. Make sure to stick around til the end to see the finished product including touch-ups in photoshop and I hope you enjoy the video! (◕ ꒳ ◕✿) So awhile back I actually made a few YouTube videos I wasn’t super happy with, It wasn’t me and I was at a time in my life where I was going through large waves of depression. It was hard to keep up given that I wasn’t passionate about where my channel was headed, and just as well, real life was sh*tty. So I rebranded pretty much my entire channel while maintaining the integrity of its general topic. So, let’s talk about exactly where this channel is heading now so that you can get an idea of what i’m about and whether or not you’re into that. I’ve always had a thing for art and the paranormal. Anyone who might have seen my previous content would remember that I primarily made videos about the paranormal. But I’m not gonna lie, I found that content to be a little bit dry. I definitely wanna take this in a direction that supports both art and my interest in the paranormal so that I can feel excited and passionate about what I’m doing.I don’t like sitting in front of a camera and just talking. I think it’s kinda boring. Not only just for me but for an audience as well. With this rebranding, I want to do my art videos along with tarot and witchcraft. These are things I’ve always kept to myself for the most part, but I think I’m ready to finally embrace these things and just say “f*ck it” It’s what I enjoy doing, so I mean why the hell not? And if you think that sounds interesting for you in particular, definitely make sure to subscribe at the end of this video. My intended schedule for right now is to upload every Wednesday and Friday. If that ever changes, I’ll make sure to update that on my twitter which you can follow (@vixenessas) and just as well, I’ll keep my schedule at the banner on the top of my channel. I’ll be doing pick-a-card readings often, probably. I find those really fun and I hope to introduce something even more fun and interactive once I hit the right amount of subscribers, just to make sure that there’s enough interest. I’ll continue doing speedpaintings and other things focusing around the occult. Right now, I’m not going to say exactly what I have planned, just because it may not be solidified. I’m not ya know, hiding anything in particular. I just don’t wanna make promises that I can’t keep cause I seem to be really good at doing that. So now that I’ve got all that out of the way, um, maybe I should talk about what I’m speedpainting? (lol) So for my speedpainting today, I’m doing something Melanie Martinez themed which I mentioned at the beginning. It’s inspired by her song “Orange Juice” off k-12. It’s just- it’s a little potion type bottle thing of, uhm, orange juice? It’s- it’s yeah, it’s pretty f*cking original. Mhm. I will probably continue these themed drawings from her recent album because I mean, it’s a really groovy aesthetic and I enjoyed making this WAY too much. I’ll post these kinds of videos every so often, so if you’re enjoying this, again, I highly encourage you to subscribe and have the little bell notification on. I can’t say exactly when I’m going to be uploading this specific type of video. Probably just whenever I get, ya know, inspiration for it. But they will- ya know, there will definitely be more of them. In case anyone is wondering, I am in fact using an ipad, and it’s not a pro (cause I’m broke bitch hours) I actually got the 6th generation because it’s just so much more affordable, especially when you’re a beginner artist and trying to figure out if art is your thing or if you’re just a broke ass bitch like me and literally can’t be dropping a thousand dollars. I’m also using an apple pencil and the program Procreate. Which you can find on the app store for ten dollars which is still relatively cheap for an advanced art program. I also invested in a screen protector which helps immensely with the pen not gliding all over the place. It also saves me from glare from my ugly ass lighting set up. You can still see some glare but trust me it’s not nearly as bad as it was. So I’ll list all of that in the description down below just in case you didn’t catch it completely and if you’re still a little bit confused, it will be in the description bar (wow I already said that, idiot) so check that out. I might sound kinda stupid for this, but I honestly think it’s probably just as good as the pro with maybe like a little bit less moving space, cause it’s not as big as the ipad pro is. But I haven’t really found that to be an issue. Just, especially because I’m like a tiny person. So I don’t really have big hands or anything so I don’t have to worry about that Um, but just, ya know, if you want a bigger screen in the future, maybe upgrade to the pro. I’m sure the pro has a lot more features, too, that I just don’t know about, because I’ve obviously never used one But I haven’t had any issues with this one so far. I think I heard something about, uhm the pen not, uhhh calibrating correctly, as much with the 6th generation as it does with the pro uh, just like some type of I don’t know, I haven’t noticed anything that awful with it so I would definitely recommend it for a cheaper alternative as opposed to the pro. Anyway, I’ll have a lot more to say in my other videos. These introductory ones are always kinda just awkward in my opinion, given that I don’t really have an actual topic outside of ya know, introducing my channel. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video and expect my next one on Friday. Which will be tarot card related. So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. Alright, Buh-bye! Music – “Honey” by Moow Thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more content like this and I’ll see you in my next video!

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