Doki Doki Literature Club: The Message You Missed

It’s not over. We’re not done yet. Just when you thought you knew everything
about Doki Doki Literature comes back for more. It’s time for a tale of sorrow, protect
your heart…and your mind. Because we’re about to blow this entire
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it out. Now lets get jump back into Doki doki Literature
Club! You know what? I’ve had a rough week, I could really use
some R and R with a few beautiful and totally not psycho girls. And when we’re talking beautiful non crazies
who would be better than these lovely folks. I mean Ryan made it through a video with these
four and he only predicted the end of the world, so this analysis can’t be that bad…right? * Yep! We’re back with more mind altering, pants
tenting, video mayhem! This is the equivalent of mixing adderall
and LSD as we venture once more into the ever obsessive embrace of Doki Doki Literature
Club. Last time if you watched Ryan’s video, he
went over the actual implication of artificial intelligence on our lives and how we’re
probably all going to die thanks to our machine overlords. But me, I’ve got some things to say about
these ladies and..uh..I’m going to say them! Now if you’ve played Doki Doki Literature
Club you know the basics of the game. You’re a high schooler and you join a Literature
Club thanks to the constant pushing and shoving of your best friend Sayori. The club is comprised of three other young
lasses: Yuri, Natsuki, and Monika. And whaddya know, all of them want to spend
time with you. and I get it who wouldn’t want to spend seven minutes in heaven with
the Grantsicle? But the question becomes: who do you woo? And how? Well, you win the affection of the girls through
your innate sense to craft poetry fit for the gods. Whether you go more with Edgar Allan Poe-esque
prose to entice Yuri, or engage in a writing style that resembles “See Spot, See Spot
Run” while creating undertones of emotion to impress Natsuki, you’re bound to learn
some interesting things from the girls from their poems. And that’s where the true genius of Doki
Doki Literature Club lies. If you actually take the time to read between
the lines of these poems, you can uncover all the information you need about this game
before shit hits the fan. But it’s not just that, there’s a greater
importance to these poems than just an engine for the game to progress on, there’s a deeper
meaning than what you see on the surface, and that’s what we’re going to uncover
today. When we talk to these girls, it’s abundantly
clear that there’s more going on than meets the eye. Yuri is a prime example for this. Besides the few times that Yuri rolls down
her sleeves as we enter a room to hide her cuts on her arms, there’s a lot we can learn
about her cutting and how it began just from her poetry. Her poem, The Raccoon is a perfect example
of this. It reads: “It happened in the dead of night while
I was slicing bread for a guilty snack. My attention was caught by the scuttering
of a raccoon outside my window. That was, I believe, the first time I noticed
my strange tendencies as an unordinary human.” Now this is just the first stanza, but there’s
so much to dissect from just these three lines. First off we know that Yuri finds quote, “slicing
bread for a guilty snack” to be strange and unordinary. It isn’t, people eat bread all gerdderm
the time. It’s like, the most popular food in the
world, essentially every culture has a type of bread. Glorious, beautiful sandwiches are made with
bread!So we can already tell that slicing bread is a metaphor for something else, something
unusual and something she feels guilty about. And this “raccoon” is tied into this guilty,
unusual act. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been mentioned
in the stanza. But we know from the title that the raccoon
is vital to the poem, so we must keep an eye out for what this raccoon stands for. She continues: “I gave the raccoon a piece of bread, my
subconscious well aware of the consequences. Well aware that a raccoon that is fed will
always come back for more. The enticing beauty of my cutting knife was
the symptom. The bread, my hungry curiosity. The raccoon, an urge.” Here Yuri makes it much more apparent what’s
happening. That last line, “The raccoon, an urge”
spells out exactly what the raccoon is. And the previous line, “The bread, my hungry
curiosity” lets us know that the bread is a metaphor for a curiosity within her, something
that she fed to her own urges. This entire poem is a metaphor. There is no raccoon, there is no bread, this
is an internal struggle within Yuri. All together this stanza reveals so much about
Yuri’s character before we know it within the actual story. The enticing beauty of the knife reflects
Yuri’s obsession that we see later on. The bread, a curiosity to to slice, to cut
herself. And the raccoon, the urge to feel that pain,
that feeling from the cut. And with the last two stanzas, she’s become
used to that urge within her, constantly feeding it, desiring it, and feeding it again. And as she says in the last lines “A rush
of blood. Classic Pavlovian conditioning. I slice the bread. And I feed myself again.” There’s a rush of blood and she’s conditioned
at this point to enjoy it, to want it and she cuts herself, and she feeds her own urge
but cutting. It’s all there if you’re willing to look. And that is just Yuri’s second poem, well
before we see any real disturbance within her. Well before she becomes obsessive over us. And well before she gives into the ultimate
