Doki Doki Literature Club!: Big ol’ Fight – PART 25 – Game Grumps

Hey, I’m grump! I’m not so grump! And we’re the Game Grumps! Hi, welcome back Hello! Welcome back to Doki Doki literature club. ARIN: Dokey smokey.
DAN: The game is gradually getting fucking weirder. Dokey Smokey. The game is gradually getting fucking weirder. Hey, watch this ARIN: Hey, watch this. Boop! Boop! Awww. (Arin keeps booping) That’s the teeniest snoot you can boop. DAN: Aww.
ARIN: Boop! DAN: That’s the teeniest snoot you can boop!
ARIN: Oh I booped that snoot. DAN: Nothing weird has happened with Monica, right? ARIN: Uhh… Uhhh, well she appeared in front of the text for a second Well she appeared in front of the text- DAN: She did, she did. That was weird…
ARIN: -for a sec. She did, she did – that was weird, but nothing with her like, face or anything, [like what happened] with the other girls DAN: But nothing with her, like, face or anything… ARIN: No… I don’t think so.
DAN: -like with the other girls. Nooo… I don’t think so… DAN: Alright. Alright-
(Arin starts reading from the screen) ARIN (as Monika): Hi FriendArin, having a good time so far? ARIN (as FriendArin): Uh, yeah. ARIN (as Monika): Good, glad to hear it. By the way, since you’re new and everything, if you ever have any suggestions for the club… …like new activities or things we can do better, I’m always listening. Don’t be afraid to bring things up, okay? ARIN (as FriendArin): All right, I’ll keep that in mind. DAN: Maybe, uhh… to start with you can tell me what the fuck is going on. Maybe- uhhh, to start with you can tell me what the fuck is going on. How ’bout that? ARIN: I’m starting to-
DAN: How about that? ARIN: I’m starting to think like… I’m starting to think we should start taking everything – sort of – more literally..? Yes. DAN: Yes.
ARIN: Like when she said I’m always listening…. Like when she said I’m always listening- ARIN: I’m- I’m thinking maybe she is always listening?
DAN: She’s always listening? I’m Thinking maybe she IS always listening…? DAN: Oh yeah, I mean I wouldn’t… I think all bets are off at this point Oh yeah. I mean- I wouldn’t .. I think all bets are off at this point. Arin begins reading out the dialogue ARIN: All right, let’s… ARIN (as FriendArin): All right, I’ll keep that in mind. Of course I’ll be afraid to bring things up. I’m much better off just going with the flow until I’m more settled in. ARIN (as Monika): Anyway, I want to sha- want to share your poem with me? ARIN (as FriendArin): It’s kind of embarrassing, but I guess I have to. *robotic laughter* But it’s that sort of barrier that we’ll all learn to get past soon. ARIN (as FriendArin): Yeah, that’s true, heh… I hand Monica my poem. ARIN (as Monika): Mm-hmm. as much as a robot can like anything- !! I mean PERSON DAN: Mm-hm.
I mean, person. mmmmhMMM o_O DAN: …Mm-hm…
ARIN (as FriendArin): Really? ARIN (as Monika): It’s a lot cuter than I expected. *robotic laughter*
DAN: *human laughter* ARIN (as FriendArin): Oh jeez. ARIN (as Monika): No, no. It kind of makes me think of something Natsuki would write, and she’s a good writer, too. (imitating Natsuki) People can talk.
DAN: *laughter* ARIN (as Monika): So take that as a complimeeeeen…. ARIN (as FriendArin): Hahaha, if you say so… *nervous laughter* ARIN (as Monika): Yeah, if you’re interested in Natsuki then always keep a snack on you. DAN: *chuckles* *robotic laughter* But sometimes she just loses all of her strength and shuts doooown. DAN & ARIN: *laughter* …her malnutrition is interfering with her adolescent growth.
DAN: What the fuck? What the fuck? I don’t – I don’t know that she said that last time. ARIN: I don’t… I don’t know that she said that last time. DAN: Yeah, that do- I do not recall that.
