Doki Doki Literature Club [Sayori] custom doll + Sayori death Version

YAY Timeless!! and welcome on the 1st episode of the series dedicated to “Doki-Doki Literature Club” As i told you on my Facebook page, this week will be dedicated to the custom videos of the four girls of this wonderful…and creepy, videogame!! I remind you that at the end of the video there will be a small part dedicated to the Dead Version of each one let’s start with Sayori!! to realize her I used an Obitsu head, I made the base with a brown pencil, unfortunately i can never record this first step because to make these videos almost hug the easel and….it is a bit uncomfortable! -_-” Before leaving you to repaint I remind you to subscribe to the channel if you have not already done so and to leave me a like to let me know if you liked this series As always in the description you will find the link to the video to know all the materials used in this video. I leave you to the video, I can not wait to read all your comments and i recommend you, don’t forget thet…..There is Always TIME to Dream!!

18 Replies to “Doki Doki Literature Club [Sayori] custom doll + Sayori death Version

  1. oh wow….wonderful, this video is Awesome, very cool….i love this kind of game, and this video make me crazy!!! Babi, you are magic <3 <3 <3 and a little bit sadistic i think xD

  2. Sei sempre bravissima…..lo so sono ripetitivoXD!Peró mi viene un po'di urticaria da toelettatore vedere che non usi un pettine per sistemare i capelliXDD!

  3. As soon as you put the bow on her head I literally let out a loud “awww!” I thought it was so cute~

    Then I freaked out on her dead version. Heheh

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