Doki Doki Literature Club!: Finally, Some Emotion! – PART 18 – Game Grumps

Arin: Hey, I’m grump! Dan: I’m not so grump! Both: And we’re the Game Grumps! Arin: [Falsetto] Welcome back to Game Grumps! Dan: Welcome back to Game Grumps! Arin: We’re playing this game… it’s fuckin’ Doki Doki Literature Club.
Dan: Ooh! Baby! Arin: It’s really, uh, it’s-it’s– Dan: It’s something else. Arin: Much like Monika… does to these victims eventually… uh, really sucking my brains out of my head. [laughter] Dan: Oh, it’s you. Arin: [background] But I’m lovin’ it. Dan: Oh, yeah. Arin: “I’m not clearly as–” “I’m not nearly as creative as you are.” Dan: [Deeply] “Don’t underestimate yourself, FriendArin.” “I think that we will make a very productive team…” “Even if you only chose me because you felt bad or something.” Arin: “Waaiit. Y-you don’t actually think that, do you?” Dan: [Deeply] Fred. “I don’t know.” “It’s difficult to come up with any other reason you may have chosen me.” Arin: Uhhhhm… Arin: “You’re forgetting the one reason with the most common sense: ” “I chose to help you because that’s what I wanna do.” Dan: [Deeply] “But- but…” Arin: That’s another reason, yeah. “Yuri thinks to herself with an extremely tense expression.” “You’re- you’re overthinking this.” “You wanted me to point out when you were overthinking, right?” Dan: [Deeply] “uhhh” Arin: It’s really annoying and I hate it. Dan: [Deeply] “I didn’t realize…” Arin: “I’m telling you, I want to.” “That’s all there is to it.” “Do you believe me?” Dan: [Deeply] “I…” …Have to think about this. [Dan and Arin laugh] Arin: “Yuri thinks really hard again” “She looks straight in my eyes for a long while.” Dan: [Deeply] “I believe you.” Arin: “As if it took her tremendous effort,” “Yuri finally says that and relaxes her expression.” [Fart noise] [laughter] Arin: Ah, damnit. [laughter] Arin: Forgot about that. Dan: [Deeply] “I’m really looking forward to Sunday.” Arin: Ohh, bet you are! Arin: “Yeah” Arin: [Deeply] It’s a new place for me to stink up– Dan: Sorry, I’m so gassy Arin: [laughing] I am too! Arin: “After that exchange I make my way out to the door and Yuri follows.” Dan: [sings along] Doobadoobadoo! Arin: “I can’t believe this, Yuri’s gonna be coming to my house on Sunday?” “Even though I would’ve preferred to do this with Sayori…” “my anxiety still shoots through the roof.” “I guess I’ve gotten pretty used to handling her at this point…” “But who knows what might end up happening when we’re outside of school?” “She even told me she was looking forward to it.” “I shake my head.” “Why do I feel nervous that Sayori finds out about this?” “It’s not like we feel THAT way about each other.” “Besides, like Monika said: This is about the club!” “I have nothing to worry about.” “If I just go with it, then I’ll have a good time!” Dan: By the way, the club is what I call my dick! Arin: It’s all about the club! [laughter] Dan: It’s already Sunday!! Arin: AHGOD Where did the time go?! Arin: I’ve been standing here this whole time! [laughter] Arin: I guess that’s what Sayori says when she’s spacing out Arin: “I’ve been getting increasingly anxious about Yuri’s upcoming visit.” “I keep telling myself there’s no reason to be nervous, but it doesn’t help much.” Dan: I wish this game just had Saturday, and it’s just him watching TV for 24 hours in real time. [laughter] Arin: “Yuri is clearly and introvert and also an intimate person in general.” “There’s no doubt that she’ll open up a little bit when it’s just the two of us.” “Meanwhile, we’ve been texting occasionally.” “She was extremely apprehensive at first, but it wasn’t long before I was already learning more about her.” She sent nudes. “But putting Yuri aside,” “I haven’t heard a thing from Sayori since she left the club earlier the other day.” “It’s not like we text each other all the time or anything…” “But I’ve been worried about her in the back of my mind.” “Between what Sayori said and what Monika said,” “Is it really okay for me to put Sayori’s feelings aside when she might need me?” “I decide to visit Sayori before Yuri comes over.” “Rather than asking, I