Don Quixote – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Sup my well read ballas? This week we gettin’
our romance on with Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Aight, let me get this craziness outta da
way. THIS book is written by Miguel de Cervantes, who’s bout to get straight METAFICTIONAL on
our asses. See, according to the story IN the book, the tale of Don Quijote is narrated
by an editor who compiled REAL, different histories of Don Quijote. Basically, Cervantes
stackin narrative layers like Jay-Z stack Benjamins. Da story go like this: In an unnamed vilage up in La Mancha, Alonso
Quejano pushin 50, and got a WHOLE lotta free time on his hands. But instead tryna
throw game at hunnys like most bruthas, Quejano spend all his time reading books bout chivalry-
which is da code knights used to live and die by. Cept, Quejano don’t just dabble- he
gets straight obsessed, LITERALLLY readin all day n’ all night. Fool read so much dat
his brain “dries out” and loses his damn mind. Eventually he decide to do jus like da boys
in his books and become a knight errant- ridin out in to da hood righting all da world’s
wrongs. So homeboy strap up with some janky armor
and hops on his crusty-ass horse ready to hit da road. Dude like “Yo horse. Yo name
is now Rocinante. That’s way tighter. And as fo me? I’m gonna be known all throughout
the land as Don Quixote de la Mancha. Helll yeah.” But hold up. First thing every knight
needs is a fine hunny to devote his righteous deeds to. DQ picks who he think be da choicest
piece in his hood, Aldonza Lorenzo. And since he givin out names like candy, he gives her
a new one too: Dulcinea del Toboso. Oh, and jus so you know: Don ain’t ever actually
said a word to this girl. Then, all the sudden, Don realize he still
missin somethin. What is it? Oh yeah. He ain’t a real knight. Oops. So DQ roll up on an inn,
cuz in his whacked out dome, he thinkin it’s a castle. He hits up the Lord of the castle
a.k.a the inkeeper, to knight him. The inkeeper don’t know what da hell is going on, but he
oblige a brutha anyway. So now that he got a woman, a ride, and some
chrome, Don Quijote turnin heads wherever he go. Cept just a little while later, he
gets his ass handed to him by a buncha salesman and gotta go back home like a scrub. While
he in bed resting up, his housekeeper, a priest, and some other homies start BLAZIN’ all his
chivalry books hopin he won’t do stupid sh** like that no mo. But the Don ain’t backin down. He hit up a
local fat-ass peasant named Sancho Panza and be like “Say bruh. If you crew up wit me and
be my squire, I’ll give you yo own damn kingdom cuz you just KNOW I’m gonna be rollin in loot
soon.” So Don Quijote gets up on his horse, Sancho
gets up on his ass, and they get hit da road. Eventually, they reach a windmill farm, and
Don quijote starts chargin dem suckas yellin’ his ass off thinkin they giants. Nice man. Don Quixote and Sancho Panzo keep cruisin,
get in all kinda crazy adventures, and receive some of the nastiest ass whoopins of they
life. Eventually, DQ and Sancho head back home again. Back at da crib, they start conversatin
with an uppity college grad named Samson Carrasco. Carrasco like “oh sh**. Don Quixote? I read
about you. Man. You famous!” In fact, Carrasco so geeked dat he decide he gonna try to cure
Don Quijote and save his ass from all dis Chivalry bullsh**. So in the meantime, Sancho
and the Don can get back to doin their thang, cuz Carrasco’s bout to spark up a plan. Don Quijote and Sancho gear up for one last
ride, and make a third salley outta town. This time around, DQ and Sancho get tricked
and trolled at erry turn; especially by some punkass duke and dutchess. And maybe da worst
trick of all is done by dat boy Carrasco: to get the Don to come home, dude dressed
himself up and called himself the Knight of Mirrors, but just got smacked up by Quijote
in round 1. But now, Carrasco on top of his game and decide he gonna send Quijote’s old
ass packin’ once and for all. He straps up again, calls himself the Knight of the White
Moon, and tricks Don Quijote in to goin back home and hangin up his lance. Feelin like a real piece of sh**, Don Quijote
hits the hay, and after days of sickness, he starts callin himself Alonso Quejano again.
He stop giving a damn about chivalry, says da whole thing was bunk, and eventually dies
a quiet death in bed. If you ain’t already know, this jam is one
of da most famous novels of all time; and it ain’t just yo boy Sparky who sayin’ that-
scholars ALL up on this book’s nuts. Some say it’s da first great novel of world literature-
others say it’s the first MODERN work of lit eva’ written. No matta how you spit it, this
book got some major street cred. But is street cred ACTUALLY the same thing
as value or virtue? If we’re anything like da characters who always doggin on books about
chivalry, that answer is a big HAEEEL NO. After all, we see what gettin on dat romance
