dragon ball z vegeta vs guldo

immortality was our hero’s only hope for
surviving the onslaught that freezes unstoppable henchmen watching the Jiva
you’d better start remembering their place arrogant saying monkey you’re
nothing compared to us we make the rules around here and you follow they only
reason you’re even still breathing is because no reason has taken a liking to
you who do you think you are the last I checked you took orders from fries of
the same as I do just because freezes put you on the ginyu force it doesn’t
change a thing he’ll always be a sniffing four-eyed freak what if I was
calling the shots instead of Frieza you’ve been licking my boots now you
push a cake bar that’s enough fun and games for one day
vegeta playtime is over I have a job for you there’s a nice little planet I’ve
had my eye on for some time why don’t you join me we’ll conquer it together
as you command Frieza get used to that spot cool though I’ll see you there
again – been a long time he’s the one guy in
the group Vegeta can beat with both arms tied behind his back girl though you’re
still a freak now hold up they’ll grow though Frieza ones and back alive
remember Vegeta don’t be silly you’ll save us all a lot of trouble if
you hand over the Dragonball come on now ah yeah right and next you’ll ask me to
surrender so you can take me back to freeze as that the plan something like
that ready go on but battle against nut ginyu force has
begun now right I guess so for okay ready gotta find him you sense anything go on find that rich it’s a little something I like to call
my mind what you don’t like me pulling on your cheeks yeah No if right we’re supposed to be just me
against both Khloe I love vagina there’s no such thing as fair or I’m fair in
battle there is only victory or your case defeat you you gotta say do you
really think you’ll get away with this nothing just a stupid monkey I belong to
the can you force

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