feeling of self harm. These poems are the path to these girls true
feelings, and Yuri isn’t the only one. Natsuki’s personality heavily defines her
poetry, typically by being the exact opposite of how she acts. Her personality is brash, assertive and blunt,
but when she finally gets comfortable with you she opens up to a more warm personality. Her poems on the other hand have the outward
appearance of being warm, simple, and cute, but reading beneath them each holds a sad
concept lingering beneath the surface. Amy Likes Spiders is all about the harsh criticism
one can get for enjoying something unusual, something Natsuki heavily relates to regarding
her love for anime. Eagles Can Fly resembles the uncertainty about
opening yourself up to anyone. While every other species can do something,
people can only try, but we may not always succeed. We may let each other down, we may do wrong. People can try, but that’s about it” purposefully
flops on the ending to show that idea of failure within the poem itself because the poem failed
to end correctly. But the most telling poem we get from Natsuki
is “Things I like about Papa” where we truly see the issues Natsuki has at home. “I like when Papa comes home early. I like when Papa cooks me dinner. I like when Papa gives me allowance. I like when Papa spends time with me. I like when Papa asks me about my friends.” All these lines seem innocent on their own,
but before even going into the rest of the poem these lines should be a red flag that
these things don’t always happen. Sometimes her father stays out late, sometimes
her father doesn’t make her dinner. Sometimes her father isn’t around at all. And we see even more of these issues as the
poem continues: “I like when Papa asks me about anything.” -He doesn’t interact with Natsuki very much
at all. “I like when Papa comes home before sundown”
-He stays out late, often very late into the night “I like when Papa cooks” -Natsuki often
has to make her own food for every meal. I like when papa keeps food in the house,
comes home without waking me up, uses his inside voice, is too tired to notice me. I like when Papa is too tired for anything. Her father is an abusive, angry, horrible
shell of a man. He’s a dick, argumentative, and whenever
he’s around it’s generally not good for Natsuki. Her father stays out late, doesn’t think
about Natsuki’s well being, doesn’t give her money for food, often doesn’t have food
in the house at all, and when he does interact with Natsuki it’s generally not good for
her. This poem is a massive cry for help, and her
coping mechanism is to be brash and blunt, because she needs to fend for herself, she
needs to care for herself because she isn’t being cared for at home. It explains so much about why she’s so defensive,
quick to anger, and secretive about her hobbies, she can’t handle anyone else trying to put
her down or make her life difficult, she’s closed off from everyone because she’s constantly
on guard at home. Sayori’s poems feel much the same way, as
though they have subtle undertones that become more and more clear with each poem. Course, Sayori’s last poem makes it abundantly
obvious that she’s having mental distress, so there’s a pretty easy analysis there. I think she wants me to get out of her head. But her other poems, Dear Sunshine and Bottles
give us a better look into Sayori’s mind. Dear Sunshine feels happy at the beginning,
as though she’s talking to the sun. She’s not of course. Sunshine is a metaphor for you, the protagonist. It’s about how much of her happiness is
entrusted to you, specifically saying that “If it wasn’t for you, I could sleep forever.” aka I’d die if it wasn’t for you. This poem reveals how codependent Sayori is,
but the poem, “Bottles” shows the true horror inside her mind. “I pop off my scalp like the lid of a cookie
jar. It’s the secret place where I keep all my
dreams. Little balls of sunshine, all rubbing together
like a bundle of kittens. I reach inside with my thumb and forefinger
and pluck one out. It’s warm and tingly. But there’s no time to waste! I put it in a bottle to keep it safe. And I put the bottle on the shelf with all
of the other bottles. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts
in bottles, all in a row. My collection makes me lots of friends. Each bottle a starlight to make amends. Sometimes my friend feels a certain way. Down comes a bottle to save the day.” Aww it seems so nice so far! Sayori has all these wonderful thoughts that
feel good and she’s using this happiness to help her friends. But it doesn’t stay nice for long. Night after night, more dreams. Friend after friend, more bottles. Deeper and deeper my fingers go. Like exploring a dark cave, discovering the
secrets hiding in the nooks and crannies. Digging and digging. Scraping and scraping. She’s running out of happiness. She feels like she’s expected to be the
happy one, like everyone expects her to be the person to cheer everyone up. But she’s running out, she’s digging,
scraping, looking for every ounce of happiness she has..just to give it away. They were supposed to be for my friends, my
friends who aren’t smiling. They’re all shouting, pleading. Something. But all I hear is echo, echo, echo, echo,
echo Inside my head. She gave everything she had to her friends,
every pinch of happiness she had, and yet they want more, they demand more, but she’s
empty on the inside. All there is are echos, echos of the shouting,