grind 24/7 do to Quijote’s mind- turn it to mush. The priests and Carrascos of the world
would say that he shoulda been reading books with a moral, not trash dat’s just fo sh**s
n giggles. To these dudes Art preachin anything else is just harmful and destructive. Cervantes wasn’t the first intellectual hustla
jivin bout how dangerous art can be. A long ass time ago, old school homie Plato was goin
on bout da same thing. According to his character Socrates in The Republic, the ideal city knows
it gotta keep dat cray sh** on lockdown “if we want the guardians of our city to think
that it’s shameful to be easily provoked into hating one another, we mustn’t allow any stories
about gods warring, fighting ,or plotting against one another…The young can’t distinguish
what is allegorical from what isn’t, and the opinions they absorb at that age are hard
to erase and apt to become unalterable. For these reasons, then, we should probably take
the utmost care to insure that he first stories they hear about virtue are the best ones for
them to hear.” Republic II.378 c, d, e: People, especially the little ones, are just
too monkey see, monkey do. So they should only watch movies, listen to music, and hit
up plays that gonna teach em a good lesson. Ugh. You guys have fun in The Republic. Sparky
gonna go set up shop elsewhere. (Sparky picks up a copy of The Stranger) On top of the Don’s books not teachin him
a damn thing, another reason his homies always hatin on these novels is because they talkin
bout stuff like it’s da truth when on the real it ain’t even happen. Which brings me
to one of the top themes of this big ass book, deception. Matta fact, a trill critic name
Lionel Trilling (see what I did there?) made the notorious claim that ALL PROSE FICTION
is a throwback to the main theme of Don Quijote: appearance and reality. First off-Don Quijote CLEARLY got problems
tellin what’s real and what ain’t. I mean.. dat sh** with the windmills is pretty cray,
amirite? Secondly, brutha gettin trolled all throughout this book: Sancho always messin
with his head to get outta doin stuff he don’t wanna, the duke and dutchess fool them both,
and Samson Carrasco tricks dat boy TWICE. Don Q even say that deception like dat is
one of the things he rebellin’ against: Blessed the time, and blessed the centuries,
called by the ancients the Golden Age…In that time, women…spoke their thoughts of
love from the soul, simply and pretentiously, exactly as they thought them, not searching
for elaborate verbal circumlocutions to beautify them. Truth and simplicity were unmixed with
fraud, deceit, and malice.” (59) But is deception ALL bad? Is TRUTH the only
way to roll? Naw, baby. All my well-read ballas should know by now-ain’t nothin wholly good
or wholly bad. Life may have some pretty amazing stuff in it, like the Thug Notes book, but
as Don Quijote say: it got some real whack stuff in it too. Like dis novel repeatedly spittin: one of
da ROUGHEST things people tusssle with is da fact dat no matta how you play da game
of life, it all gonna end, and even if you think you got the game sowed up, errything
you know and love can change like DAT (Sparky snaps). Sancho actually DOES get a brief shot
at governing his kingdom, but realizes it ain’t his thang after he chunks deuce, dude
SERIOUSLY falls in a pit the next day: “Oh! What unexpected things are always happening,
over and over, to those who live in this miserable world! Who could have predicted that a man
who, yesterday, saw himself the enthroned governor of an island, giving orders to servants
and subordinates, would find himself, today, buried in a pit, with absolutely no one to
help him, no servant, no subordinate to come to his aid? (650) And that’s why we need Don Quijote. Even if
all dem stories of baller knights fightin da good fight are a buncha bullsh**, we still
need em. Cuz only by believing deez lies does Don Quijote bring to da world the stuff it’s
REALLY lackin I’m talkin dank sh** like integrity, loyalty, justice, and persistence in da face
of defeat. That’s why it suck so bad to see him step
off the grind at da end of the book. If I could say somethin to Cervantes bout this
book’s ending, it would probably sound a lot like what Don Antonio Moreno say to Samson
Carrrasco after Sammy C kicks the Don’s ass once and for all: “may God forgive you for the damage you’ve
done to the whole rest of the world, in trying to cure the wittiest lunatic ever seen! Don’t
you see, my dear sir, that, whatever utility there might be in curing him, it could never
match the pleasure he gives with his madness?” (706) Now as far as this thug’s concerned, it ain’t
REALLY Don Quijote that dies at the end, it’s just Alonso Quejano. Don Quijote gonna keep
riding’ on, playa- in here and in here. So screw da haters-get out there and make da
world a better place, y’all. And I wanna tell you bout another channel out there that’s
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as we do. A’ight, Sparky Sweets out—Peace!

