8 Replies to “Dr. Cheryl Lentz: Chapter 4: Results: Dissertation Writing Tips

  1. Your video is great; however, you will be marvelous if you use a whiteboard or not read from the document that I felt you are reading from. Thank you for the information.

  2. Thank you for offering your kind feedback. I am trying to improve my video technique and appreciate your advice about not reading from a script. I'll work on this. *Smiles* Dr C

  3. Showing an example could also help. Struggling to figure out what i actualy need to put into my results from spss.

  4. Thank you for your vids! They are awesome. I do have a quick question though. My research is qualitative so the data is in interview format and has been coded. I did however collect some statistical and demographic data which I've written as my findings chapter with charts and responses, descriptive stats etc. So my findings chapter only shows my quantifiable data. I'm confused about how do I represent my coded interview data? Should this go into the findings chapter as well? Or, should it be analysed and discussed in the next (analysis and discussion chapter). Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Hope to god your reply, I'm so lost!

  5. Thank You for your nice video. But right now i want to visit your website  http://www.refractivethinker.com/wordpress/ , but I cant. May there is a technical problem. But i am badly need some more information about how i prepare or arrange my research. If it is possible…..

  6. Results and findings are given in which part of the Ph.D.Synopsis?
    1. Introduction
    2. Methodology
    3. Significance of the study

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