Doki Doki Literature Club ANIME!? | Doki Doki Animation (Reaction)

Doki-doki It’s my favorite word. It’s in fact consuming me and of course my entire channel and since we’re here Congratulations to me. That’s not what I was supposed to say guys. Thank you so much for 800 in well now 1000 subscribers, thank a hundred thousand 800 and 1000 What’s wrong? I feel like I can’t restart. Thank you guys so much for 800,000 subscribers plus eight hundred plus thousand subscribers alright. I appreciate it a lot seriously guys We’re on our way to a million all right, but anyway back to the subject of mine Did I have I mentioned that I like doki-doki literature club well, honestly I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game I’ve been like diving into a lot of theories and all that stuff the memes are so funny. Don’t worry We’ll do some more memes, and you know it really helps that you guys enjoy it as well so That’s why I’m doing more because you guys let you guys like it and something that I like and so if we’re on the same Level there ain’t no point to stop in it okay today. We’re gonna bring you something really really special but first I I found something very cool I just literally found it and I’m waiting for for the 3d games of doki-doki to come out okay And you bet we’re gonna play them all right look at this Someone made a 3d model of Monica, and it looks beautiful Oh, and not just Monica, but Natsuki his well looky that Bowie Imagined us walk it around in the school or something like that in freaky Monica jumping out at us or or you know things start Getting weird like if someone just made a 3d version of the game. I would flip I Would flip okay all right that also brings me to any yandere simulator moderate watching this now I urge you to make a Doki Doki yawn dairy, mud There’s just so much room for for that. Okay. It needs to happen real fast. How many times We’ve got to do this, so I don’t really know much about like 3d models or making them, but look It’s we can actually look around in it you can even do VR Although I don’t I don’t know how that works I mean I have VR headset, but I’m still unfamiliar with it, but look at that. It’s like uh What do you call those a smash trophy or an amiibo? It’s a monic amiibo Don’t you dare touch that T hurt your Nintendo switch or 3ds because she’ll take it over Oh, and you’re wondering about the pond soo. It’s there. Okay. I can’t show it, but you know. I’m just saying I’m just saying if that’s what you guys like I ain’t judgin. I just thought this was so cool she’s even holding me up and I wonder how long it took to make this so I don’t know if IMG vertex is going to actually release these, but it’s very very impressive it just looks so so awesome So I have a feeling in the future We’re gonna see something 3d 3d ish of doki-doki, and I can’t wait to play it But of course my favorite girl my favorite girl doki doki is nasty and there is also a model by the same person so I wonder if they’re gonna do Yuri and Saori as well look at her look at Natsuki lookit. It’s so cute. So this is like the dress She wears are like the clothes that she wears when she goes to your house or casual clothing Oh Everyone’s like I need you to put it download for this now very very impressive, okay but that’s just one of the things that I wanted to show you guys today that I just found interesting the youtuber by the username of and jellies and – Lilly works made this really really amazing a Doki Doki Animation so it’s basically Doki Doki the anime that’s literally what it like is okay? And I went ahead and asked them if if I could react to their video because it looks really cool I have not seen the whole thing I’ve only seen a few parts and a lot of you guys actually commented on it But before we Tempe to the full video guys the creator asked me to talk about their website Which I would love to do but to eat you go, so it’s uh well It’s one cheat go comm link will be down in the description basically what what they want to do their goal? You know what they want is hit shoujo manga which? Jojo I love I I love Jojo a lot okay, all right, they want to get shoujo manga And see the rest of the world okay, and it needs to happen So it looks like they have a website about it, and they have a YouTube channel, so yeah If you like animations and cool freaky manga stuff especially if you’d like shoujo manga Be sure to check out not only the YouTube channel, but their website, which will be linked in the description. It’s really cool It looks like they make their own manga very awesome. They’re really good artists. I think it’s really really cool They’ve done like Fanaa animations pretty frickin crazy, and they’re literally making their own story living the dream. I love it I love that so much so without further ado. Let’s get into that Doki Doki I Love her I love their opening aspire to be the best. I love it. I love it so much. Oh here We go here. We go we got that Monica Monica. She screw yourself alright So this is almost like an opening or some sort And there spoilers by the way so spoiler alert. I hope this isn’t copyright oh poor Monica She’s looking outside of her window oh so sad so This is before everything went crazy right. Oh, yeah, that’s our character. I wish we could have seen our character more Would have been really cool guys. Who’s your favorite character mine’s definitely not ski. I thought of his URI, but now He did not did not choose that My god, it’s gonna get crazy right now Exactly markets, let’s get out of here already screwing everything just Sick of it sick of it look at me I get a 3d model Consider the following oh No, it’s gonna get crazy. She’s like oh, you don’t know the kind of power I have oh, don’t you to get your finger off that delete button right now, Missy if I Durst stop Don’t you do it. Don’t you do it? Oh? Cause let’s go that’s like what the ends. Oh wow so that’s what’s yes oh? She’s hugging you guys I can’t say no yes, I can actually can that’s really cool It’s like a different perspective, but what Monica’s room would be like oh? Oh, no we’re gonna – time to delete you this is so cool She days I Car we need an encore, okay? I gotta say I think this is probably the one game That’s gonna It has I would say already developed a big community that it’s not gonna get ruined other than those those really horrible Toki meets Okay, all right you saw you already doesn’t need to dab. Okay. Hey there’s my video hey You just don’t go watch it There’s already so many get like cool impressive stuff, so I’m really just waiting on the fan games like oh I can’t wait for the fan gift. There’s so much room or for creative things like that so yeah guys Don’t forget to check out Angela Lee it took them a month and nearly a month to do this And it was really cool. They got some voices and everything don’t free to check all those people out as well It’s really crazy. We just played the whole Monica’s after story so like people are already getting some parts of the visual novel and making their own visual novels and And all that stuff so really I mean all they have to do is get the characters naked Take the game any way you want I? Can’t wait And what I also really look forward to is like the way this game is going to inspire other games. We’ll see well Just gosh darn diddly. See okay. We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend It makes so much sense I love it that that was good that was also by Angela Lee Why just why do you guys make these things He’s gotta take one knee you gotta take old babes and make them new again, I love it. It’s great. It’s pretty great Yeah, I just can’t I it really is so crazy. How how much this game is freaking blown up I was watching this video last night freaking just laughing so freaking hard and It’s old its it old me. I just do this You guys haven’t seen this Only works if you don’t know Spanish, okay, if you guys let’s say have not seen this video Do you watch the video by itself ever like you laugh? It’s kind of like the why can’t I probably shouldn’t say the name. You know that I guess it doesn’t matter You know the Hitler reacting meme thing with him like screaming like it’s basically just like that Is four minus one that’s free pretty much the day mention abrupt smoke trees See your gut with my pop. It’s even better. It’s better now save it for the memes Michael save it for the memes, okay I just really wanted to react to that the anime thing. I thought that was really really amazing Again, I know I probably says it’s ready to go support them guys if you like that kind of stuff Okay, today’s cup of the day goes to just Monica Congratulations, Jess Monica. Why did I do that? I hate her guts not hey. I’m sorry. I had to it was just too perfect Okay, guys if you guys wanna be scrub today Be sure to drop a like on this video And you could be scrubbing the day guys all you have to do you can leave some comments you know I love featuring you guys because you know I Get to do what I love doing and it’s all because of what you guys have done for me You know you guys watch my videos, and it’s just so freakin awesome Okay, so that being said I’m beat you the Mike Stern I subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you scrubs in the next video of whatever. I’m doing I should say just I’ll see you in the next Doki Doki video bye guys, my dick is veri big succ it