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  1. I don't know what you guys were smoking when you came up with the idea for this show, but I've honestly never appreciated classic literature the way I do now that I've started watching. great stuff!

  2. This is one of the best summaries of Don Quixote I've come across. I love the format, it's comically unpretentious and easy to understand yet incredibly witty and profound. This great work is so relatable to all walks of life. To all my homies tilting at windmills, ride on! Don't let the enchanters of the world win and prevent you from achieving glory or finding your Lady Dulcinea del Toboso!

  3. Don't forget that perhaps the most important purpose of this book was to "seriously" make fun of antiquated ideals of chivalry, religion, and absolute truths, which were becoming somewhat obsolete and alien as the Enlightenment was getting fully underway around the time Don Quixote was published.

  4. I am listening to don quixote on audible, and I am in love with this book. It's just sooo funny and also weaves in a good story, with good life lessons. Honestly is one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. If I were capabe of feeling regret, I would definitely feel it over having not read this book sooner im my life!!! If you are looking for a long book that will pass by the hours then I think you will be hard pressed to find a better value. Don Quixote is truly legendary. Of you ever get the audible free trial where they give you 2 free books I would pick this one. It's 35 hours of awesomeness, free!

  5. You're awesome. The School of Life however… I can't say I support them as a great contribution to society. They peddle a twisted version of philosophy. This guy breaks it down pretty good:

  6. Having never read the book, I spent my whole life pronouncing it as "kai-oh-tee" until someone finally corrected me. I was so confused as to why I assumed that pronunciation until someone else pointed out that there used to be a cartoon called Don Coyote in which he was an actual fucking coyote and his sidekick was called Sancho Panda XD XD

  7. Also Cervantes before writting this book lost his hand at the batlle of Lepanto (yep. He was a soldier), that's why he was called The Hand of Lepanto

  8. I remember having to read this book for literature class and it was the most long ass book, very tedious and boring to me but what struck me at the end was the fact that it said "Don Quijote, el hidalgo que murió cuerdo y vivió loco" which translate to "Don Quixote, the nobleman who died sane and lived crazy"

  9. 10:02 :OOOOOOO_9:48 :O_9:11 true_8:38 😛 lol_7:52 so complicated :O_7:19 lol_6:41 ha that republic sounds like USSR_6:05 :O_5:09 hmm :/ it just seems dumb_4:41 lol ok_4:27 rofl_4:11 :O_3:40 xD :D_3:12 wtf this is so stupid!_3:05 lmao his ass!_2:45 lmao rofl_2:11 kek_1:52 lmao_1:32 rofl_1:14 lol_0:35 :O

  10. Love this! Thank you very much. You make cool what would have been an otherwise quite boring thing! Informative and very, very fun. Peace!

