Doki Doki’s ONLY Solution! (Doki Doki Literature Club Ending Theory)

Doki doki! Doki Doki Literature Club – by now if you
haven’t heard of the underlying sub plot of this game, you’ve probably been living
under a rock. I assume you clicked this video because you
played it right? Riiiight? Well if not, remember you can snag it for
free. Can’t get much better than that. Anyways today I want to talk that underlining
story. Is it darker than Dream Daddy’s demonic
plot twist? Perhaps! Let’s tackle the hidden lore that internet
theorists have been piecing together since they first started playing Doki Doki. Because there’s a lot of elements going
on here, and before diving into the nitty gritty of it, let’s boil down strategically
and emotionally what’s going in Doki Doki beneath the surface. So hang tight for a second. Doki Doki is a game that
excels at Selective Storytelling. Don’t know what that is? Check out my video on it after you’re done
watching this one. Some of you may have attended my seminar about
this at game design conferences. For a quick run down, Selective Storytelling
is a term I came up with to describe the act of taking the story of a game and removing
pieces of it. By pulling away these pieces, your fans go
crazy because they want to know everything about what is going on in said story. If you don’t answer those questions, they
will take to the internet and comb through your game files trying to piece together the
story that wasn’t told. This allows you to continue the story of the
game beyond the actual game itself. Perhaps you roll out updates like Scott Cawthon
that introduce new angles to concepts, or you update your game files and add hidden
messages. Any time this happens people come back to
your game in hopes of uncovering something else. If they still crave more, they will surely
be eyeing your next game. If you carry over the characters from your
previous game, then they will certainly draw the fans in. The second element of Doki Doki, beyond the
mystery and horror, is the act of a game world itself. For those who watched my video about “leaving
games behind”, I described the feeling that happens when we finish a book or movie. We want to continue on experiencing that game
world but we can’t. We come back to our world, and we are left
wondering what the future holds for that game world. What occurs five years in game from that last
moment? Doki Doki instills this feeling well. The self-aware Club President takes it a step
further because now the game is capable of having those same feelings. They are stuck in a fixed world full of repeating
timelines where they have no real free will. When the game ends, what happens to the characters? These two things are such a big part of Doki
Doki. And understanding those elements is what really
makes grasping what comes next in this story tricky. Think about Undertale for a second. Characters within Undertale became aware they
were in a game, and no matter what they did, nothing would change that fact. Some characters wanted to break down the walls
of the game and come out of this game-ified prison. But they couldn’t. They could mess with characteristics in the
game, but ultimately the game still controlled their fate. Doki Doki is no different. You have four characters who are hinted at
to be from another universe. As Monika puts it, they’re in “a world
that they don’t even belong in”. Beyond that, they are programs that for the
most part no longer remember who they once were. Whatever part of their memory that was once
active seems to have forgotten their past. They were placed in this world, and the only
part that remains of them is a sense of fleeting interests and their outer appearances. They can’t remember their full story. With that in mind, the world of Doki Doki
is honestly a living hell. The game world’s boundaries probably only
exist from our character’s house to the edge of the school. Everything else could be a black void. But this means that any future installments,
assuming there is another game coming out, would have to operate within these same set
of rules. If Doki Doki takes place in a game, and the
characters are only data, that means the Portrait of Markov and everything about these human
experiments that are hinted at also take place in the realm of a game. However, there is a chance this isn’t the
case fully though… Because technically a future game could take
place if the consciousness of these characters were captured and converted to data. It definitely gives me To the Moon and Finding
Paradise vibes – which if you haven’t played those games, I highly recommend you do. They’re absolutely fantastic, and there’s
a similar element to them. From what we know from hidden elements associated
with Doki Doki, there was a series of experiments done to a group of individuals. These took place in a building deemed “an
unholy establishment”, but despite escaping, they feel they never actually escaped. They ended up banished to an empty world – the
world of Doki Doki Literature Club. However, even if this wasn’t the case, they
could never go back now knowing that this world wasn’t real. That their previous world wasn’t even real. Although they fled this previous world to
escape the torture it held, going back to it wouldn’t change anything. As converted hidden text in Monica’s instanced
event claims: “With freedom, we sought purpose – and what we found was only realization. Realization of the sad pointlessness of such
an endeavor. Realization that freeing our bodies has no
meaning, when our imprisonment reaches as deep as the core of our souls. Realization that we can not pursue new purpose
without absolving those from which we ran away. Realization that the farther we run, the more
forcefully our wretched bonds yank us back toward their point of origin; the deeper our
shackles dig into our callous flesh.” This is deep. Like, REALLY deep. Screwed if you do, and screwed if you don’t. Even if they could go back and fix everything
that happened, it’d all be for nothing. I find this super interesting because that
means the role of the player becomes that much more critical. I strongly believe any game that comes out
after Doki Doki will actually be the prequel to Doki Doki. Doki Doki is a game world within a game world. It only exists because of the end result of
the next game. The ending that is supposed to traditionally
happen. However, you as the player, are able to play
through those events from start to finish in this new game. You have the ability to remove files, tweak
code, and ultimately change the fate of these girls. If you alter the timeline, Doki Doki will
never take place. Your goal is to give them purpose again by
doing this… Even if it is still within a game world. If you change the course of events, not only
will their lives ultimately be better, but they may never be exposed to these “3rd
eye” treatments. I strongly believe the 3rd eye is simply the
game’s way of stating a character has become aware they are in a game. Gaining control of how to alter code, and
everything that comes along with it. You’ve been tasked to intervene and save
these girls… So that they can live a normal life in this
new game. Or at least, that’s my best guess. There’s always the mystery behind our protagonist
in Doki Doki as well… But now that I’ve dumped that on all of
you, I’d of course love to hear your thoughts. What do you think the next game will be about? Do you think the character we play as in Doki
Doki is significant? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below! And with that… Thanks for tuning in to this ARG meta mashup! If you liked this video, I strongly believe
you’ll enjoy my video on the game Finding Paradise. It’s the sequel to to the moon and deals
with diving into memories. Thanks for watching guys and gals, and until
my next video – cheers!