ARIN: *quietly laughs* Yeah, I do not recall that She DEFINITELY did not say this. ARIN (as Monika): Sorry. Just trying to look at the bright side. Anyway, do you want to read my poem now? DAN: Yes, I do, gradually getting fucking weirder girl. “Yes, I DO, gradually-getting-fucking-weirder-girl!” ARIN (as Monika): Don’t worry. I’m not very good. ARIN (as FriendArin): You sound pretty confident for someone who claims to not be very good. Well, that’s because I have to sound confident……. in order to blend in ARIN (as Monika): Well, that’s because I have to sound confident… in order to blend in. DAN: *laughs*
ARIN (as Monika): That doesn’t mean I always feel that way, you know. ARIN (as FriendArin): I see. Well, let’s read it then. ARIN (as Monika): SHHHHHH hole in wall, but she wa-
DAN: *brrrt* -sudden hyperfocused silence- ARIN: But- okay, I thought the capital letters were, like, spelling something-
DAN: Oh, no. Oh- no. ARIN (as Monika): Hole in Wall-
DAN: Yeah! yeAH! (oh boy) thuhb- DAN: Hubcub- *laughs*
ARIN: *laughs* kuhb buh -laughter- (what a horrible anagram) ARIN: Well I saw- I saw like boat, and I was like, whoa what?
DAN: Oh, gotcha. Well, I saw, I saw like, “boat” and I was like, “whoa what?” Ohhh, I get you. ARIN: Um… um- (Arin begins reading the poem) (as Monika) Hole in Wall
But he wasn’t looking at me Confused, I frantically glanced at my surroundings. But my burned eyes can no longer see color. Are there others in the room? Are they talking? Or are they simply poems on flat sheets of paper? The sound of frantic scrawling playing tricks on my ears? The mu- the room begins to crinkle.
Closing in on me. The air I breathe dissipates before it reaches my lungs. I panic. There must be a way out. It’s right there. He’s right there. Swallowing my fears, I brandish my pen. ARIN: That wasn’t the one last time.
DAN: What the fuck… Yeah, yeah. … That wasn’t the one last time… -uneasily- uhh yeah….. This- also mmmmMMM……. DAN: Mmmmmm… Yes.
ARIN: Yeah? ….yes….. yeah? (Danny and Arin analyzing the poem silently) ARIN: He, I’m… There’s gotta be some code in here or something. DAN: Yeah.
ARIN: I’m feeling like there’s some code or something here. I’m feeling like there’s some code or something here… ARIN: But, confused, but, our, or, the… “But, Confused, But, Are, Or, The […]” Me, surroundings, colors, uh- no… Alright- DAN: Are- are there others in this room, are they talking… “Are there others in this room? Are they talking?” …or are they simply poems on flat sheets or paper… “Or are they simply poems on flat sheets of paper…” Oh, man>: Oh man. Oh man, this is getting weird.
ARIN: All right, well let’s just leave it be. Oh, mAN- this is getting weirrrd Alright, well, let’s just do this.. Okay, yeah. DAN: Haha! “So… what do you think?” ARIN (as Monika): So what do you think?
DAN: I love it! “I LOVE IT” ARIN (as Monika): So funny, huh?
ARIN & DAN: *laughter* “Funny, huh?” -laughter- DAN: Funny, funny stuff! Funny, funny stuff. -bleeting like a sheep- *robotic laughter* ARIN (as Monika): It’s okay, yeah. DAN: There’s literally nowhere I want to be less than right here, right now, in front of you! There’s literally nowhere I want to be LESS than right here, right now, in front of you! ARIN: I’m so scared! I’m so scared! (reading more) ARIN (as Monika): Yeah, that kind of style has gotten to be pretty popular nowadaaays. When performed out loud, it can be really powerful. ARIN (as Monika): Ah… Well, I’m not sure I know how to put it. ARIN (as FriendArin): An epiphany? I’m kind of nervous to talk about deep stuff like that because it’s kind of coming on strongly. No, please, tell me. *Burping* *burp* ARIN (as Monika): Maybe after everyone is better friends with each other. Anyway…
DAN: Oh boy. ARIN (as Monika): Here’s Monica’s writing tip of the day. Sometimes when you’re writing a poem or a story, your brain gets too fixated on a specific point. Because Sayori’s dead. DAN: Like how Sayori’s dead. ARIN (as Monika): If you try so hard to make it perf- SHUTTING DOWN “if you try so hard to make it perfect SHUT IT DOWN” ARIN (as Monika): *demonic voice* SAYORI IS NOT ALIVE
DAN: *laughs, wow how rude* -laughter and more reading- ARIN (as Monika): If you try so hard to make it perfect, then you will never make any progress. Just force yourself to get something down on paper and tidy it up later. If you keep your pen in the same spot for too long, you’ll just get a big dark puddle of ink. So just move your hand and go with the floooow. That’s my advice for today. Thanks for listeniiiiii… DAN: No, thank you, Monika. No- thank YOU, Monika. ARIN (as FriendArin): Whew, I’m scared as shit.
