So before this video truly begins I would like to say that any statements expressed in this video do not Express any of my true feelings toward the series itself and that everything said is intended for purposes of Satire and comedy in case you didn’t hear that. I will repeat that this video is intended for satire and comedy So if you take the title at face value and go to the comments section to bitch about it I will laugh mercilessly at your stupidity I Am putting my foot down Dad do I make myself clear? I’m sorry hi. Sorry. I’m dad Wanna see what I can do with my hand. No. Thank you. What are you doing? Oh? hell It’s funny so fuck you Watching the waves I’m in love with you brandy Agent coyote, this is headquarters. Do you copy yes, sir I do an agent little dick. Do you copy agent what? Agent little dick clean up this room before I fuck your ass. Don’t you mean fuck your ass up. No. I’m a fuck your ass What mess what yes Why’d you sit that couple before us it’s a table for two yeah, you have ten people yeah, I Was Obama’s last name again So he broke up with me. Yeah, why are you looking up need to cry but my foundation was $48? Everybody’s a flop you know Hey tweek hold up Listen it’s just not going to work What why not? I’m sorry tweek, but we can’t lie to ourselves anymore yes We are gay, but we do not belong together. We don’t belong together What suddenly changed Craig? It’s just that people are different. That’s all Uh-huh and who the hell is Michael huh you want to tell me that? What are you talking about I went through your phone when we went out last night Craig I saw your text to Michael about hooking up with him Wait that’s not what happened oh, it’s not no look we both know this is for the better Oh, don’t use that link shit on me, man You don’t want to feel bad So you try and tell me what I want wait don’t make me out to be the bad guy here No, you’re not the bad guy You’re never the bad guy. Are you you you just step on people and you use them you’re going too far, dude This is like totally not necessary. I go too far. What is wrong with you This wasn’t part of the plan well guess what Craig love doesn’t follow a plan Yeah, I was totally wrong about you I opened myself up let you in but you’ve got spikes man. You’ve got spikes Tweek Yes, seriously seriously Joke’s on you, but there’s something on me. No, that’s what this Hello it was at this moment Sayori knew,He F*cked up BONK BONK BONK *oof* *Mumbling,Then Whistles* BACAW BACAW BACAW BACAW BACAW! *Sayori what the actual F*ck* Monika:The F*ck? Hey Thomas what Don’t look now, but the guy behind you is picking his nose you mean I Feel lost I was doing so well and now things have gotten so Difficult and I don’t even know why at this point. I’m just running around in circles. What am I even doing here anymore? I’ll post the up-arrow oh Right you know what fuck the negative critics fuck the kids uh-oh Stop don’t talk to me wanna be like Carry on Kenzi Oh a peek Rachel is so annoying This is my chocolate Sylia very god if you like 200 Not just bullshittin But look what we’re dealing with man Aaron gotta drop line somewhere Aaron we fuck you’ll understand Look inside yourself and say You But



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    And Yes She is a Virtual Youtuber Now, Who doesnt love Vtuber right???

  2. Don’t read this if ur gonna get ddlc

    When rly Monika practically kills Yuri sayori and Natsuki and the game is quite bloody

  3. : Monica : before this video starts it's comedy if you did not hear that it's comedy now if you say something stupid in the comments section I will laugh at your stupidness

  4. Yea….Monika is always the wierd one then natsuki is the savage one sayori the clueless and yuri wtf idk jk yuri is the one who is always in a random converstation and who is also like "wtf"

  5. 0:34
    Me: boy I have beaten the fastest song on beat saber with insta fail if I miss and beaten tons of enemy's so you can't beat my speed

    Sayori:oki doki!
    Natsuki:u huh ok =_=
    Yuri:oh.. ok
    MC:ok guys lets clean the class!
    Monika:you can go with me MC


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