today we will talk about a controversial topic have you ever heard of a video game called Doki Doki Literature Club? recently the BBC has spoken about it since it has been accused by parents of having pushed their son to take his life During the program they said that the police believe that this video game is dangerous for children but let’s talk about this game, published on the 22th of Sep, 2017 by Team Salvato for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. and on the 6th of October also for Steam the development of the game lasted two years and he was led by dan saved, known for his work for super mario smash bros melee shortly after its publication it was hailed as one of the most amazing games of that year it’s a story about a guy who enters his high school literature club and interacts with the 4 girls even thought it look like a simple appointment simulator instead it is a visual psychological horror novel Dan said that the inspiration for this game came from his complicated relationship with Anime and its attraction for surreal and paranormal experiences as also the bbc says, the game has warnings about the content of the game at the beginning It also says that su.ic.ide contents are included and that it is not suitable for children but according to the bbc, the design of the game is ment to attract young children BCC also said that they’ve tried to contact the creator of the game, but they couldn’t reach him it would not seem that the bbc has a real and therefore we do not believe that the Team Salvato should provide explanations considering that the warnings were in the game so we are wondering if the reason is the character design are those Anime characters for children? is that what BBC is trying to say? so ALL anime are designed for a young audience??? we really hope not because you will agree with us saying that NOT ALL ANIME are meant for children and some are designed for an adult audience there are many splatter Anime that have used similar, if not worse, graphics so why raise the problem with this particular game? returning to the same BCC’s logic, so horror elements in an anime are non accepted, right? but so… why cartoon such Happy Tree Friends, South Park or The Family Guy are broadcast on TV? sure it’s not an easy topic to talk in a few minutes video but with internet access now children have now unlimited access to inappropriate material unfortunately it is the reality of the facts we can’t give an opinion on how to educate children but this game did everything it had to do by taking the proper precautions and does not really instigate this element is included because is a horror game about it maybe if these parents worried would be more focus on prevent bullying and respect others they wouldn’t have time to accuse a game doing in some cases the blame game.of their own responsibilities what do you think about it? Let us know in the comment! /// Seba’s music is AVAILABLE in all major digital stores///

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