Dr. Dr. Salah Helal, Literary translator, Egypt

My name is Salah Helal. For translators none so far but for other professional fields such as the ballet. It was said
that the dancers had to buy new clothes that cover the whole body. That means there is a change. I do not want to assess it but it has effects on some domains. Still, our international film festival
took place a few days ago. We fight for
freedom of speech and freedom of art. It is still going on, it is a long process. It is difficult to tell. It is too early to tell. The situation is completely new for all of us, be it Liberals or Islamists. It is new for us that we are able
to achieve something and express our opinion. Many people discovered
that they have no opinion at all. They have to develop an opinion, a conviction. There is a gap, and some ideologists try to fill it
with religion or other ideas. And religion does not mean religion in the common sense but their own understanding of religion. Normally, Egyptians do not object to religion, to any of the world religions. We are not talking about Islam in general, but about Wahhabism,
a certain understanding of religion, which has little to do with the ordinary, moderate Islam of the Prophet
that we still practise. Actually, this is the problem
because most people do not know what Wahhabism means. They think
if someone refers to the Quran and the Hadith he represents religion.

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