echos of the pleading, just an empty space with nothing left. This is why Sayori is so bittersweet, so depressed
when her outer appearance is so perky and happy. She’s giving everything she has to put on
that fascade, when on the inside, she feels nothing, she has nothing, and it’s destroying
her. This is before we really start to see her
exterior crack and show the depression inside, these words were crying out for help, for
someone to understand, and no one did. And last is Monika, our sentient Yandere obsessor
also has clues within her poems of her sentience. Specifically if you look at the Save Me poem
from act 1, analyzing this can help us understand the torment she is constantly in by knowing
she’s nothing but a character in a game. The colors, they won’t stop. Bright, beautiful colors
Flashing, expanding, piercing Red, green, blue
An endless cacophany
Of meaningless noise The noise, it won’t stop. Violent, grating waveforms
Squeaking, screeching, piercing Sine, cosine, tangent
Like playing a chalkboard on a turntable Like playing a vinyl on a pizza crust
An endless poem
Of meaningless Load Me This poem seems abstract until you take into
account that Monika knows she’s a computer program. The colors, red, green and blue are the primary
colors used in computer imagery and are the primary colors used in computers to make all
other colors. Sine cosine and tangent are used to create
sound waves, again showing that she’s sentient that she’s a program. They create as she puts it “violent, grating
waveforms” and the title “Save Me” combined with the end line “Load Me” is obviously
representative of a game or computer program. This poem takes place in Act 1, long before
we realize Monika is actually sentient but again, the clues are there if you’re willing
to look for them. But why have I gone through each and every
girl to show how their issues could be seen before we ever encounter the actual problem
that plagues them? The answer is because this isn’t a game. This isn’t something that the developers
just made up for the game. People are secretly having issues all the
time. And sometimes they’re major. Many of us have issues that we don’t realize,
that we don’t feel like we can talk about, that our society shuns us for having. These girls aren’t just game characters,
they’re representations of the problems we deal with everyday and never talk about. And sometimes, like in Sayori’s case, we
don’t even understand the issues plaguing our own mind. We can’t figure out why we aren’t happy,
why we aren’t in love, why we are failing. This is one of the lessons of Doki Doki Literature
Club, writing isn’t just about creating, it’s about processing your life, bringing
out the inner emotion that you can’t seem comprehend. It’s a method of expression, of understanding,
of sharing what we generally can’t. Our society pushes us to shut the fuck up. To keep our problems to ourselves. In Doki Doki Literature Club, these girls
have found a way to work around that by sharing their grievances within their poetry. Writing can be used as a coping mechanism,
as a way to express what you can’t say out loud, as a way to put your thoughts onto paper
and out of your brain. It’s underutilized and underappreciated,
and it’s one of the hidden lessons in this psychological horror game. Each of these girls is coping with their issues
through writing. The poems were written for you to understand
these girls, for you to see their cries for help before shit hits the fan, but it is also
meant to make you reflect on your own life. What are you hiding from the world? What are you scared to let people know? What do you need to write down? We can share our lives through our writing,
even if the topic we write on isn’t ourselves. This game is just one example, this channel
and the videos on it are another. Look deeper into what people write to you. Look deeper into what you write yourself. You’ll be surprised at what you find if
you read between the lines, and maybe you could avoid an unfortunate disaster because
you took the time to write. In this game you don’t have the choice to
confront the girls on their issues, but in real life, writing can help you become who
you want to be, get over past trauma, and get you through hard times. This game is about sharing who you are and
what you hide with others. The lesson is to share your experiences, to
find comradery in others. That’s the true power of the Literature
Club. Before Monika fucked things up for everyone,
this club was a safe haven for expression. It was the one place where Natsuki could read
her manga without feeling judged. It was the place where Monika felt like she
could start over and make something real. It was the only place where Sayori was able
to bring out some sadness and let it go. It was the only place where Yuri could actually
interact with others and feel part of a group. It was a place where people could actually
free themselves of the shackles society put on them, and that is something worth looking
for. The game might take a dark turn in the end,
but the idea behind the game, the things you can find if you just search beneath the surface,
is worth looking for. And that’s my take on Doki Doki Literature
Club! Its different than Ryans but then again we
are different people. So what did you think? You can let know on Amino! Don’t forget to click the link in the description
and check it out! That’s all for me today, i hope you all had
wonderful holiday and a happy new year. Bye for now!

