Doki Doki Literature Club Music Video Reaction

Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and today we’re
checking out a okie-dokie literature club fan animation MV immense spoilers
this is by Angela Lee works now it says immense spoiler so that
means two things one if you don’t know anything about this game don’t watch
this yet she’ll play the game and then come back unless you don’t care about
spoilers then you know how about it that means that there’s gonna be spoilers
number two if you know this game okay there’s some pretty crazy stuff and it
says not for children or people who are easily disturbed so that’s probably
gonna be in this video you have been warned
I window complain a minute to comment section back Ichigo it seems so cute
aspire to be the best so sweet before we watch this song that’s probably gonna
have some really dark undertones is this Monica oh my goodness this animation is
really beautiful alright you guys suck okay there’s one really fast you know
that they’re fighting and look at that this animation is so but it
looks like an inmate okay so we’re have to go Appa what we
see cuz I don’t know what because Russia’s looking at the window and I
think this is the apartment that she takes us to yeah the room we’re in at
the end of the game your response Oh Jerry it’s like in the class
where everybody’s having a fun time okay earring she joins message all right what was that better not skis right giving us all this work
then taking yourself do you know your famous theory
it didn’t even keep it seems like you’re being a bit no they’re not behind the
unreasonable one you are Monica Monica you’re insatiable jealousy
every single time I’m with him that what she’s like okay I’m a twisted go bad
let’s do some happen to this animation hole nervous about what we’re gonna help
Raj delete who is she gonna delete oh dear
he’ll see there’s no shoulds issue delete celery or not then she gets
turned over in this room for eternity I don’t want
to be in this room for eternity like yesterday oh now we’re cleaning her
chica this voice is beautiful it’s all it is 14 when they do the it’s
like for know what it’s about the filter is the negatives click the negative
slope you’re thinking about all the things
that she did oh sorry oh goodness okay so I was deleted oh dear all right
so I would say there are kinda a lot less spoilers in the video than I
thought this sentiment spoilers but you could
just be watching this and if you didn’t know what’s going on you’d be like okay
they’re there I’m in a room and you wouldn’t have any idea how they got
there you know she’d click delete but not that
she exactly deleted another person the only thing that you could see is I did
delete her and one thing that I’m actually happy about it didn’t have any
the Barry twisted dark stuff up above so you don’t be in here cuz there are a lot
of really dark under Chimel I would say on the show at first its undertones and
it’s like all on your face so that is they didn’t have that in here at
the animation was great the song I wish this is my nitpick I do wish that since
the song is in I’ve guess in Japanese because some Japanese artists I
apologize it’s in a different language that there were English subtitles so I
know what the song is saying because there are so many clips in here where
there was no action like you just zeroed in on an eye or she’s just standing out
the window you know and I’m inputting what I think she’s thinking about her
way think is happening but I would really like to fully get what the
animator was trying to put forward so having a full picture with the lyrics
like English subtitles of the song so that way I couldn’t understand it would
be great or if there’s like an English version
out there that would also be good which you guys could let me know down below
but other than that I thought the animation was good I think it was too
spoilery and there are certain notes that I remember that do fit the game so
that was let me know your thoughts down below in
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