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  1. Why does everyone hate Monika how do you think she feels once I thought about it hard enough Monica is my girl

  2. Sayori is my favorite … But I have one thing to say Monika and Yuri are both yandere but Monika is misunderstood…. I also dislike her tho she killed Sayori


  4. F u bijjumike. Monika is ten times better than those suicidal rejects. The only real person in that game is Monika, she killed no one.

  5. Top 10 things missing
    Sayori 3d model
    Yuri 3d model
    My dad
    A ltter in this sentence
    A full ddlc animae
    Monika after I see her again
    A comment on this comment
    My love for Monika
    Me in act 2

  6. I know its been a year, i know you hate monika but pls react to monika cant help falling in love with you by emirichu

  7. This my poem

    Your ugly but a little pony and your self esteem is your favorite part of the poem
    Idk random words-

  8. I was watching this at 1 in the morning and I have school the next day
    I was trying not to laugh bc I would get in trouble
    This is why all my friends are weird like me!
    Edit:I liked mah own comment 😭

  9. ☝🏻no doki doki literature club in the halls 1000 seconds detention for you baldi's basics is clearly the better game☝🏻

  10. First of all, Natsuki is the best.
    ~Sits as i watch Bijuu Mike tell Monika she should vanish of the face of the earth

  11. When he pronounced Natsuki as Natski I got confused lmao. Because I’ve been pronouncing my waifu’s name like..Nat-Soo-Ki ;-;

  12. Concept for Doki Doki Literature Club anime:

    The main character would be into dating sims and one day opens the game but gets transferred inside it. Once he is inside he loses his memory and believes the school he is attending and house he is living in is part of real life (More characters would be inside the school other than the ones we see in doki doki to make it seem more like an anime school setting). Later in series he starts to regain his memory and realizes what is going on. He does everything in his power to fix things and get back to the real world.

  13. My fav character is monika!
    Also I feel sympophy for monika 🥺 yes what she did was wrong but Idk ijust feel sorry for her 🥺 also It's strange because NO i do not have to soft of a heart because urr well ita just the opposite! but with monika its different…Also how i'm talking about her as if shes a real person
    6:18 oh no you didn't!
    monika's gonna come for you!
    And me! 😡
    no she didnt make me say this



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