100 Replies to “Doki Doki Literature Club: The Message You Missed

  1. Well, It's my first time seeing this video, even if I last played Doki doki half a year ago, but you are first one to got everything right. Everyone just played this as a game, so poems = only lines of text, problems = only for char creation, etc. etc.
    I played it like a typical visual novel, so I immeresed myself within it and I got the same answers like you did.
    The poems were most important part of plot, you could see their hearts though them, it was something that changed every girl in my eyes, for example: Natsuki – I don't like loli tsundere archetype, but after reading her poems, she became my favorite character, just because her writing style was simple enough even for people who don't read literature, but had strong enough impact to send a message, and Eagles can fly is best example for that.
    Well… Overall, it's a great game, with really realistic characters, style of writing, hidden messages, interpretations… The only sad thing is that it was too short.

  2. I literally logged like 50 hours within 3 days when I first found out about this game. I don't know why I'm so drawn to it. Hits close to home to I guess. Well after this video that's probably definitely the reason. I honestly feel like a combination of Yuri and Sayori. Sayori for obvious reasons and Yuri because she's always been sort of a social outcast and always alone and feels like people won't accept her for her and her hobbies. I guess that's why I like them way more than the other two. I also have a past of doing exactly what Sayori and Yuri did. It's hard even to this day. And like them, I just feel like people won't understand

  3. I love this theory. It makes complete sense. This makes me rethink my life

    and this comment will get lost in the sea of comments

  4. Treesicle you missed something! There is a lot of foreshadowing for example in your first play through there’s a event where all the girls talk and at one point in the conversation yuri says “this club is literally going to be the death of me.” And Monika has a weird reaction

  5. There are more to "Save me". The poem is no poem at all, its a manuel! "Save me" is an order to make a copy of her .chr. Not only are the colors and the "noises" hints for her to be a computer, but also also a hinkt in what dato format you van "read" her, as a picture or a Video… (if you Do so, you actualy GET the ominös picture Most peopke know), and Load me should be obvious. So the poem is a manuel how to decode her File. Save Me (as a copy), turn me into .jpg or .ogg, Then load the File.

  6. The meaning that Natsuki gives you for "Eagles Can Fly" is actually a cover up. It's a valid interpretation, but I think the poem is more of a reflection of her feelings of helplessness that she cannot escape from her abusive home. It might also imply that she has tried to run away before. It's also interesting that there is a hidden message that had a similar topic of people trying to escape an "unholy establishment." I think Eagles Can Fly also alludes to the theory that the Doki Doki characters have escaped from another game or world where they were apart of Project Libitina.

  7. idk if anyone else has thought about this. however has anyone ever thought that maybe all the girls in DDLC are sentient. monika is just better at controlling the code of the game. what made me think about this was a line that natsuki says about Yuri gaining a cup size when she knew you were joining the club.unless she got plastic surgery to please you that makes no sense. unless yuri messed with the code to make her breast bigger.also natsuki is pretty aware of what is going on and every time she brings it up something bad happens to her. if she is just a mindless npc character how would she know that yuri is not acting normal. the way monika descibes her is that she is always like i am guessing Natsuki is telling the truth and getting in the way of monika's coding. even sayori has some play in the coding cause when monika is gone Natsuki makes herself the leader of the literature club.

  8. When Sayori died, and then when she was suppose to be in the scene, and then Yuri showed up, disapeared, and then Monica showed up, that means that Yuri and Monica is the bad guys

  9. The most alarming line of "Things I like about Papa" is "I like when Papa gives me privacy". It makes you think, is he only hitting her or more than that

  10. people think I'm a total nerd bc I write a lot but it only helps with my bipolar depression and stressed feelings inside…this game literally interprets me a lot

  11. This is why I adore this game… I knew there was a sweet message in the game. Even if the game is indeed dark, there is a lesson in this game. I've been having some troubles and I cope with it by drawing or writing. I'm glad that people found a message in the game.