DAN: Oh boy. “I’m scared to shit.” DAN: *laughs* ARIN (as FriendArin): I glance around the room. That was a little more stressful than I anticipated. It’s as if everyone is judging me for my mediocre writing abilities and also trying to scare me at any moment. “It’s as if everyone is judging me for my mediocre writing abilities and also trying to scare me at any moment.” This is a literature club, after all. I sigh. “I can sigh” (imitating Natsuki) I can sigh. I guess that’s what I ended up getting myself into. Across the room, Monica’s writing something in her notebook. My eyes land on Yuri and Natsuki. DAN: Frantically crawling out of a pile of potatoes. frantically crawling out of a pile of potatoes *squelchey noises* *vomit sound* They gingerly exchanged sheets of paper, sharing their respective poems. As they read in tandem, I watch each of their expressions change. Natsuki’s eyebrows furrow in frustration. Is that all that happens? Is that ALL that happens? DAN: Yeah, imagine- imagine it. yeah, imagine… ARIN (as FriendArin): Meanwhile, Yuri smiled sadly. ARIN (as Natsuki): *hushed* What’s with this language? DAN (as Yuri): Eh?
(normal) Oh, sorry. DAN (as Yuri): Um, did you say something? ARIN (as Natsuki): Uh, it’s nothing. ARIN (as FriendArin): Natsuki dismissively returns the poem to the desk with one hand. ARIN (as Natsuki): I guess you could say it’s fancy. DAN (as Yuri): Ah, thanks. ARIN (as Natsuki): CUTE?! Did you completely miss the symbolism or something?!? People can miss. “PEOPLE CAN MISS” DAN: *laughs*
ARIN (as Natsuki, while trying not to laugh): It’s clearly about the feeling of giving up. ARIN (as Natsuki): How can that be cute? DAN (as Yuri): Uh, I know that. I just meant… the language, I guess. I was trying to… say something nice. ARIN (as Natsuki): Eh?! You mean you have to try so hard to come up with something nice to say? DAN (as Yuri): Yeah!
ARIN (as Natsuki): Thanks, but it really didn’t come out nice at all. DAN (as Yuri): No I agree, it sucks, um… No! I agree! it sucks! – umMmm.. Well I do have a couple of suggestions. ARIN (as Yuri): One, stop being a bitch all the time.
DAN (as Yuri): Yeah. ARIN (as Natsuki): Hmph. If I was looking for suggestions, I would have asked someone who actually liked it, which people did by the way. “Which people did, by the way! EVERYBODY liked it, there’s SOO many people in this club.” DAN (as Natsuki): Everybody liked it, there’s so many people in this club.
ARIN: *laughs* ARIN (as Natsuki): Monika liked it. And FriendArin too. So based on that, I’ll gladly give some suggestions of my own. First of all… DAN (as Yuri): Excuse me? I appreciate the offer, but I’ve spent a long time establishing my writing style. I don’t expect it to change anytime soon, unless of course, I come across something particularly inspiring… …or, you cease to have eyes and a mouth for whatever reason, which I haven’t yet. OR, you cease to have eyes and a mouth for- WHATEVER reason. WHICH I HAVEN’T YET. ARIN (as Natsuki): Nn…! DAN (as Yuri): And FriendArin liked my poem too, you know. He even told me he was impressed by it. ARIN (as FriendArin): Natsuki suddenly stands up ARIN (as Natsuki): Oh? I didn’t realize you were so invested in trying to impress our new member, Yuri. DAN (as Yuri): E-eh?! That’s not what I… Uuh…You- you just… ARIN (as FriendArin): Yur- Yuri stands up as well! ARIN (as Natsuki): Huh! And how do you know he didn’t appreciate my advice more? Are you that full of yourself? DAN (as Yuri): Uh… No…! If I was full of myself… ARIN (as Yuri): There’d be some tiny little me’s crawling around inside me! There’s been a tiny little Me’s crawling around inside me! Yeah! I would deliberately go out of my way to make everything I do overly cutesy ARIN (as Natsuki): UUUUUU! like a dUmb bETch! DAN (as Yuri): Like a dumb bitch!
ARIN: *laughs* ARIN (as Yuri): Named Natsuki! ME NATSUKI ARIN (as Natsuki): Well, you know what? I wasn’t the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as FriendArin started showing up! DAN (as Yuri): N-Natsuki! ARIN (as Monika): Um, Natsuki, that’s a little… ARIN (as Natsuki): This doesn’t involve you!
