Department of English Language and Literature – AIM Faculty Perspective

over the last three years we had a
guidebook to the English Composition program for entering freshmen and that
book came at a cost to each student of close to $22 and we wanted to minimize
the cost students but still give students the information that was in this
guide book. We knew that we could put this online, how we’d put it online we didn’t
know, we’re just English department wordsmiths, we don’t know the technical stuff here but we looked at well should we just put a word processing
document up for students to look at it maybe we could put up a PDF document all of them were second best to somehow embedding it within iLearn. We wanted everything
in one place So students wouldn’t be confused so
instructors were able to be working on a platform their familiar with as well. In the future we are going to
introduce this to our composition faculty and we want to begin teaching
faculty how to use the guidebook in an interactive way. I could go on for a long time on how I use it in my class but I think it will inspire people with different ideas.

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