Doki Doki Literature Club Creepypasta – Ominous Force

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from previous videos. Now today well be talking about the game Doki
Doki Literature Club. At first glance, a lot of people think this
game is very innocent but in reality its one of the most messed up horror games you’ll
play this year. As a result, the game has spawned a ton of
knock-off Doki Doki games such as Doki Doki Idol Club and Doki Doki Soft Boys. With that lets jump into today’s solo story
of the Doki Doki Literature Club Creepypasta titled Ominous Force The following creepypasta is based on a story
written by a user named Grimoire Noire on the DDLC subreddit. They begin by saying that they know this game
is meant to be a happy dating sim for weebs, but after what they experienced they just
cant look at it in the same way ever again. They go on to explain that Doki Doki was NOT
Oki Dokey. For them, the game was a nightmare that led
to terror and depression. They picked up a copy of the game at their
neighbors garage sale. The case was blank and just had the words
– Doki Doki Literature Club – written on the front cover in permanent marker. The old man that lived next door said he had
no idea what it was or what it was worth so to just take it for free. Then something very strange happened, after
saying thank you to the old man he oddly said – Goodbye Monika. He assumed the man in his old age was just
confused so shook it off and ran home to start playing right away. When he loaded in the game an odd warning
message appeared on the screen that read – This game is not suitable for children or those
who are easily disturbed. – He couldn’t even start a new game without
first agreeing to these terms, so he tapped ok. When he finally started playing he encountered
a character in the game by the name of Monika. He wondered if perhaps the elderly man had
tried playing the game hence where he got the name Monika stuck in his head. Normally people dont really notice Monika,
shes moreso there as a tutorial character. Someone that helps you with writing poems
and how to save your game, that kind of stuff. Or so he thought. He was on the Sayori route and after checking
Reddit with posts about Sayori he knew how happy she looked in the fan-art. This was supposed to be more of the lighter
and cheerful routes so he began writing his poems for Sayori. He was having a great time traversing the
route like most people had said they did online. Except in his game, something suddenly went
wrong. When he encountered Sayori she was very sad. At first, he believed he had made a mistake
with the poem minigame, but Monika said that everything was fine. Monika explained that Sayori was only upset
because she was in love with him. He assumed that if the tutorial character
said everything was fine than everything must be fine. Her whole purpose was to help you to date
other girls, so if there was anything the protagonist was doing wrong then she would
have said something. The game continued like this with Sayori even
saying that she said depression. In a brief moment of reflection, he thought
he finally understood. This was a story where his character would
make Sayori feel better through the power of love. In the next scene, he caught a glimpse of
the poem that Sayori had written and couldn’t even believe what it said. It was extremely disturbing and unsettling
that made him realize he must have made a mistake along the way. The protagonist then goes to find Sayori,
when he enters her home hes baffled to find her lifeless body hanging from a noose. The music suddenly changed to a very creepy
tone and the screen started to glitch out. He desperately tried to go back to a previous
save, but all of the files said that they were corrupted. After resetting and going back to the start-up
screen, Sayori was no longer there. Standing in her place was some kind of nightmarish
Frankenstein monster made up of parts from other girls. Having some knowledge of computers he opened
up the traceback text file to see what the issue was. Inside of the file was someone trying to communicate
with him. In the actual error message where everything
went wrong. As if there was something alive within the
files of the game. The text read – I didn’t break anything, did
I? Hold on a sec, I can probably fix this… I think… Actually, you know what? This would probably be a lot easier if I just
deleted her. Shes the one who’s making this so difficult. Well here goes nothing. – When reading this he screamed out loud,
knowing full well that this was not part of the original programming. The copy must have been possessed by some
mysterious, ominous force. Now the moment youve all been waiting for,
lets answer some of your comments from the video titled – Scariest Cuphead Creepypastas
Mugman.EXE. Remington Duchene says – I like cuphead because
of how well drawn the whole place is, and the bosses and literally EVERYTHING about
the game has a sort of beauty to it. and the gameplay is amazing. I love everything about cuphead.
-I havent actually had a chance to play the game so this review really makes me want to
try it out now. Thanks Remington! Michaela Aquilina says – Oooh Chalice.exe. I sense another chapter coming up!
-Everyone hit up Yeah Man TV to get the third part out. The first two were amazing to listen to and
Im happy that we could share his story with you all. If he doesnt, Ill have to write it myself. What other characters from Cuphead could you
see in a creepypasta story, leave me your thoughts down below. Zumeril says – Yet again. Johnny Rogers. Cuphead. Creepypasta
-Yes the King of Creepypastas is here Nicholas Baptista says – I bet Top 10 Gaming
won’t pin this! -Well I dont have the power to pin, but if
youre watching heres your featured comment instead! Jos Keng says – How is this even scary exe.exe.exe
ooh scary -You are just really brave thats all, some
people are actually scared by this story. Not you though you brave brave Gamer. You probably play Silent Hill with the lights
off. And that has been our solo story of the Doki
Doki Literature Club Creepypasta titled Ominous Force. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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  2. I think Monika being able to control the game and it's files was awesome and creepy at the same time, but I'll never forgive her for deleting sayori