simply tell her “I’m coming over,” much like we’ve done in the past.” “Once I reach Sayori’s house,” “I knock in the door before entering it myself.” “Again, we used to play so often that we made it a habit of simply entering each other’s houses like we were family.” Dan: Sayori! I’m coming! Over! Arin: “The house is quiet.” “Sayori isn’t anywhere on the first floor, so I assume she’s up in her room.” “It’s already strange for her not to run down and greet me” “I head up to her bedroom where I finally find her.” “Sayori?” Dan: [Falsetto] “Hey, FriendArin” Arin: “I sit down in her room.” “Sayori forces a smile, but it’s easy to tell she’s different.” Dan: [Falsetto] I’m different. Arin: “There’s a-” It’s because she told me. “There’s a minute of silence between us.” Dan: [Falsetto] “You haven’t come over like this in a long time, have you?” 58… 59… 60 You haven’t come over like this in a while!!! [laughter] Arin: “Ahh, I guess you’re right.” “It has been a long time.” Dan: [Falsetto] I’m sorry you’re just finding out like this. I’m dating Mr. Cow. Arin: [Deeply] Moo Arin: You bitch! Arin: How could you?!?! [laughter] Arin: “Not much has really changed has it?” “Sayori’s room is as messy as it’s always been.” “I also recognize the same stuffed animals and wall decorations that she’s had for years now.” Dan: [Falsetto] “Eheheheeheh~” I don’t have anything on my wall. What are you talking about? Except that… Arin: It’s like a cal- calendar? Dan: Yeah, I-I think it’s like a sailing chart? Like a nautical chart?
[Arin laughs] Dan: Alright. Dan: [Falsetto] “Maybe if you came over more often, I wouldn’t be– it wouldn’t be such a mess!” Arin: “That’s because I end up cleaning it for you. haha.” Dan: [Falsetto] “How come you suddenly wanted to come over today?” Arin: “Aren’t you s-” oh. Dan: “Aren’t you supposed to see Yuri today?” Arin: Dan!
Dan: How’d she find out? Arin: “Yeah, but-” What the fuck? Arin: “Wait, how’d you know about that?”
Dan: Oh. Arin: “Sayori had already left by the time we decided that last meeting.” Dan: [Falsetto] “Monika told me!” And I was under the desk. “It’s only natural for her to keep me informed about the festival preparations, right?” Arin: “Ah, that’s true” “But what about you?” “Aren’t you going to be helping Monika today?” Dan: [Falsetto] “Of course!” “I’m just helping her online.” “We didn’t plan to meet up or anything.” Arin: “Ah, so it’s just me and Yuri, then.” Dan: [Falsetto] “Yup.” Coool Arin: “There’s more silence between us.” “Sayori stares in a random direction.” Dan: [Falsetto] What’s over here? Arin: “Everything about her behavior is really uncharacteristic.” Dan: [Falsetto] According to my nautical chart, this is due North-by-Northwest Arin: “I finally get to the point.” “I just… wanted to see how you were doing.” “After you left on Friday.” “When something’s wrong, you can’t hide it from me, Heh.” “I know you too well.” “So,” uh “Sayori smiles, shaking her head.” Dan: [Falsetto] Shake, shake, shake. “That’s no good, FriendArin.” Arin: “Eh?” Dan: [Falsetto] “Why can’t it just be like it’s always been?” “This is all my fault.” “If I didn’t get so weak and accidentally express my feelings…” “If I didn’t make that stupid mistake…” “Then you wouldn’t have been worried about me at all.” “You wouldn’t have come here.” “You wouldn’t have even been thinking about me right now!” AWUAAH MR. COW! “But this is… just my punishment, isn’t it?”
[Arin makes squelching noises] [Squelching]
Dan: [Falsetto] N-no Dan: [Falsetto] Fuck yeah. Get me real good. “I’m getting punished for being so selfish!” “I think that’s why the world decided to have you come over today.” “It just wants to torture me.” “Yeeheehee~” Yaaaaaaaay Arin: “Sayori!” “I grab Sayori by the shoulders” Shut uuup! “What on Earth are you saying?” “Are you listening to yourself right now? I know something happened to you,” “There’s no other explanation for you to be like this” “So tell me already, damn it, until I know, I won’t be able to stop thinking about it!” Dan: [Falsetto] “Aahhh” Ahahaaaaah Arin: “Sayori gives me an empty smile.” Dan: [Falsetto] “You really put me in a trap, FriendArin.” “But…” “…you’re wrong.” “Nothing happened to me. I’ve always been like this.” Dumb and weird! “You’re just seeing me for the first time…” Arin: “Seeing what?” “What are you talking about, Sayori?” Dan: [Falsetto] “Hehehehe” “You’re really just going to make me say it, aren’t you, FriendArin?” “I guess I have no choice this time.” “The thing is…” “I’ve had really bad depression my whole life.” Dan: Oh, damn, I thought she’d say ‘I love you.’ Arin: Ohh Dan: [Falsetto] “Did you know that?” “Why do you think I’m late at school every day?” “Because most days, I can’t even find a good reason to get out of bed,” other than Mr. Cow. What reason is there to do anything when I fully know how worthless I am?” Haha, yaaaay!~~ “Why go to school? Why eat?” “Why make friends?” “Why make other people put their energy-” Dan: Jesus Christ! This is so sad all of a sudden! Dan: [Falsetto] and care to waste by having them spend it on me? “That’s what it feels like. And that’s why I just want to make everyone happy” “Without anyone worrying about me.” Dan: [Falsetto] Fred.
Arin: Fred. Arin: “I’m in shock!” “I can’t even figure out how to respond.” “How is it possible that Sayori kept this from me the entire time that I’ve known her?” Dan: That bitch! Arin: “Did she really want so badly for me to just not think about her?” “Why, Sayori?” Dan: [Falsetto] “Eh?” Arin: “Why is it that you’ve never told me about this?” “It almost feels like I’ve been betrayed as your close friend…” Dan: Nice, douche… Arin: “Beca-” Yeah. “Because if I knew, I would’ve done everything I could to support you!” “Even if there’s only so much I can do.” “I would have tried a little bit harder to make every day a little better for you.” “That’s why I’m your friend. All you had to do was tell me.” Dan: [Falsetto] “You don’t understand at all, FriendArin.” “Why do you think I didn’t tell you?” “Because if I told you then you wouldn’t have-” “You’d have to waste your effort caring about me instead of doing important things.” Like decorations with Yuri. “I don’t want to be cared about.” “It’s bittersweet when people try to care about me.” “It feels nice, sometimes.” “It also feels like a bat being swung against my head.” Like I’m having my brain sucked out by a robot straw. Arin: [Falsetto] It feels like that! It’s almost like it’s happened before! Over and over and over. For eternity. Dan: [Falsetto] Maybe I’m depressed because half my brain is missing. [Arin laughs] Arin: You just see like a little thing of blood like coming out of the top of her head, like Arin: [Falsetto] Wow, what is this stitching on my head? Dan: [Falsetto] “That’s what I wanted so badly for you to make friends with everyone else.” “Helping everyone be happy together the best thing for me.” “But then I discovered something else, too.” “Seeing you make friends and get close with everyone in the club…” “It feels like a spear going through my heart.” “So that’s why–” “–that’s why I decided the world just wants to torture me.” “Every path leads to nothing but hurt.” “Hahahahaha!” Arin: “You’re right that I don’t understand.” “I don’t understand your feelings at all, Sayori.” “But I don’t need to understand.” “Whatever it takes for me to help you stop hurting, that’s what I’ll do.” Dan: [Falsetto] “No, FriendArin.” “There’s nothing.” “Nothing at all.” “The only thing that could have helped is if everything could be like it always was.” “But I was selfish.” “I finally showed you what a horrible person–” God damn! Arin: “Tears streak down Sayori’s face.” Dan: [Falsetto] “I made you join the Literature club because I was selfish.” “And I was punished by my heart hurting in a way that I couldn’t understand.” “And now you came here, and I made you hurt, too.” “I’m just weak and selfish.” “That’s all I am” Dan: I wish I didn’t give this character such a dumb voice before she started, like, pouring her heart out. Dan: [Falsetto] “And that’s why I’m going to accept these punishments.” “Because I deserve every last one.” Arin: “Without thinking, I once again grabbed Sayori’s shoulders.” “This time–” Dan: [Falsetto] Ow, my