  11. Okay so maybe I sound stupid, I don't know but can someone let me in on the Nietzsche reference? I feel like I missed out on an inside joke or something. He's like, "Young people should only watch stuff that teaches a good lesson. Have fun in that Republic. Sparky gonna set up shop somewhere else." Then he reads Nietzsche. Is he saying that Nietzsche doesn't teach a good lesson or was he being ironic? And if so, why? Why Nietzsche? I don't get it.

  12. I honestly don't know how to feel about this story…

    On the one hand? You need…NEEEED heroes in life, in the world. Heroes that put all before themselves even for just one incident so that the weak or the timid are protected.

    On the other hand, Don Quixote is the representation of everything a hero SHOULDN'T BE! His will and stubbornness are part of a hero's needs and strengths, but for crying out loud you can't go out swinging your sword on your horse just because "Hero need girl, beat up bad guy, have good ending".

    On the other OTHER hand, Don Quixote is a fictional story…could this even happen in real life? Somebody get so obsessed with their reading material that he LITERALLY CHANGES INTO ANOTHER FREAKING PERSON!?! Obviously this is a stretch into fiction because your brain, while strange and peculiar, can't just overwrite your original personality in a split second. You'd need serious reprogramming that Alonso couldn't possibly access back in his time and era.

    …but on the other other OTHER hand? You feel like you need Don Quixote (or his representation). His entire persona is corrupted in representation, but just like Hercules, just like Robin Hood, just like Superman, that fictional disconnect is exactly what one needs to support Quixote. You don't want a real human to go through this psychotic kind of disconnect, but you want to support the hero he is and how strong he wants to go and protect the word "chivalry". You see the hero and the villain's fight, you see that in a split second, you want the hero to win more than the hero to fail.

    …this story leaves me trapped in this circle of…well…not really liking the story, but not hating it either. I don't like it, but I don't detest it. The fictional disconnect is what makes me sad here…because Don Quixote is fictional, but the idea isn't, and the writing makes it seem like your average every day Alan or Daniel from down the street could turn into this nut…and with today's weird ass technology and the secrets, unknowns, etc…you never know. :/

  13. 2:43 i've always thought housekeepers and priests were latent fascist book burners . got to stop these mofos .

  14. Do his dark materials, by Phillip Pullman, BTW don’t watch the movie or you’ll have cancer before you know it (especially in Spain Spanish)

  15. Yo no lo entiendo. Muy loco en la cabeza. El caballero negro. No Senor Don Quixote. Adios amigos. Circumlocutions rule!

  16. This is good – except the part where you sell your soul for bucks to advertise The School of Life (which is often cliched and superficial bullcrap, as well as having a neoliberal capitalist slant socio-politically…)

  17. If you look at the names the characters start with, versus the names they are given, it is interesting to note the cultural differences. At the time written, there were pluses to some names, and shade thrown on others.

  18. do some asian books! how would you think about mahabratha? an india's literature (even 1st spoken about poliandrism of the wife of the pandawa) the stories of war, the cause and effect, the dualism of morality in those? or the tale of Natcha? a chinesse literature about a child so unloved by his father that he decided to return his father "blood and flesh" by killing himself slowly by means mutilating hid body in front of his father, as critism of chinesse han's dynasty culture of child life are their parents' property? or the malayan chronicle? a messed up stories of the kingdoms in malaya?
    it really would enriched the perspectives of readers all over the world. keep searching for wellknown author in africa continent. any sugestion? i'm sure there are 1 or 2 already translated into english or french?

  19. I was certain there was nothing to be gained from reading about a fool who thinks he's a knight but who would of thought this book would have such a profound insights.

  20. Got a literature test that could make or brake my grade, im listing to the audio book last second but this is much more of a help, thanx

  21. He was reading fiction, and fiction and isolation made his brain go off the rails. It's kind of like Into the Wild. Thoreau is great for morale, by all means, but it's not going to help you survive in the woods. Idealism (chivalry and knighthood) is for morale and motivation. A science book should cover how to apply those ideals in real life where there are no dragons and love stories don't work like fiction.

  22. The Bible is an intricate text with proverbs, poetry, record laws and such. Many fail to teach it correctly but the Holy Ghost is to reveal the truth and understanding

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