DAN (as Yuri): This doesn’t involve you! DAN (as Yuri): Taking out your own insecurities on others like that… and their tissue paper boobs… and their tissue-paper boobs- ARIN: *chuckle* DAN (as Yuri): You really act as young as you look, Natsuki. DAN: Whoa.. Whoa…
ARIN (as Natsuki): Me? Look who’s talking, you wannabe edgy bitch. WOAH WOAH- WOAH oh my god DAN: Oh my god, edgy? OHH GOD this music is getting weirrd DAN (as Yuri): Sorry that my lifestyle is too much for someone of your mental age to comprehend. ARIN (as Natsuki): See?? Just saying that proves my point!
DAN: Oh my god. oh my god. ARIN (as Natsuki): Most people learn to get over themselves after they graduate middle school, you know! DAN: Oh god, I’m freaked out.
DAN (as Yuri): If you want to prove anything then stop harassing others with your sickening attitude! oooh god I’m frEAked ouT You think you can counterbalance your toxic personality just by dressing and acting cute? DAN: Oh fuck.
DAN (as Yuri): The only cute thing about you is how hard you try! oh fuck ARIN (as Natsuki): Wow, be careful, you might cut yourself on that edge, Yuri. Oh my bad, you already do, don’t you? ARIN (as Natsuki): Yeah, go on!
DAN: Oh boy… ARIN (as Natsuki): Let FriendArin hear everything you really think! I’m sure he’ll head over heels for – be head over heels for you after this! DAN (as Yuri): U-uh..! ARIN (as FriendArin): Suddenly Yuri turns towards me as if she noticed I was standing here. What’s with