shoulders! Arin: [Falsetto] They’re so brittle and weak from the brain sucking! [laughter] Arin: “This time, I pull her into a tight embrace.” Dan: Aw, hell yeah! Dan: [Falsetto] “A-ah…” “FriendArin…” Arin: “Sayori.” Both: “I don’t care if you’re being sel-” Dan: [Falsetto] “It’s you” Arin: “I don’t care if you feel sel-” You’re being so selfish by taking my line! “I don’t care if you feel selfish” “I’m really happy that you convinced me to join the club.” “Seeing you every day makes it worthwhile enough,” “If I make friends with everyone else, then that’s just a bonus” “But please never underestimate how much I care about you.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way!” Dan: [Flasetto] “FriendArin.” Arin: “Sayori isn’t hugging me back.” “Despite my arms being wrapped around her, Sayori’s arms remain at her sides.” “She starts sobbing next to my ear.” Dan: [Falsetto] “No…” “Don’t do this to meee.” “Please don’t do this.” “FriendArin…” “I…” Arin: “Sayori barely manages to speak between her sobs.” “I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but all I want is for her to know…” “That I care!” Dan: Maybe I should turn the lights on. [Arin laughs] Arin: Maybe I should draw me hugging her. How hard would that be? Dan: Yeah, right? Arin: “If you have it in you to call yourself selfish, then you have to let me be selfish, too.” “No matter what it takes, I’ll figure out what needs to change.” “I’ll make these feelings go away, and if there’s anything that you need me to do, then you’d better tell me.” Especially if it involves my penis. “I’ll get mad if you don’t.” Dan: The club. Dan: [Falsetto] Fred. “I don’t know…” “I don’t know.” “I don’t know.” “Gently…” Arin: “Gently, Sayori finally puts her arms around me in return.” Dan: [Falsetto] “I don’t know anything.” “It’s all really scary.” “I don’t understand any of my feelings, FriendArin.” “The only time I’m not feeling nothing is when I’m feeling pain.” Dan: Fuck, Sayori! [Falsetto] “But your hugs are so warm.” “And that’s really scary, too.” Cool, hug over! Arin: “Sayori lets me go.” “As she does so, I let her go as well.” Then we are both let go. [laughter] Arin: “The festival’s tomorrow.” Dan: [Falsetto] “Yeah.” Arin: “It’s gonna be fun, right?” Dan: [Falsetto] “Yeah.” Arin: “How would you like for me to spend it all with you?” Dan: [Falsetto] Yeaaaahhh, ummm, ahhh…. “It’s what I-” Uhhh Arin: “That’s what I want, I promise.” Dan: [Falsetto] “I…” “I think that would be nice, then.” Arin: “Yeah.” Dan: [Falsetto] Yeah! Arin: “Sayori wipes her eyes.” “If I could spend the whole day here, I would.” “Of all days, this has to be the one where I have other plans.” Dan: To fuck Yuri! Arin: [laughing] “Maybe I should cancel-” Dan: [Falsetto] “No! Don’t!” “Please don’t!” “If you do that, then I really wouldn’t forgive you.” Arin: “But…” Dan: [Falsetto] “It’s almost time for Yuri to meet at my house…” Arin: “It’s almost time for Yuri to meet me at my house.” Dan: [Falsetto] Sorry [laughter] Arin: Whoa! You’re psychic! “At the very least do you want me to come along and help out?” “It would be fun!” “To my– to my surprise, Sayori shakes her head.” Dan: [Falsetto] “I’m sorry.” “I don’t know if that would be very good for me today.” “You understand, right?” Arin: uh, Arin: “It’s kinda hard for me to fully understand, but I’m trying my hardest.” Dan: [Falsetto] “It’s okay.” “Don’t worry too much about it.” “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” Arin: “Alright.” “I look forward to it.” “I say goodbye to Sayori and exit her house…” Dan: Holy crap. Arin: “On the way home, I find myself still feeling uneasy.” Dan: That was heavy. Arin: “But it’s hard for me to keep thinking about it when Yuri is about to come over, too.” “I think Sayori’s right.” “I shouldn’t be worrying too much. We’re definitely gonna have a great time tomorrow.” “I should just focus on what’s ahead of me.” Dan: Speaking of great time tomorrow, next time on Game Grumps! Arin: Ayup. Dan: Wow. Arin: Next time on Game Grumps… Dan: Oof! That was heavy. Dan: Good thing this dumb piano loop is here to… … make us all feel good.

