Doki Doki Literature Gets Called Out For Being a Bad Influence?!

Good morning, we’re going to start this morning by talking about a free online game It’s called Doki-doki literature club and it starts like a dating game set in a high school and features a group of animated girls in a book club. Hey friends it’s akidearest. So today I wanted to kick into something that I found out yesterday that maybe some of you guys have heard of as well. So you guys know DDLC. Doki Doki literature club, and you guys know the BBC. Well, they found out about Doki Doki literature Club and they had a few things to say about it. Things do turn sinister with characters self-harming and killing themselves. An inquest will be held into the death of a 15 year old called Ben Walmsley from Bury whose father said the game ‘dragged’ his son in. Greater Manchester police have said we believe this game is a risk to children and young people. Okay. We’re in one of those things again guys. It’s the video game’s fault, not the parents. The logic that they had to explain for DDLC is something that a lot of us are fed up with hearing which is the fact that they’re blaming a video game in this case Doki-doki literature club for displaying suicidal and graphic content for the ages 13 and up Do you know that it has a warning in the beginning and on the steam page? The coroner has warned this is a psychological horror game with suicide as a main feature and notes too, it does warn it’s not suitable for children. Oh good. Well, I’m glad that you’ve acknowledged it. So what’s the problem here? However, the graphics etc are clearly aimed at young people. We’ve contacted the game’s creators team salvato, but so far we haven’t heard back. It doesn’t actually sound like you have a legitimate response other than, yeah it has warnings in the beginning telling people that this is gonna happen, but the artwork is obviously directed at kids. So from that logic, I’m guessing you’re saying that anime is for kids. If so I would I would advise you not to say that because that’s gonna open up a whole can of worms that I’m not gonna dive into, but just to indulge yourself if that is the case. Here’s some examples of that same art style done a very similar way, if not worse. Now if I could be blunt It just seems like to me that from that logic, you’re saying that horror can’t look cute or bubbly or remotely look like that it’s aimed towards kids. Now I don’t know about you, but I didn’t hear anything when Happy Tree Friends came out. Is it because it looks like a “cartoon” as you would probably call it? So if that was the case, what about Beavis and Butthead ,Family Guy, King of the Hill, anything on Adult Swim. Now obviously we’re not having a conversation right now, but I’m guessing one of the things that you would say is that it’s available to 13 years and up and I get that that’s a little controversial but at the same time at the very end of it, that’s all up to the parents. Now your response might be yeah, but it’s free to download. So we’re giving it easy access to these kids. Now this is where a sort of gray area starts coming in here folks If you want to shelter your kid from what’s going on in the world, that’s fine. I can’t control that. It’s just I believe that we’re in a different age where instead of shielding the kids from the reality of the world, we teach them the reality and show them the best ways to handle those types of situations because regardless of whether or not you want it to happen. It’s going to happen and Doki-Doki Literature, it had a precaution in the beginning. It did all the legalities right. It’s not real. No one is actually pushing anyone to kill themselves in this game. It just has elements of suicide because it’s just a graphic horror game that includes that. It’s horror, so I expect it to be horror. Now for any of you guys out there thinking that I’m attacking the BBC, I’m not. I’m just clearly stating that this is a problem that we have been seeing over and over and over again where it just looks like that parents and adults like this blame everyone else but themselves. Some of the people in this older generation that are either too ignorant, or just not interested in playing the game just try to figure out the easiest answer that they can pick from. Obviously, I don’t know what kind of parent you are. You could be the greatest parent in the world, but all I’m saying is that just don’t go for the first thing that you see. Think about when you were a kid. Didn’t you ever get exposed to something that may have had something violent in it? Did that really affect every aspect of your life as you grew up? Did it change everything that you are as a person? If the answer is yes, then I’m very concerned about what this movie is and I need to see it. If you’re holding your kids hand and for some reason, they walk off into a strip club knowing that it is a strip club and you know it’s a strip club. Literally says on the front, come inside we have nude ladies and then your kid gets exposed to a what happens in a strip club. Now whose fault was that? Of course the strip club, right for just being there. You were a good parent it was the construction workers fault for building that strip club there. Doki-doki literature club already had all the legalities figured out they gave all the right precautions. You just didn’t care enough to read it. Let me scratch that. You did read it, but you’re just completely dismissing it because it’s still the content of the game that’s too graphic. Again, It’s not the same thing as like a Logan Paul situation. No one actually killed themselves in this game. Okay, no one “real” killed themselves in this game. It’s a game that is obviously meant to be taken as a fictional story, that or you know what. Just horror games are over everyone sorry. They’re getting better. We can’t we can’t have them anymore They’re they’re brainwashing our children. Go add me on Hello kitty online. That’s what we’re gonna have to play from now on. No I’m serious, go on Hello Kitty online and go add me. Just all in all How about bullies? Like real bullies, real people literally going out of their way to go harm other kids. Why not focus on that? Why not try and fix that instead of a passion project that did everything it was supposed to do. You said you messaged team salvato? I don’t think they owe you any explanation for what they did. They had an idea. They wanted to make a horror game and apparently it was just so well made that it’s just not suitable for society. So team salvato If you are watching this, take it as a compliment to your game for being that good. You don’t need to change a damn thing. The worst thing about this BBC, is that you haven’t pissed off me. I think you’ve pissed off Monika and she’s out to get you and she will wreak chaos and you’re gonna stay with her. Forever and ever and ever and ever and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Good morning. We’re gonna start this morning by talking about

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