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    8 months ago
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    Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis
    8 months ago
    I like how you interpreted this game! You really tried and came up with something that isn't just thirsty for views
    8 months ago
    You missed something in Natsuki's poem. All of the animal's actions are analogous to running… Escaping. Think about that. 😉
    8 months ago
    This video explains poems way better than my english class. – THUMBS UP!
    MarvelKing 9000
    MarvelKing 9000
    8 months ago
    Surprise! Homer Simpson is Natsuki’s father. End of episode. No more theory. Uninstall the game from Steam and throw your computer in the garbage.
    Jacapuss XxX
    Jacapuss XxX
    8 months ago
    I still feel bad for Natsuki.
    YouTube 4ever
    YouTube 4ever
    8 months ago

    Masks can be used to hide. Person or thing,masks are used when something needs hiding.

    A mask of a smile,a mask of annoyance,a mask of hatred.
    But like all things made,masks can break.

    They can break,and you can and will see who or what is hidden underneath. A deep sorrow,a harsh desire,a strong craving.

    For someone or something to understand.

    But no matter how many times masks can break,we always find new ones to replace it. Something else to hide behind. To shield with.

    Sometimes,you run out of masks and can't find anymore. Then someone sees and it's too late.
    They see what's hidden and they start asking.

    What will you tell them if they found what you hid behind a mask?
    Lisette Vega
    Lisette Vega
    8 months ago
    To be honest at the start of the game when saiyori said that she slept in again I instantly picked up on the depression. As someone with severe depression I always associate heavy sleeping with it
    DoctorSeS 눈‸눈
    8 months ago
    I fell like yuri stabbed herself more than 100 times in this video XD
    happy pancake
    8 months ago
    I believe that Monika doesn't have a route because the player says "shes way out of my League" and thats why u can't try to date her cuz the mc feels that way and won't go for her
    The cute chibi Marionnette
    8 months ago
    Maybe life is harsh
    Maybe life is sweet

    Could a poem really express ones feelings?

    Does a book talk to you
    When you read it?

    Well, time to sleep
    Necimia C.
    8 months ago
    wait, is this video trying to tell to tell people what’s gone wrong in my life and how i feel about?
    there’s no way i could ever do it without breaking down, it’s already hard enough thinking about

    i know it would help me if people would know it, but it just feels like a waste of time trying to make feel anything at all
    Titanium Vortex
    8 months ago
    help im trapped in a youtube comment section this is hell
    Octavia Williams
    8 months ago
    The more doki doki videos i watch i feel like I’m desensitized to the shocking imagery. I feel like that’s supposed to be bad
    Crypt Patrol
    8 months ago
    I personally believe that the raccoon is a representation of Yuri's urges, and that the bread she's slicing into is a representation of her own flesh. Bread is sometimes used as a metaphor for flesh, particularly in Christianity. It can also look like flesh on the surface, as well.
    8 months ago (edited)
    In Monikas first poem it says "I wasn't looking out, it was him that was looking in" or something along those lines, this is about the fourth wall the poem is even named "hole in the wall"
    James Tapp
    8 months ago
    Sayori, I feel that pain. I know what you're going through all too well.
    Sara Vakili
    8 months ago
    I might seem silly but this game theory made me cry. I really wanna write everything is in my mind while my english isn't good at all…
    Thinking about I never act how reall Sara (me) is, made me crazy.
    All people around me think I'm very serious girl that everyday checks what's going on politics world. My room is looking like a women in her 40s bedroom which I really never feel good in it. I feel all people( specially my family )like me to act like that but .. I'm a very childish girl who likes video games, anime and very cute things! I love to full my room with cartoon posters and to be asked oh sara are you waiting for bendy and ink machine ch4?
    That's funny that none of the people in my real life knows I like these things. To be honest I'm afraid of being bullied and judged…
    Do you see my profile pic? Yup It's with Snapchat filter and I love it! But when I updated my profile pic in wa, my best firend said oh sara It's not what you really look like, you seem so child here, people gonna judge you and talk bad about you when you're absent!
    Well, I hoped my English was very better to write my very deep feeling but … this is what my life looks like.
    and I just want to share it with no aim… I don't like people being sympathetic to me neither 🙂
    Niall Deakin
    8 months ago
    A great video. It surely helps to deal with the social stigma of mental illness
    Doma Decimator
    8 months ago
    The Message You Missed better be an ongoing series

    Also, I think this is something you should be focusing on more. It would separate you from… other… channels, while highlighting your strengths and something that can actually help a lot of people.

    But hey, that's just a message…
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  13. I have a meme for Monika. "I know everything, everywhere at any time" with an "and even I can't predict [insert country/celebrity here]'s isnenity.

