Doki Doki Literature Club TEASER!

Peter: What do I want to watch today? critical role, red vs. Blue, bee and puppycat, Or a creepy anime girl giving me bedroom eyes? is this on my Vrv subscription? M: I don’t think so, peter. KH: Hey, you made it! welcome to the literature club! P: who are you supposed to be? Katie: I’m your childhood friend silly! P: actually you do look familiar. Did I interview you for a job once? M: Hey, you must be our new member P: wow this club is full of incredibly cute- AJ: Ugh, Why did you have to bring a boy? P: Girls.. S: don’t mind Natsujay. She’s always like that P: super ugly? S: that and Little grouchy. M: Natsujay, Why don’t you go get the cute kitty cat cupcakes you made? AJ: I would if only there was something TO DRINK!!!! with them. Nate: I’M not being part of this! M: That is a great idea! KH: yurinate makes the greatest tea! Nate: stop calling me that! M: She’s a little shy.. AJ: hurry up nate! I want my cupcakes.. Nate: I Hate all of you. AJ: We should recast him. M: Not to be sexist, but we should probably recast you too. AJ: aww. Peter: Yeah, I think we should maybe recast like all of you. Katie: not me! M: Why did she get to keep her part? KH: cause i’m the embodiment of your weird childhood friend! AJ: the cat’s probably out of the bag. we’re making Doki Doki literature club the musical. Peter: as requested by literally thousands of you. AJ: Yes, so that’s happening and it will by the way include spoilers So if you haven’t played it yet pause the video right now and go download it for free M: Or you can watch someone else play it. That’s what I did. AJ: either way. We’re not holding anything back so watch at your own risk Katie: speaking of what thousands of people have requested.. AJ: right! cuphead. M: any updates? Peter: big ones. All of the voice casting has already been done And we’ve recorded pretty much everyone for the music so all we have left is visuals. Katie: release date? AJ: Uh… March? Hey! if animation was easy, people would be raving about how gorgeous the game is! besides We’re doing the very best we can I’m going as fast as possible because we love the game and want to be the very best Cuphead musical we’ll ever created on the Internet Peter: We’re doing a lot of behind the scenes work on this, and we’re actually gonna show you some of that AJ: yeah And if you like behind-the-scenes videos we actually post weekly production vlogs for our backers over on patreon P: well almost weekly. AJ: mostly weekly Peter: patrons also
enjoy exclusive perks like free access to with instrumentals of our music and also a Private discord channel to voice Chat on. Nate: if every subscriber sent us one penny a month every Musical would have a ten thousand dollar budget! Which still couldn’t buy back my dignity… Katie: But it could buy me a pony… AJ: Kudos to all the encounters already donating by the way That’s a lot of pennies you guys are sending us every month Peter: and since you’ve all been asking for it We’ve actually set up a random encounters community discord Which you can get to for free with this invite AJ: but the community discord will be text-only so if you want a voice chat Go take a look at our patreon page. M: I think all the links for this are in the description below AJ: Where?! Oh, yeah, actually you just said where I know we’re fine. Thank you guys so much for watching Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter and also subscribe to YouTube, and if you haven’t done it yet Maybe even click the notification bell so you’re notified every time we upload which happens to be every Friday M: Doki-doki literature club the musical and cuphead the musical are coming soon. AJ: In that order. AJ: Bear salute! AJ/M: Oooh~! Katie: Oooh~!

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  1. 3:09 …..Katie…..WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING😂😂😂😂
    And Gwen is looking at her like…. THE HECKKKKK

  2. Is it me or is he playing as natsuki._. 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😖😖😰

  3. Okay Nate is so relatable

    "I'm not apart of this"


    (aggressively hands him the cup and aggressively pours the tea"

    "I hate all of you"

    '' That still couldn't by me back my dignity"

  4. Sayori: Don’t Mind Natsujay, She’s Always Like That
    Peter/Protagonist/Player: Super Ugly?

  5. 何言ってるかわからないけど雰囲気が好きやわw


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