all the fuzz?! DAN (as Yuri): FriendArin…! She- she’s just trying to make me look bad! ARIN (as Natsuki): That’s not true! She started it! DAN (as FriendArin): Fred! Ą͇̩͕̞͎͉̤͈̌̽̑̿͡R̯̼̻̣̬̞͓͒̀͛̎̾͋Ì̢̡̥̰͖͕̪̂͌̑̔̚͠͞N̷̘̹̥̱̳̝̤̱̪̔͗͂͛͐̎͝ (̘͍̱͚̬̾̈̏͂̊̓͗̂̅̚ͅȧ̡̛̫̫̥̦͛̊͑̚̚͠ṣ̨̗̗̺̜͕͈͕̾̔̋̚̕͞͠͡͝ F̶̺̩̰̗̰̳̺̲̅̃̉̐́̓̆̓̃̕r̵̳͖̳͕̬͕̈́̋͗́̀̕͘͞i̴̛̪͚͉͔̯̖̲̬̳̟̋̂͑̅͠e̶̛͔͚͙͎̳̜̜̽̉̐̎̿͡n̛͙̘̼͔̣̣͕̏̾̑̋̅̓͢d̜̙͍̪͚̣̄̿́̔͠ͅĄ̶̯̦̫͓̻̾̈̃̅̌̈́̀̕͠r̵̗̠̳̜̬̾̓̑̑́̋̄̚͞ĩ̵̼̞͍͉̰̀͒͑̀̐͞ṋ̴̡̨͈͕̰̘̞̘̐̊̐̒̄͟͝͡)̨̧̧̖̉̅̽̃̑͘ͅ:̢̛̭͕̻̰͑̑͐̈́̈̇̚ H̶̦͇͇̰̮͕͖̮͐̀͑̃̌̈͌͞͝͝O̵͙̰̭̰̤̭̖̙͒͗̀̉͋̄̿̀͐̒W͖͈̣͈̦̏̓̓̊̾͟D͕̟͚̮̤̤̫͙̉̃͐͗͋͑̉̃͘Î̧͈̗̘̩̋̃͐̏͜D̶̢̨͙̹̘͚̣͎́͌͋̄̚͠I̶̢̢̦̲̥̣̐̔̉̓̕͠G̷̛̠͉̖̪͓̞̠̰̼͑̅̑̽̓͊̃͡͝Ẹ͇̦̮͓̓̈́̍̾̍̃̃̓̊͡T̨̖̞̲̼̯͍̍̉̌̾͢͡D̸̖̤͇͍̩̈́̌͗̏̈́͐̈́̽͂͞R̴̨̛̪͍͎̤̃̔͌̌̆́̓͜͟͠A̶̧̭̣̟̝̼͖͒̊̀̆͐̄̇̃̃͠G̴̡̛̟͙͈͆̀̔͌̒̓̈́̿ͅG̶͈͍̬̝̘̘͓̠̅̌̋̿̈́̚͢͜E̮͈̬̠̜̞̪̙̓̎͛͒̃̏̅͑D̛̞̼̬̣̻͇̩̂̒̈́͌ͅI̶͈̬̻̪̰̣̤͉̅͗̓͛͊̇̕N̠̥̬̺̯̾͊̉͗̏͟T̵̛̘̟̯͈̜͔̗̟͕́͒͛͋́͑͠Ồ̥̞͈̫̝̦̅̿̇́͂̃́͊T̴̼̺̣͎̭̀̂̃̂̊̃́̐ͅH̴̘̟͚̮͇̫͉͈̣͍̓̀͗̾̌̌̈͗̕͝İ̴͍̝͉̪͔̘̘̇́͂̎͡S̶̙͎̠̺̤̯̘͗̓̃̒̓̊̎͋Ḧ͕̙̘̞̤̗̞̾͐̈̀E̸͓͈̣͍̩̦̘͖̔͋̄͒͑͘L̸̡̫̭͇͎̟̼̇͂̄̽́͛̂͘P̨̬̹̼͔͗͌͊̓̕͜Ṁ̵̧̛̩̱̪͎̫̬̗̭̎͛̄̈̽̈́̕Ȩ̵͇͓̙͖̬́͋̑̔̈́͐͘͜͡O̸̧͎̘̙̪͑͆̈̒͂̒͡Ḩ̲̗̘̥̟̒͒̀͑̀̎͂͘Ǵ̭̝̙̖͔͂̍̎̎O̖͈̠͇͓̻̅̓́̊̑͜D̢̯͚͖̰̺̑̎̓͆̌̋̅͟͡Í̶̛̛͇̻̠̬̼̰̳̦͋̋̚͘͡Ņ̩̣̼͔̥̟̼̲͈͊͒́̀͊̽̐͛̀H̯̱̻̹̱͎̻̎͋̓̓͝ͅĘ̘̲̥̻̤̽̌̏͐̇̃̿̀͜͟A̞̖͙͎̝͛͋̏̅̌͌̎V̶͓͇͈̙̦̇͋͌́̒͐͑Ȩ̷͖̣̺̪͎͉͒̂̆̑̀̏̚̕͘͢Ņ̗͎̙̙͓̮͓͆̀͗́͠A̷̮̱̜̖̻͍͔̎̓̆́̓͜B̨̻͕̣͓̈̽̑̀͘Ơ̸̞̖͕̪͙̯̩̊̓͌̐̀V̷̨͍̯̥̺͎̝̾̓̑̀͐̐̆͠͠Ẹ̲͖͍̻͔̰͙̠̓̽̌̈́͌̃͛͟P̛̘̤̬̣̙̆̔̆͂́̿̅̔͜͠L̫̹̩̭̞̩̈́̉̒́̏̉̚͠ͅĘ̛͕̰̪̰̮̓̽̔̐͐̃̽͒̓Ả̭̲̟̦̣̐̊͛̈̍͂S̷̨̠̣̯̥̆͂̈́̉͟͢͢͝Ě̡̡̺͇̮̤̦́̒͂͘ͅͅͅS̴̫̺̟̼̰͖̟̫̻̲̈́̃̂͌̓̓͡A̼̫͈̬̠̼̯̎̆̀̀̐̔̆̃̓V̨̛̖͍̼̠͉͖̟̝̪͗̋̾͂Ȩ̪̬̳̩̖̭̓̎̀̌̑̇̉̃̚͡M̧͚̱̺̜̰͚̤͆͋͑̑̈̄̓̆͐E̡̱͓̥̮͈͍̞̫̠͒̓̉͛͋̿̕̕̚ Whoa WOAH