  14. I'm not brave enough to do that. If I was, this would be it:

    There are many knots
    You use them for shoes
    You can cure your blues
    I dunno

  15. Music

    I like different types of music
    I like the music in the world

    I like to dance to the music.
    It makes me feel happy

    I dance and dance and dance to the music they play
    It doesn't tire me

    It's endless the music doesn't stop.
    It's always there

    I want to stop dancing but I'm forced to keep going
    I hate it.

    I hate when I listen to music

  16. I do try to write my feelings , but my mom aleays find my diary, reads it , and JUDGES me for it. She is still a nice loving mother , but if it concerned her , wouldnt i just show her -_-

  17. Have you tried looking at or listening to a save file? it's a mess. now try living that mess. Monika is living in a hell that is unimaginable.

  18. Is it bad I see a little bit of myself in every girl?
    Nat- I get yelled at a lot so distance myself from others and try to make them not hurt me inside.
    Yuri- I mean nothing really big with Yuri but like I have a deep darkness inside of me
    Sayori- I'm giving my happiness to everyone and everyone thinks of me as a happy person but I'm running out
    Monika- I feel like I know things others don't. I know when bad things will happen and I end up ruining everyones lives in the end.

  19. I just want to relate to Yuri poem not just with cutting and self harm but with exma the rash very dry skin, desiring to be sratch to be cut open. You feel the same urge or sense of release when you sratch as well as cut.
    Ps: can I also say that when you bleed, I find it to be strangely sadisfing, almost beckoning to keep going to keep hurting myself.

  20. I can't read in between the lines of Yuri's poem because I can't read her poem.
    I can't understand the style of writing that she uses not the words that she uses but the way she writes it's
    Kind of like faux cursive if you know what I mean

  21. I cry alone
    My emotions are fake
    There's none to help me when I need help
    They're all for you to take

    This is me Everyday…


  23. Anyone who manages to see the undertone of ddlc before the freaky things happen while playing the first "normal" chapters without seeing any theories and reactions with only the poems can be considered a highly intelligent and observant person.

  24. There is also a science in reading between the lines in writing and even about the writing styles people use to interpret the thinking behind the writer's head.

    It's called Graphology.

    the more you know

  25. Here’s mine :


    I try to be happy.
    But all I feel is darkness and loneliness.

    I hurt myself to feel sad.
    I feel nothing.

    Nothing makes me feel anything.
    All I feel is pain.

    I don’t cut.
    All I do is fail.
    I know I’m loved.
    But I don’t feel alive.

    I pretend to feel happy.
    I pretend to feel sad.

    I’m different from everyone.

    Am I alive?
    Am I dead?
    I don’t know.
    I don’t care.

    I’m empty.

  26. i found something in the bottle jar poem
    remember the "happy thoughts"?
    she's literally saying that she like stays happy around her friends and she's the happy one but the sad thoughts stays in her mind.. so she get depressed more and more each time she removes a "happy thought"

  27. I feel like Natsuki's dad is the way for natsuki to die…Sayori end's it all with a noose.Yuri kils herself because of over-excitement.And Monika gets deleted.So how does Natsuki die? cause her necksnap is a jumpscare.That is not her way to kill herself, because snapping your neck sideways is almost impossible.So why does she write the "special" poem about her Papa? there must be a reason he was added.Can i get an explanation from you DDLC fans?

  28. If i was in this game i would try to pay attention to sayori and try to save her by keeping a close eye on her and if i saw her being sad well i would ask is everything ok come on we're childhood friends. Right that means me and you trust one another so don't hold back or lie ok cause I'll know. And then save yuri by taken the knife out of her hand then saying you love me right so i got a question if you love me why would you make me sad you should be doing is trying to make us happy more ways then one and that includes making me happy by sometimes hang out with people i would love it if you were there though so yeah then nastiku i would ask why are you so tried and if she called me a dummy then i would just say how about you make me understand you so i won't be a dummy come on you can tell me anything I'll tell you what if i beat you at chess then you have to tell what's wrong but if you win i will become your servant for a month and then if i won then i would call the police before i ask her stay at my place tonight let me just contact my parents ok and there will be cops to arrest him then Monika i would say the sane thing that i said to yuri and then if it goes well then i would say to all the girls you al love me right when they say yes of course then I'll say you want to make me g
    Happy as possible right and still have friends right how about this if i beat you all in a card game then i want all of you cause i love all of your girls traits and plus i really don't want to make you girls cry and i can't just pick one of you cause then. I still would be sad and just breaking my own heart and everone around me so yeah

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