Doki Doki Literature Club ANIMATED

Not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed… Something tells me this literature club ain’t gonna be too good for my health. (LOL) Welcome to literature club, it’s a pleasure meeting you! You got purple hair …You’re probably evil :V Thank you for all standing in order of tallest to shortest and also… Biggest boobs to smallest boobs. I appreciate that That’s really welcome. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You got the family and *Markiplier stuff.* Okay everyone, shut your traps! (markimoo: wtf is happening??) Ding dong, bing bong! Time to read your poems, here Monika duc-decree that it’s TIME! Whoa… What the hell? wait whoa without?that music! *markimoo gets a T H I C C face* Doesn’t a good cup of tea help you enjoy a good book? I DON’T TRUST YOU, YURI!! That’s good enough for me! What about you, Yuri? *with accent* Yuri? She’s still sulking, she’s dead inside… …just like everybody else is gonna be dead on the outside! I wrote… Butthole on one, just in case someone’s favourite word is butthole, You’ll never know! Aardvark, for people who enjoy the beginning of the dictionary, you know. (Or for Arthur cos he just took it) Uh… Markiplier, for people that don’t want a cupcake. (Sayori: LETS BACK IT UP!) Anyway, I’d say, I’m gonna go with Monika. I know Sayori probably needs to be by her side right now, but EH! What’s this? I flipped to Sayori’s poem. It’s one that I haven’t read before. this got real.. OH… I change my mind, I’m gonna go get Sayori! x2 Sayori? Wake up dummy! There’s no response, I gently open the door- WASTED 𝚆 𝙷 𝙾 𝙰 I don’t like this! you’ve unlocked a special poem. Would you like to read it? Sure. Yeah Stare at the doctor. I don’t trust this. I’m sharing it the dot, DON’T YOU BET, DON’T D-UH DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE JUMPSCARE ME! oh I love you

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