Ī͇̟̱̳̬̱̥̒͆͌̌̓Ď̴̻̯̖͉͍̤̦̦̬̒͐̍̋̽͜͠O̧̪̗̜̦̩͍̼͚͊́́͌̒̓͊N̡͇̙̦͖̰͊͊̓̔̍͒̍̔̑̈́T̵̟̝̳̣͑̿̐̾̽͟͞ͅK̡̨̙̝͓̱̼͑̒͊͛͢͞͠N̸͍̝̤͙͚͔̤̔͆̈̄͛Ơ͎͓̞͙̻͈̪̱̍͗̍̓́̈̐̆͢W̡̡̛͕͕̲̮̺͗͊̓̇̓̄̕̚S̷̨͇̹̥͓̦͗̽̆̄̽̈̄̎͘͠H̸̢͕̱͇̭̩͑̊̅͊̍͗̓̃͡͞Ǫ̛̩̳̱̻̺̫̬̜̩͋̃̈́̔S̖͔̬̮̲̩̮͑̇͌̀̈́̄̈̂E̱̰̜̮͖̺͙̪̽̄͋̎̂͐͘S̢̛͍̗͍̪̼͔̓͆̆̽̎͘͢Ȉ̷̦̼̦̺̟̰͖̠̈̃͒̅̀̀̄͘͡D̶̡͕̮̩̞̪̗̳̈̓͋̇́̃ͅÈ̡̧̢͉͇͕̫̭̔̄͂̾̏̀̚ͅͅS̘̣̹̤̘̤̰͚̎̄̾̐̌H̨͈͖̼͉̺̖̏͂̿͌̽͌ͅO̶̢̺̪͇̖̗͈͍̅̀̐̍̅̔̅͌͝Ü̸̡͉̯̹̿̇̒̑͟L̶̤͈̲̭̞̆͐͊̏͊͑̂͋̎͘D̨̡̟̠̪̯̳̺̟͐͒̅͊̍͛Í̧̻͎͈̬̜͋̿̋̏́̊̎̇͜Ç̸͇̼̙̻͇͎̺̤̇̅͐̇̏͂̕H̳̰̠̪̗͍̞̘̽̂̎̈̃̐̔͘͢͝͞O̢͈͙̺̟̰̬̐̋̍͌͗̍́̀̚͟Ȏ̧̜̼̺̼͉̤̘̍́̕̕͞S̢̨̖͍̦̺̤͍̓̀̏̂́͞É̥͓̳̩͎͕̦̗̽̔͂̿̅̚͢͞Ḩ̡̧̮̞̥̜͕̅̋͒͛̏̑̽̅͌͜͞E̶̢͚̗̯̠͍̜͐͂̔̿̂̀̃͢͢͟͠L̴͚̪̰̲͊̏̈͐͑́͗̚͜͠L̵̨̳͙̪͔͚̽́̀̏̑͜O͍̗̦̝̺̻̲̙͇͗̓̉̂̀D̲͍͔̳̭̦̩̑̕͘͡͡ͅͅÓ̶̠̦̟͓͎̜̣̲̀̈̀͋̊̀͂͞K̢̛͎̜̝̹̗̅͊̃͐͜I̡̧̛̳͎̤͈͚͔͆͆͌̏̎̂͗͗͟ͅM̢̡̥̦̥͈͙͈̤͎̍͒̔͗̍͘͞Y̡̘̩̬̦̼̤͚͐̑̎̈́͋́̄̃̽̚O̢͖̗̳͈̙̯̦͛͋̍͋̈́L̵̛̮̤̰͖̞̘͋͊̀̉̚͢͟͠D̷̢̛̗͔̳̤̖͓̩́̓̌͝F̸̖̹̟̜͓͂̋̌̍̀͑͑͋͠Ŕ̡͚̯̭̻̥̤̲̄̾́̀̕͘I̷̦̼̙̠̩͉̝͕̋̓̓̋̈́̈́͒̓Ē̥̺̖͕̠̹͎̦̈́̉̕͝Ṅ̡̹̣͇͚̋̊̇̊̄̈́̕D̷̨̛͙̹͇͖̎͗̽̍̎̂̔͘͜͢Í̸̡̧̲̜͕̬́́͆̒͐͑͛̊͗͜Ṿ̸̛̣̮̥̰̈́͆͛̏̃́Ë̲͍͖̻̲́͑͊̍̀̿̾͐̅̏Ċ̸̨̘̬̣̜̥̘̰͊̇̃̀̊̍̎̚͞Ò̷͈̲̮̦͙͋͋̍͑̌̏̒̕ͅM̧̡͙̟̞̜̬̮̼͊̑̉͋̓͌͊̒Ę̟͓̰̼̆̈͋̀̈͝T̡̹̤̞̭͇̘͙̏̈͛͂̊́́͞Ö̬̖̜͎͍̣͚́̓̽̐̕ͅṰ̶̢̭̝̟̠̳͊̀͆̔̑̀̀͌͜A͙̗̱̞͇̟̠̳͉̼͌̽͆̑̎͛̕L̡̛̹̙̹͔̣̝̀̀̈͂͊͗̏͠K̷̢̜̳͔͊͗͗̔̎̓̐͘̚͢W̸̧̗̪̖̺̲͕͍͈͐̑͊̃̈̕͠I͍̩̗̮̼̅͂̽͊̒͌T̵͓̞͉̯́̌̔̌͊̅̅̀̉͟Ḩ̥͕͉͖̦̺͂͑̐͌͊͠ͅY̶̢̨̛͉̬͋̓̆̎̇͒̆͟Ọ̡̮͖̘̎̎̊̍͟͠͞Ṵ̢̱͎͂̎̇̅͂̓̊̿̂͢Ả̧̨̩͉̹̮͚͕͕̍͂̍̄̚G̡̛̛̯̰̘͙͍̤̭͛͌͂̆͐̕͘ͅA̡̪͉̩͇̙͚͂͌̍͋̐͑̂͢͠Ĭ̼͇̙̣̥̇̄̽̍͆͟N̵̛̥̘̹̠͇̗̳̑̅̈̆̽͠͝ woAH WOAH DAN: Whoa. Uhhhh, uhhhh…
ARIN: Uhh, uh, uh… UHHHHH?!!! UH UH UH UHHH????!! Hah haha???!? DAN: *nervously laughs*
ARIN: Uh, yuhh, yeauhh… da blah bah da Natsuki? Yuri,,?! I don’t know! UH – I DON’T Make your choice dude! ARIN: Natsuki!
