Doki Doki Literature Club!: Critique My Poem Please – PART 6 – Game Grumps

Hey I’m Grump I’m Not-So-Grump And we’re the Game Grumps Sayori: Two scoops of raisins. Arin: Hey, welcome, it’s back to the poem time. Danny: Yeah, okay, we’re back. Sayori just let us read her poem and it’s beautiful
Danny: It’s so good Danny (as Sayori): Looks like I just did Fuck-Face. Danny (as Sayori): Sometimes when I feel like I have no friends I do the E.T finger touch with myself. It’s like I have a friend My left arm and my right arm are my friends. That’s two friends! I’ve got a gang. Arin (as Sayori): I never thought about that before. Wow! You really cheared me up. Danny (as Sayori): I don’t need you anymore. I’ve got both my arms. Arin: It sounds just like you. It’s stupid. Arin: Sorry I skipped your line. Danny: That’s alright. Danny as Sayori: Which is weird ’cause I kind of look like I’m stuffing my face all the time in this pose. *muttering* Pretzels…Cupcakes. *muttering* Reese’s Pieces What was it you were yelling when we were recording the Starbomb song, like…? “You’re always after my Reese’s Pieces!” Arin: “Fuck you Jim! Fuck you! Get out of my store! Get the fuck out of my store Jim!” “Always stealing my Ree-see’s Pee-see’s!” Arin: “Buying up all my starburst!” Danny: Oh man… Arin: “That’s my best-selling product!” Danny: I love that character Arin: “Starburst’s the hardest to restock!” Arin: “Gotta call up the company directly!” Danny: He was yelling that at our producer Jim Roach who was dying. Arin: “Fuck you Jim!” *whirring of machine parts* Arin (as Monica): Did you just say a word about Monica?
Arin: Her head’s like completely 180 Danny: It, like, gives the terminator like red grid of, like, her point of view like what she… what she should do and like A through C is kill and D is Say hello. Arin: Ding! Say hello. Arin (as Monica): Hello. Danny: Click that button baby. Danny (as Sayori): This club sucks. Arin: Who should I show my poem to next?
Danny: Uh, let’s go Yuri Arin: She’s gonna give some dark, hot take on it. Danny (as Yuri): Mmm… Danny (as Yuri): MMMMM… Danny (as Yuri): It’s fine. Don’t force yourself… FriendArin: *interrupting* It’s fine. Don’t force yourself. Danny: Sorry, I thought she was talking about your shitty poetry skills. Arin: I thought so to. Arin (as Yuri): It sucks Danny (as Yuri): Okay, what’s a word for shitty…that’s not mean? Danny (as Yuri): No! It reminds me of – uh – Clifford’s birthday party mixed with – uh – Clifford the firehouse dog. I’m so sorry. I’m as embarrassed as Clifford the Big Red Dog was in Clifford’s good deeds. Danny: Needless to say… Arin: The penultimate copy Danny: I googled a list of all the Clifford the Big Red Dog books And I will be referencing them. Arin: That does not really look like that…
Danny: No. Danny: My face is down here. Arin: Her hair’s like *guttural gurgling* Danny (as Yuri): Like, when the author tried to write Clifford’s big week and couldn’t really get a hold on the story or the character. Arin (as Yuri): Like here’s a list. Number one: It sucks. Number two: It’s really bad Danny (as Yuri): Like in Clifford takes a trip… Danny: Is this a different voice than I started with? I think it is. Danny: Cool, that gives me an excuse for the voice thing. Danny: I thought that said export Arin: Sounds like an export.
Danny: She’ll really increase the GNP of this country. Danny (as Yuri): And God knows your simple. Arin: Saying here’s mine and just like shit smeared on a page. She’s just like “What do you think?” Arin (as Yuri): I’ve been writing for years. Danny: Oh just fucking say you hate it. Danny (as Yuri): She’s a bitch and you shouldn’t date her. Danny (as Yuri): I’ve said to much….well… Like Clifford did when he met the small red puppy. Maybe he was a small red puppy?
Arin: Its voiced by Kel Mitchell. Danny: Oh really?
Arin: I’m not sure it was the Bulldog. It was voiced by Kel Mitchell… Danny: Ohh, okay
Arin: …in the cartoon.
Danny: Oh, yeah, the one from Clifford’s best pals. Arin: I was a huge fucking fan of that cartoon, I’ll be honest with you. Danny: Cal’s awesome.
Arin: Clifford was voiced by John Ritter Danny: Really?
Arin: Yeah, it’s like a perfect voice for him. Danny: Love him. Arin: Anyway… Danny: Always the sign that we’re having a killer playthrough when you’re like: “Anyway…” Danny: It’s just her boobs mashed into a some silly putty. Wow, uh… Danny (as Yuri): Ghost under the light. The tendrils of my hair illuminate beneath the amber glow Bathing. It must be this one. The last remaining streetlight to have withstood the test of time The last yet to be replaced by the sickening blue green hue of the future. I bathe. Calm. Breathing air of the present but living in the past. A big red dog – am I? The light flickers. I flicker back. Danny (as Yuri): My neck… My back… My flicker and my crack. Danny: It’s like perfect calligraphy. FriendArin: That’s because it was stupid! FriendArin: *huffs* I mean Actually.. Friend Arin: Yeah, But I thought the writing was bad. Also. I liked the poem. Danny (as Yuri): Did you ever read The Iliad? I wrote that. That was me. Danny (as Yuri): Usually, there’s…hhhhhardcore fucking . Danny: *interrupting* What, you just said he took a long time reading it. Arin (as Yuri): …like ghosts that I’ve seen
Danny: Yeah Danny (as Yuri): Like Clifford the Big Red Ghost. FriendArin: Alright, well. I’m – I’m gunna get out of here. Danny: Ah jeez, that’s the bell. Danny: *fakes school bell ring* You do it with your mouth. FriendArin: Ah! Did you hear that?! Oh! FriendArin: You’re right. FriendArin: I don’t. FriendArin: I won’t. FriendArin: Wha – There’s numbers on me?!
Danny: Uh – shit! Arin: Uh, alright, I guess we’ll read Natsuki and Monica’s next time on Game Grumps. Danny: Oh my god. Danny: I love it.
Arin: Just stick it out, man.
Danny: I think I love it.
Arin: Stick it out. Danny: *exhales* ohh baby. Danny & Arin: *laughs*