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  1. I wish you never made a joke when sayori tells you she has deppresion…ITS TO HEART BREKING TO SEE HER TRUE FEELINGS TO ME,but the joke still did not work,I was too sad….


  2. I love how everyone who gives Sayori kind a stupid voice are like "oh man I wish I had chosen a better voice cause suddenly this is sad and serious"

  3. FriendArin: "Sayori?"
    Sayori: "Hi FriendArin"
    I almost had a heart attack, I haven't rewatched this series yet

  4. Man i otherwise wouldnt have felt anything, but this episode was so incredibly heavy to me, similar experiences n stuff

  5. Yeah Dan. Just keep making fun of someone who is talking about their depression and how miserable they are. I really hope he isn't like that in real life cuz that just seems like a dick mood, even if you are just putting on a facade for a show. You'd expect most people to be more empathetic.

  6. dude right when sayori said "i've had really bad depression my whole life." my clock/radio starting making a static noise

  7. The part were Sayori talks about her depression, it really got me thinking that even the person seems so happy all the time (like how I am at school) can hide something dark under all that joy (Again like me at school). I guess that's one of the reasons why I relate to Sayori so much. She seems happy, goofy and a little bit like she's stupid but it's all actually like a mask, covering up something that you don't want to be there. I guess the other reason why I relate is because I also suffer from really bad depression and no matter how hard I try to make people happy, I always feel like I'll never be good enough.

    Wow, this got deep really fast. No one is probably gonna read this.


  9. Resident Evil VII: I made Dan emotional from the "kill your wife" ending

    DDLC: hold my beer

  10. It’s crazy when you rewatch these parts and realize that your character’s way of speaking to Sayori is one of the key reasons she commits neck rope

  11. I just realized part of Sayori's calendar is ripped off like she won't need it…….
    Thanks for the for shadow game. It makes me want to cry ;W;

  12. If ANY of you ever feel like what Sayori is saying has gone through your head recently, PLEASE. Ask someone for help. People will help you. You are too precious not to be helped. You're one of the lovelies here and you are cared about. Okay?

    I'm here. I might not be able to physically do much, but I can listen. 🙂

  13. sayoris house gave me a heart attack because i thought it was gonna be time already but i realized that sayori must confess about depression first as he gently opened the door.

    my friend keeps bothering me about gently opening the door.
    they say "its just a game." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. Sayori:you're just seeing it for the first time friendarin: Seeing what for the first time……sayori:that I'm a boy :p

  16. I'm a lot like sayori, down to the depression so you know I'm scared
    And the person I have a crush on is a n opposite gender friend
    O boi

  17. You’re forgetting the one reason with the most common sense Yuri

    I chose you because you have the Biggest Tits
    After you it’s monicka with her C cup
    Than Sayori with her B cup
    And than Natsuki with her a cup
    While you have delicious double Ds

    And if I have to tolerate any more of you bitches constant talking about inane bullshit anymore Im gonna need some titties to stare at

  18. No matter how many times I rewatch someone play ddlc I never seem to get less mortified that mc doesn't emediatly taking Sayori to professional help.

  19. Sayori forces a smile, but it’s easy to tell that she’s different.

    Sayori: i’M dIfFeReNt
    Me: same sayori, same

  20. "Helping her online".
    …Just noticed that Syaori and MoniKa were corresponding literally a day before she committed suicide…I guess Monika decided to make sure Sayori would take herself out, just in case. Judging by what happens if you pre-delete Monika, maybe she even told her about…The truth, if you get my meaning.

  21. I do knot get what's going on. The plot has sliped by me. Leave a comment on the meaning of this story and I'll drop by. I'm sure once you tell me i won't be cracking up anymore from arin and dan. Mabey if i just hang around for a bit longer i will understand. I probably need a break from writing this comment.


    I just realized that Sayori scratched out the entire month in her calendar. Considering what she’s almost certainly already planning at this point…

  23. What I Expected: Everyone crying for Sayori


  24. That description of what Sayori feels hit quiiiite close to home. I’m so much better, now, but the memory of days like that can draw you in, you know?
    The person/people who made this game probably knew quite a bit about personal traumas and struggles (apologies; I haven’t looked up the dev team and although I’ve watched Grumps for years, I guess I knew this series had some hidden Deep Shit in it and therefore didn’t watch it until now. IT’S ENTRANCING. but woah man)

  25. I think they really captured the feeling of depression really well instead of just saying “I’m depressed and I’m always sad because life SUCKS”

  26. everyone: gives sayori a stupid vocie
    everyone after she says she has depresion: i wish i didnt give her such a stupid voice…

    wow lol

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