Differentiating Instruction Through Writer’s Workshop

♪♪♪♪ We are working on step um three
which is the rubric. I had to ask a friend to come
and check my story and she has
to put what she liked about the
narration and if any questions like what she didn’t understand
about it and then advice so she needs to give me advice like um
put more put more dialoge or yeah…
something like that. Writer’s Workshop is the writing
process it teaches kids how to write in a structured,
repetetive way. But it also gives them a chance to choose
their own theme. and in that way develop a
lifelong will to write. It’s a process that includes
planning and then writing the rough draft and then
revising. You can revise by themselves, with a teacher, .
And then they finally write thr final draft and then they are
able to share and you just
cycle. The kids never stop writing
they always have something
to do. What I am basically doing is I’m just..I’m Just like I just make up a story and I’m writing it down on a paper that has where I put
pictures and where I write. I believe that Writer’s Workshop
fosters and enjoyment of writing because the students get
to pick their own topics they get to express themselves
it is authentic writing. They know they are writing
for a purpose whether it to be to share with
their friends at the end of the session or to take it home
to share with their parents. And they just see a purpose
in it and it is their choice. They don’t get many choices
all the time and this is the one time when they get to
express themselves and show what they can do. I try to do Writer’s Workshop
three days a week and every Writer’s Workshop I try to do a
fifteen minute mini lesson. I choose the mini lesson
according to what the students needs. It’s completely student
driven. If I see when I am editing that they need um
dialogue, I will focus a mini lesson on dialogue. Or if
it is a beginning, I will focus on a beginning. So how I want to start today
is with a mini lesson. and what I’ve been noticing
when I am editing with you is that our beginings are great.
We have strong beginnings. We’e introducing our characters, we’e
introducing our settings. so I want to show you a differet
way to begin a beginning with dialogue. And we have
used dialogue, but I want to show you how to use dialogue
between two people and I think that might help you to
improve your writing. On SBAC test that’s a question.
They give you the middle and they want you to write a
beginning. So a lot of times for my mini lessons I’ll
practice that. I’ll take a student’s story cut off the
beginning and the other students have to write a beginning and
make it applicable. So there’s, you can, a teacher
can look at any standard and just make it into a mini lesson. because she liked it in there. Ok. And you should put why
she didn’t want to be the one. And I changed that and I put
because It was on the school. OK. So. And you put the beginning
introduces the character. Which is Amber. Students need to have the
freedom to talk during Writer’s Worshop. They need
to be able to collaborate and build on each other’s ideas.
I explain to them what is correct talk and what is
incorrect talk. And. Um. I’ll stop with my
editing and walk around monitor listen to make sure tha
the talk is correct and I can see from across the room if
it’s appropriate talk or not. What were cold and juicy here? The fruits and vegetables. Right.
So they and you are going to say they ARE..instead of THEIR. They ARE cold and juicy. Very nice Yadizy.
Past tense verbs. Getting better. Very good.
Next time you write I am going to make a list for you
a list just to be verbs to be careful of. So on your past
tense verbs… Writer’s Workshop helps to
differentiate instruction especially when I am teaching
ELD learners because I teach to the highest level that I
can, but then during our conference time I will talk to
them and teach at their level Also when they give to me their
writing I don’t expect fantastic A plus papers. I
expect them to write where they are at and maybe push
themselves a bit. So every time I talk, we push a little bit
more and they learn a little bit more. And we will review or
I will push and look at them and see what they need. But
it’s a completely different shape of instruction because
they get their one on one time with me in the practice. …then some people arrived and
it was strange. Good.
Now on the last one we talked about you had WE and you changed
it to THEY. So we were working on our
pronouns. And you were working on your point of view.
You decided as a writer to talk in the third person. So you
are talking about Kevin, you are talking about Brian. They are
people out here. Not you. So if they are not you, you cannot
put WE. So you decide OK I’m going to make my story third
person let’s talk about THEM THEY so you change that. So
we want to make sure that we continue to change it to the thd
person. The whole story has to be third person. We cant
switch over to I. So let’s see if we did this. Go ahead and
continue with your middle. It was the Allowitz Kevin
shouted. They had came to kill all the otter. They had lied to
us because they had said they would share otter with us. Men
died and my dad because the Allowitz had killed them. The Great Choomaz Fight by
Enoch. Long, Long ago there was a
Choomaz tribe that just finished having a Pow Wow.
When they were finished, the chief and the tribes all
went to sleep but out of the blue the enemy Cuhilla
Indians attacked out of nowhere They were jealous of the Choomaz
people because they lived d that definitely helps Common
Core standards because the students need to be able to
speak orally. They need to be confident. They need to look at
their audience and speak in a loud voice. And when I start
the presentations, I’ll start with a small group and as the
year progresses we get larger and larger until it
is whole class. And at first the students are nervouse but at
the end they love it. They can’t wait to present what
they have written and show everybody. The students are
also good listeners and they learn how to praise each other
and appreciate what they have written. And it just
develops a community of
learners. The chief learned a valuable
lesson. Just with a lot of work you get the best benefit
out of it. [applause] ♪♪♪♪

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