Entry #13 at the advanced level: Welcome to the Literature Club! Your favorite classmates are excited to compete for your love with a performance they’ve been perfecting for the school’s upcoming cultural festival! Monika will steal your heart. ….uh, oops; what I meant to say wasV2hvIHdpbGwgc3RlYWwgeW91ciBoZWFydD8=This skit is not suitable for those who are easily disturbed. (it’s the cinnamon roll!!!) Hey, hey! My heart’s beating when I’m hanging out with you! …Why does my heart ache when I hear you feel the same way too? Just like a sundae, it’s sweet every time I teach you something new! Is this by chance or fate whenever it’s just me and you? Uu- ugh, don’t get the wrong idea!!! When we touch, it’ll never be enough.. Is it way too much if you had to choose just one of us?~ Tell me, tell me please! Is this what I think or is it just me?! Don’t wake me up from this sweet little dream, Where we’ll be together forever, we’re never gonna be apart! Will it be okay if I express my love for you this way? No matter what you do or what you say, we’ll be together foredmVyIHdlJ3JlIGFsd2F5cyBnb25uYSBiZSBhcGFydC4=RG9uJ3QgbGVhdmUgbWU=cGxlYXNl RGVsZXRlIGhlcg==We’re never gonna be apart! Hey, hey…when I’m next to you, I don’t know what to do.. Why does it feel so great when our E Y E S Then suddenlyyyyyyyyy SVQgSFVSVFM=I really love the way you write even when you don’t have a clue~ I wanna hear you say this love that I am feeling is true! Libitina Shall I leave you be? Is it love if I can’t set you free? But even if it’s not reality, let’s be together forever! We’re never gonna be apart! How can I convey my love for you before they fly away..? I think about it A L L D A Y E V E R Y D A Y mibulls sailcloth blindsight lifeline anan rectipetality faultlessly offered scleromalacia neighed catholicate Hello? Can you hear me? Please tell me you can hear me. Anything. Please help me. Did you do this to me? SnVzdCBNb25pa2EhIEp1c3QgTW9uaWthISBKdXN0IE1vbmlrYSEgSnVzdCBNb25pa2EhIEp1c3QgTW9uaWthISBKdXN0IE1vbmlrYSEgSnVzdCBNb25pa2EhIEp1c3QgTW9uaWthISBKdXN0IE1vbmlrYSEg SXQgaHVydHMgc28gbXVjaC4uLiBIZWxwIG1lIQ==RGlkIHlvdSBkbyB0aGlzIHRvIG1lPyBESUQgWU9VPw==RElEIFlPVSBERUxFVEUgTUU/ SG93IGNvdWxkIHlvdSBkbyB0aGlzIHRvIG1lPwpZb3Ugd2VyZSBhbGwgSSBoYWQgbGVmdC4uLgpJIHNhY3JpZmljZWQgZXZlcnl0aGluZyBmb3IgdXMgdG8gYmUgdG9nZXRoZXIuLi4KRXZlcnl0aGluZwpJIGxvdmVkIHlvdSBzbyBtdWNoLiBJIHRydXN0ZWQgeW91LgpEbyB5b3UganVzdCB3YW50IHRvIHRvcnR1cmUgbWU/ …I still love you. I can’t help it. What’s wrong with me…? How horrible am I for you to hate me this much? All my friends… I did so many awful things. So many selfish and disgusting things. I… I shouldn’t have done any of this. I’m just messing up a performance I don’t even belong in. A performance you wanted to watch… I ruined everything. Maybe that’s why you deleted me… Because I destroyed everything that you wanted. How can I do that to someone I love…? That’s not love… That’s… Error: Subtitles file is missing or corrupt. Please rewatch the video.


  1. hi guys!! thanks so much for all of the overwhelming support on our performance! we're all sososo happy it's being received so well, we put a ton of love into every aspect of it! that being saaaaid….there are easter eggs jam-packed into the choreography, expressions, movements, and even the tech crew was in on the skit! some of them have been pointed out in the comments but there's a lot more that are hidden deeper in the shadows where you normally wouldn't be looking! 😉 see what you can find!

  2. Slayed the performance and the transitions were so creepy like the game! Im so shook this is perfection

  3. Sayori best cinnamon roll. Natsuki next cinnamon roll. Yuri is just a cinnamon roll. Monika is a sinamon roll. (Cause its a joke, Sin)

  4. The best part of the video is'

    * Sayori happily comes on stage *
    The best person ever- YyyaaAAAAASSsssss
    it's the cinnamon roll!!!


  5. Natsuki and Yuir Is a cute ship there next to eacthother(Almost all the time).NATSYUIR FOR LIFE LIFE😙😘😘😘😘😚💓💜💓💜💓

  6. Me :I ain't scared

    Me after: did I just crap meh pants?

    All of meh jokes aside I really like it! <3

  7. Is it just me, or is it that you can see the Blue Badger [from Phoenix Wright; Ace Attourney] dancing next to the stage?

    I actually think something bad happened and the Blue Badger connects to something XD

  8. hi I was at the con and got to see your performance!! it was so good and very well choreographed too!

  9. okay one, amazing skit!! And two- you even edited the subtitles as well as the video? Now THAT is a treat
    I love it when skits have so many little easter eggs in them! The way Sayori seems to shift into a more depressed body language before she gets deleted is probably my favorite, and the fighting part? That's so cool!
    And the way when Monika walks on stage she near immediately takes the clear part of puppeteer (her raising her hand at one part behind Yuuri reminds me of her "raising" the,,, emotions(?) of the club members) and how Yuuri and Natsuki switch from dazed and confused after the reset into an almost puppet like dance with Monika taking the lead!

    And mostly Sayori taking the lead at the end!! I loved that so much

    Honestly I just really can't help but admire skits and probably look too deep into them, but Doki doki skits always seem to have so many hidden things and your skits are just so perfect!!

  10. I really like this, even to the cosplay and the personality to the way they dance is amazing as well i hope a chance like this will come again.. Ahaha

  11. This is incredible! You really captured the spirit of the game and personalities of all the girls. Also THANK YOU so much to everyone in the comments for pointing out the subtitles. They made the awesome performance even better.

  12. I think one of my favorite things about this performance is the announcer. Like at first she's all upbeat like 'Oh boy another fun skit' or something but by the end she's traumatized like 'They weren't kidding about that easily disturbed bit'

  13. This is so good!! The whole thing gave me chills, and the edits were super creepy. The work in this is phenomenal, and I loved it!

  14. i can't believe i took this long to watch this! i've seen it on ashe's instagram so often i decided i'd finally watch at 12:30 am, lmao. anyways, this is beautiful! the way every cosplayer went with the choreo is so fitting for the characters, i love it!

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