Demo: Finding Literary Criticism in WorldCat (Fall 2017)

hi this is Sarah Marks one of the
librarians here at UMass Lowell for this video I’m going to show you how to find
literary criticism from our catalog WorldCat I’m starting at the library web
page but you can also start within WorldCat itself and for this case I’m
gonna search for books about Austin and I’m not sure if it’s gonna be Jane
Austin or Austin comma Jane but I know I want them to be about her and not by her
so I’m not gonna search for her as the author I’m just gonna search for Jane
Austen and criticism this way I know the results will mention the word criticism
in that now what I want to find is what we call a subject heading these are what
the librarians have decided a book is about and literary criticism is one
thing we frequently identify as the subject so here’s one that says Jane
Austen in the fiction of her time now I don’t know if this is literary criticism
or if this is even about the topic that I’d want but by clicking on the book
title I can see the other subjects all the things that have been assigned as
what this book is about you can see here it says criticism and interpretation
this will exist for every author that has had literary criticism written about
them and now what I’m looking at is just the 79 items that are literary
criticisms of Jane Austen I can limit myself to the ebooks and print books or
all the books and cut out that journal and if I scroll down I can even focus on
a specific year or a specific author of criticism now I can tell if it’s a UMass Lowell item because it says that here but if it’s not something we own a copy
of it’ll tell you if it’s from a different library but you can see here
it shows that I’ve only searched them and if I want to search libraries
worldwide and make requests through interlibrary loan I will be able to do
that as well and so if I go to other pages and we do have quite
a bit of criticism about Jane Austen should we have a lot of criticism of
Jane Austen here we go this one says that it’s from Massachusetts library so
if we click on the title for this one we’ll be able to fill out an
interlibrary loan request to get that book sent to us and you just have to set
up an Illiad account this is your first time here’s the link and there are other
videos that will show you how to utilize Illiad an interlibrary loan to get all
the resources you need for free

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