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  1. 6:10 Making a joke about smearing sh!t on a piece of paper.
    Several episodes after "Did she piss on the poem?"

    Arin Hanson – 2017

  3. 𝙄 𝙣𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙛𝙖𝙨𝙩.
    ᴮᵘᵗ ⁱ ᵃˡʳᵉᵃᵈʸ ʰᵃᵈ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏᶠᵃˢᵗ.

  4. I bet Dan just has, like, 27 Clifford book Google searches screenshots on his phone because of Yuri's, ahem, "defining character trait."

  5. If you watch a slap on Titan you hear pyxis instead of resses pieces at 1:30 you know the fat guy? His blood is ragu?

  6. SAYORI : monika your the best : monika: did you say monika ERROR ERROR to much sweetness and cuteness : monika falls to ground:

  7. Gee gee aaaa was the day that I got the game I wanna play it’s a great job and it was a good idea 💡 is to be one of my favorite games on my iPad I wanna is a great game love ❤️ love the creators the best way of playing the games are you gonna do you wanna is a good game for me to get it for the next few games or maybe ill 😷 is it the best thing ever so far but it does have the game but most people have been able oououououo was the best game to be a game a BOOM

  8. I want to imagine the game grumps intro but with arin’s robot voice

    Hey I am grump
    I’m am not so grump
    And we are the game grumps

    & FriendDan

  9. i love all the characters, they are so cute! Especially SAYORI, and it’s super funny to watch when arin or dan DIES

  10. Not watching but listening to intro "HEY I'M GRUMP! I'M NOT SO GRUMP! AND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS" What I hear "HEY I'M GRUMP! I'M NOT SO GRUMP! AND WE'RE THE GAY GRUMPS" Me: O.O

  11. “She like ‘here’s mine’ and it’s like… shit smeared on the page..”
    lol he didn’t know how close he was to the truth later on in the game

  12. I academically told my mom I need mor pads on group chat and now I’m saying it online so I don’t feel as bad on text

  13. '"Here's mine." (It's just shit smeared on a page.)'…I love how they keep subtly referencing where the game is going to go lmao

  14. I'm wearing headphones, so when I laugh, I have a feeling people think I'm weird.
    I laugh at weird stuff…
    I mean, like, stupid memes.

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