DAN: Okay! UUUH NATSUKI!! ‘kay!- I CAN’T
oh boy I CAN’T! ohhh boy I CAN’T!! OHH BOY I CAN’T!!!! OhhH bOy ARIN: I- I- Yuri! YURI!
DAN: *more nervous laughter* YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAN & ARIN: AAAH! -laughter- DAN & ARIN: *laughing* sssshhhHHHHHIT! DAN: Ssshhhhhhhit! -more laughter- ARIN: *laughs*
DAN: This fuckin’ game! this fucking gaame AH HA HA HA! ARIN: *laughs harder* ..uMMM DAN: Um… ARIN: *still dying of laughter* Um? ARIN (as Monika): Um… Hey FriendArin. Why don’t we step outside for a little bit, okay? yeah, why don’t we, Monika? ARIN (as Monika): Sorry about that. They really shouldn’t have tried to get you involved. It’s probably better for us to stay out of this. Well, we’ll go back inside once they’re done yelling. *robotic laughter* I just wish I was able to be a little more assertive sometimes. But I never have it in me to put my foot down against others. with my robot feet DAN (as Monika): My robot feet.
ARIN: I think… I think, ARIN: I think there’s more truth to the fact that we gave her a robot voice than-
DAN: Yeah… Yeah- I’m getting- like I’m starting to get the sense that like- she’s like controlling everything ? O-or.. Something’s .. not right with her- DAN: O- or, the- something’s not right with her. because I think she’s, like, every time the game, like, fucks up- ARIN: ‘Cause I- I think she’s like… every time the game, like, fucks up, she like just kind of butts in? She like just kind of butts in ? DAN: Yeah, and she’s like, “Oh look over here!”
ARIN: “Yeah, there’s no big deal.” yeah, and she’s like, “Oh look over here!~ There’s no big deal. :)” Yeah.. DAN: Yeah. ARIN: *sighs* Okay… *sigh* okay… Boy oh boy. ARIN (as Monika): If this makes you want to spend less time with the others, then that’s fine. I’d be happy to spend time with you instead.
DAN: Oh, good. 😐 ohh gooood ARIN (as FriendArin): Suddenly Natsuki runs out of the classroom. ARIN (as Natsuki): Fred…
DAN: *snickers* ARIN (as FriendArin): She quickly runs away.
DAN: Bye! ARIN (as Monica): Oh dear, so it looks like they’re done.
DAN: Shoooom! DAN (as Yuri): I didn’t mean it… I didn’t mean it… I didn’t mean it… ARIN (as FriendArin): Yuri is rocking back and forth on her desk with her palms on her forehead. ARIN (as FriendArin): Yuri?
DAN (as Yuri): I didn’t mean it… ARIN (as FriendArin): I- I believe you! I have no idea what Yuri might have said, uh, to Natsuki, or did. DAN (as Yuri): FriendArin, please don’t hate me… please. I’m not like this. There’s something wrong with me today. ARIN (as Monika): It’s fine, Yuri. We know you didn’t mean iiiit. Completely. DAN (as Yuri): Fred… ARIN: What the fuck does ‘completely’ mean?
DAN (as Yuri): Fredddd… what the fuck does “completely” mean? …Yeah…. DAN: Yeah… ARIN (as FriendArin): Yuri looks at me like she wants to say something, but she keeps glancing at Monika. DAN (as Yuri): Y-you can go first, Monika. I’d like to stay a little bit longer. ARIN (as Monika): I’m the president so I should be the last one out. I’ll wait for you to be done. DAN (as Yuri): Freddd… Well, I’m vice president, so… Please let me take that responsibility today.