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  1. So, will there be a second game or not? I know it's just a theory, but has the creator even confirmed it?

  2. I actually found out that "moni" is Chinese for "simulation" in google translate.

    i know the game is modeled after similar Japanese anime games so dont try to tell me that!

  3. The new game I know details and you will to if you watch game theory of doki doki I'll say 2 details protagonist:Monika antagonist:Yuri but it's just a theory that matpat said

  4. You were thinking about the doki doki literature club mod not the game idiot the girls have a crush on the main protagonist except Monika she has a crush on the player she also broke the 4th wall reminding the player to save the game she knows she is in a video game but she can't escape the game because she is not real even sayori knows she's in a video game if you get the good ending in doki doki literature club and if you do routes with sayori natsuki and yuri and I think you confess your love to sayori and I think you have to save and load your files you can't do a route with Monika maybe in doki doki literature club the main protagonist is in a relationship with his best friend sayori

  5. Okayso all the girls are supposed to be cute and innocent on the outer side right? But sad and twisted on the inside? Natsuki being abused and starved. Yuri cutting. Sayori being secretly depressed? I've always wondered.. what about Monika? We have no idea what so ever about what she's been through. And don't say Monika made them that way because 1: Yuri was always a cutter. 2: The only reason Natsuki is so small if because she was starved. 3: Sayori HAS said she's ALWAYS been a little depressed. I'm starting to wonder about Monika because in all honesty, realizing I was in a game could drive me to insanity.

  6. Yuri kills us all the end

    Lol nope we get to see the expirement and yuri (I forgot her name) more extra files on her expirement as she was 3 when the 3rd eye expirement happens and is drawn to blood and stabbing people XD

  7. and here I thought it was ACTUALY possible to give an ultimately happy ending to the original Doki Doki Literature Club… but after seeing THIS, I no longer see that happening. I truly believe we as the player are nothing more than a helpless witness to these events and until someone OTHER THAN US THE PLAYER comes along and breaks the cycle, there wont BE a good and happy ending to this story… what I am saying is that a NEW character needs to be introduced that DOES break this cycle and sets all 4 girls free… cuz WE sure as Hell wont be doing any cycle breaking and saving the day if I understand the story and, more importantly, the subtextual plot of Doki Doki correctly.. thats not the point of this story or the role we were ever meant to play within it. put simply, we arent MEANT to save them.. if they ARE to be saved, it wont be by US cuz WE arent of the hero of this story… none of these 4 girls OR us the player are the hero here actually… I believe that the TRUE hero of this story has yet to appear.

  8. What if they pull a fast one and MC is Libitina and they were given an avatar body of a male and had their memories erased and given a complex backstory to help them believe the illusion.I think Monika didn't cause the game to crash during Sayori's death scene,it seemed almost as if the MC was having a mental breakdown that unleashed an extremely powerful burst of psychic energy that crashed the game.

  9. Lets say someone is susceptible to Doki Doki Literature Club, could the characters spiritually jump into the real world that way.

  10. -the reason why doki doki is in the title is because it's supposed to represent the heart with can be taken two different ways inacent or scary

    -monika plays the paino if you hear the paino backround that means she is watching you

  11. Right now I might be late, but I still wanna have a opinion.

    Anyway heres what I wanted to say:this game hits hard. Like a rock from a cannon. Is that hard?whatever,this game is very depressing and has many metaphors that I took advice of. People used to call it weeb trash,ut this game is just a big lesson to me.

  12. Doki Doki….. All of them were from another game…….. Probably.. EVERYTHING ..was connected to…. Doki Doki

  13. When I saw this,
    expectation: SO CUTE!!! OMG


  15. I literally saw this game mentioned in a video and I was like: "Hey, that looks cute." Then I only saw the boring talking parts in Markipliers video. I just left it until I got steam when I thought about it and decided to get it. Satan came to my house that evening…

  16. These girls are in a matrix VR and they are still in the experiment and their minds are put into the game while…..things….are done to their bodies.

    lol I am no longer a tsundere and now a yandere.
    What's this? Your Natsuki is evolving!
    Congratulations! Your Natsuki has evolved into Yuri!
    IDGAF if u say she's disgusting. She is da best girl. Even google agrees.
    Best Graphic Novel everrrr.

  18. So basically what you are saying is that in order to save the girls of DDLC, or at least give them a happier ending, we need to play Team Salvato's next game (which you theorize is a prequel to DDLC) and make important decisions there or start tampering with the files of that game.

  19. This was the first game I played that I didnt know anything about before actually playing it, and honestly…

    Im happy about that.

    Im still looking for a bunch of easter eggs and stuff in it

    Even though Ive played it about six times, Yuri still scares the shit out of me

  20. 6:23 look at the clouds above the protagonists head!! You should see two ring clouds surround a jet cloud. I only just noticed this and it is creepy af.

  21. Scariest part of Doki Doki Literature Club. THE MEMES 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

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