  3. I hopes I get to be read, I love this channel i subbed and liked 4 a looong time love you Johnny you the KING

  4. Re… really? Really-really? Was that really what you just made a video on?

    The only thing not in the game was the start of the story…with a garage sale… for a digital game…that was only released a little while back…

    I actually asked out loud to my girlfriend was this uploaded on the 1st? Nope. It's not an April fools.

    Is this actually supposed to be a "creepypasta" someone wrote, are you guys trolling us? Or are you just saying the game is a creepypasta, which it is. Except for the nonsense you tagged on at the start, and then proceeded to retell the game.

    Please tell me I'm missing something here.

  5. So a dude was selling Doki-Doki at a garage sale?
    1 That's VERY cliche
    2 Why
    3 Doki-Doki is free on steam, what a ripoff!
    Edit: This pasta was VERY lackluster. I mean it was just the normal game. No twists, No hyper-realistic blood, NOTHING. And the file part is in the normal game too. My dissatisfaction is immeasureable, and my day is ruined

  6. Doki Doki the game I love but whos my waifu well its JUST.SONIC XDDDDD btw I tried the mugman glitch and guess what my hands/fingers can move now 😀

  7. U want to make a scary game even more creepy than let's make a creepy pasta of it OH GOD I KNOW WHAT I GOT MYSELF IN

  8. Favorite thing about Doki Doki… weirdly is the fandom as while the game itself is good a lot of the fan made songs, comic dubs, and animations are AMAZING

  9. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🙀😱😱😱

  10. I'm back but if you didn't play ucn it was a good game If you didn't know how the game works I will show you in a video how it works and I will do a gameplay in the future

  11. Wait a second…

    This isnt a creepypasta, this is actually what is supposed to happen in the game. A creepypasta would have been Monika acting all edgy with creepy dialouge that wasnt actually in the game. But this "creepypasta" is actually what is supposed to happen in the game. So this technically isnt a creepypasta.

  12. If writing a creepypasta story is as easy as just writing your experience playing a horror game then sign me up

  13. That’s just Normal Ddlc, not a Creepypasta! Sayori always hangs herself at the end of act one and gets deleted by Monika at act 2!That is supposed to happen!

  14. Why make a creepypasta of a game that's already scary? They did this with Pokémon (it was already scary in the first place)

  15. My favorite is the song

    every day I imagine a future wh-


  16. For the love of god, this isn't a creepypasta. This is just a narrative of the original game.
    3:56 Yes it was.

  17. This isn’t even a creepypasta… this is just the game itself, I’m sure everyone else went through the same thing.

  18. But…this is how the game goes…dude you need to LOOK AT HOW THE GAME GOES BEFORE YOU THINK ITS A CREEPYPASTA! This author did not think this through

  19. Alright let me break this down.
    First off Doki Doki Literature Club isn't a physical game it's a steam game. Who ever wrote this creepypasta must have gotten mixed up with BEN Drowned and plus it's not very good and it's a rip off.

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