ARIN: Yeah… Arin (as Monika): That kind of sounds like you don’t want me around for something, Yuuuri. DAN (as Yuri): I-it’s not that! It’s not that… I just… I didn’t get much of a chance to discuss my book with FriendArin… It would just be embarrassing with you listening. ARIN (as Yuri): It’s a porno book. ARIN (as Monika): Sigh… I guess I don’t really have a choice, do I? DAN (as Yuri): I’m sorry for causing trouble… DAN (as Yuri): But I really appre- oooh! She- ah- under-
ARIN: *warbling* WOOOAHWEOHHH OH SHIT …oh….. DAN: Whoa… DAN: Fffffffffffucking goddamn it. Fucking goddamn it. ARIN: Doki doki!
DAN: Oh my god! *laughs* Doki-Doki! DAN: I hate this!
ARIN: Party! Party!! Vivid~ ARIN: Vivid! ARIN & DAN: Happiness!
DAN: *laughs* Happiness~~ DAN: Wonderful!
ARIN: Dazzle! !!Wonderful~ :>Dazzle! DAN: Mashmallow!
ARIN: Marshmalloooooow! mmmershmallow! C: Marshmallowwww! 😀 mmmmfffRR DAN: Ribbon.
ARIN: Ribbon! rrrribbon!~ RIBBON!!! LLLLUCKYYYY! DAN: Lllllucky!
ARIN: Lllllucky! Luckyyyyy. c: Cheer~ DAN: Cheer!
ARIN: Cheer. c: Cheer….~ DAN: Poof!
ARIN: Heh, poof! POOF!~ heheh!~ poof! heh heh! DAN: Mmmmmmm… mmMMMmmmm.. DAN: Fun!
ARIN: Fun! fuuUn FUN! DAN: Bliss!
ARIN: Bliss. Bliss 🙂 blissss DAN: *breathes out* Huuuummm. uhhh… disoriented! ~ ARIN: Disoriented!
DAN: Yeah, I like… ha yeaaah.. DAN: Kitty!
ARIN: Kitty! kitTY kitttyyyy! DAN: *laughing* Suicide!
ARIN: Suicide! Suicide~~ SUICIDE! uhHHHH DAN: Uuuhh…! Ohh, why was Yuri… Destiny? oh, why was Yuri-? Destiny….? deeEStinYYY ARIN: Destiny! uhHHHhhhhhHHH? DAN: Duuhhhmmmm.. Melancholy …melancholy. ARIN: Melancholy. Agonizing? DAN: Agonizing…
ARIN: Agonizing. agonizing. DAN: Death…! Oh boy…
ARIN: Death. death ? death. oh boy lllllUSt- DAN: Lust!
ARIN: Lust! Lust! hell yeah. DAN: Hell yeah. Oh boy…
ARIN: *laughing* Parfait! PARFAIT! Ohhhh boy. ARIN (as FriendArin): Another day passes and it’s time for the club meeting already.
DAN: Jeez. jeez ARIN (as FriendArin): I’ve gotten a little more comfortable here over the past-
DAN: So wait, what the fuck happened? So wait- what the fuck happened? ARIN: I was ri-
DAN: Yuri wa- Yuri wanted to stay and talk to us, and then she just glitched? yuri- yuri wanted to stay and talk to us and then- she just glitched? ARIN: Sure. sure DAN: Oh boy.
ARIN: Monica didn’t want us to spend time with her. Monica didn’t want us to spend time with her.. DAN: Yeah, it did seem that way, didn’t it… Oh boy.
ARIN: Yeah. Yeah, it did seem that way didn’t it?
Oh boy ARIN (as FriendArin): I’ve gotten a little more comfortable over here the past couple days-
DAN: Okay. I haven’t. OhKAy I hAven’T. That makes fuckin’ one of us DAN: That makes fuckin’ one of us. Uhh… How about next time on Game Grumps? How ’bout next time on game grumps? ARIN: Alright.
DAN: Oh boy… alright. Oh boy *click* *sizzle* ARIN: Do do doo do do do do do doo.
DAN: I have to make tinkle tankles. Be right back. Oh! Great! Let’s do it together

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  1. So the girls' fight escalated out of control because Sayori (who now doesn't exist) wasn't there to calm it down. And the minute Yuri was going to have a moment alone with you to explain herself, Monika jumped in and things skipped…


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