December Book Haul | pt. 1

Hi, everyone, it’s Farah and today I’m going
to be gifting you guys with an early December book haul. I got all of these books, more
or less, more, definitely on the first of December and I was like, “well, why not film
another December book haul cuz I am expecting a second batch of books from book depository
later this month.” So there’ll be 2 book hauls guys. It is the gift that keeps giving. First,
the book I bought is A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi. It needs no introduction
but I will just talk you through the blurb. Um…it’s the year 2002, right after 9/11,
there’s a hijabi girl protagonist. Diverse. And there’s a love story and it’s a quick
read and I’ve heard great things and I’m really excited to read this book. Next book I got
is the Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson. She’s the one who wrote The Remnant Chronicles,
the Kiss of Deception books and I really love that chronicle, the trilogy, and this is sort
of set in the same world, different characters, magic system and I’m excited about this. The
cover is actually really, really beautiful. Next book I got is Save the Cat! Writes A
Novel: The Last Book on Novel Writing You’ll Ever Need by Jessica Brody based on the books
by Blake Snider, which is the screenwriting ones I believe and this just has really great
outlining techniques that I’m curious to learn about. So I got this. Next book I got is Emergency
Contact by Mary H. K. Choi. I really, really love this book cover. I’m just gonna get out
of the way so it can focus on the…Oh, there it is. Really, really love this cover. There’s
just something that every time I see it I’m like, “you know what? I wanna own this book”
but then I read what it’s about and it’s a kind of sort of meet-cute between 2 awkward
characters that get along at this party. She’s got a boyfriend but then she starts talking
to this guy and its just like this thing. I’m excited to get to this one. It sounds
like a cute read. Big font. Next book I got is Sky in the Deep and this is sort of like
a Viking retelling type of story that I think it’s gonna slay. I don’t use slay a lot but
it does feel like it’s gonna slay cuz there’s a lot of killing involved in this one. Then
I got 2 mangas. New, not new to me. One of them is new to me. First, one I got is Tokyo
Ghoul vol. 2, I read vol. 1 it was alright, I enjoyed it. I’m curious to learn more about
it, so I got this one. But I also got an Assassination Classroom because some people recommended
it to me from my last video, which is the “Tried and Tested Manga” series, link down
below. Um…and it seems brutal. It says assassination classroom, it sounds brutal, I like brutal
and uh…this is just going great. So yeah, I got this one. Same smile. I also got Daily
Habits: How Great Minds Make Time Find Inspiration and Get to Work by Mason Currey. I got this
cuz I’m kind of working on a thing and I’m not gonna tell you what the thing is yet cuz
I’m still working through it but this sort of like an inspirational thing that I’m hoping
to draw inspirational from. Draw inspirational from? Uh, so yeah I got this book. I really
like learning about peoples creative processes and habits and routines and so I got this
one cuz that’s exactly what this book is about. Then I got A Year of Embroidery: A Month to
Month Collection of Motifs for Season Stitching. I’m kind of into cross-stitching. They call
it “tatriz” in Palestine. Um…and I really like it. It’s just like this thing and I saw
this and I was like, “you know what? this seems cool. I’d like to get to learn more
about stitching, different types of embroidery, this is fun, really colorful, ideas, they
keep giving ways on how to do the rest. Just checkin’ it out. Then I got Organic Embroidery
cuz I like the look of it and you know what this isn’t exactly what I was hoping it was.
I mean, it’s pretty but not exactly what I was hoping it would be. I should’ve probably
looked a little deeper into it. Then I got In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice
from Over 100 Makers Artist and Entrepreneurs by Grace Boney. Again, its just a collection
of interviews with these great incredible women. It’s very visual and pretty. Don’t
know if you can see much of it from here but again I really like stuff like that so I got
this. Next couple books I got actually are recipes books, cooking books. The first one
being Baladi by Joudy Kalla. I bought her Palestine on a Plate recipe book. Will leave
the link down below to the recipe book but also to the video the “November Book Haul”,
in which I talk about that and this just sort of part 2, if you will, with amazing recipes,
more beautiful visuals. I mean, it’s really, really nice. Joudy Kalla is a really nice
person so definitely check it out if you guys are curious about Palestinian/Arabic cuisine.
This has, I mean look at this, look at this. Next book I got was inspired by my most recent
Netflix watch and it is Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Element of Good Cooking by Samin
Nosrat. I watched the Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat mini-series on Netflix. Basically, it’s this
documentary-style cooking show thing. Beautifully produced guys, beautifully produced, like
ugh, so pretty to look at and the foods great too and Samin is amazing as a host and as
a chef and learning from her. It’s got beautiful illustrations, recipes, I think there are
recipes in here. Yup, there are recipes. Really simple recipes of like everyday things to
master with the elements. Next book I got is Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit: Learn
and Use it for Life. Again, it was one of those things that I should’ve researched this
a little bit more before buying it but it’s just about this artists creative process and
again I love learning about peoples creative processes. I also got another recipe book,
I just found out, and its tasty ultimate and it’s tasty, the channel, the one that the
videos are all like oh, spread. Anyways, I got their booK and it seems really fun book
cuz its got a lot of easy basic meals but then they’ve got the really complicated ones
but just like the everyday kitchen style-type things, not the one specific thing. Then I
got a bunch of graphic novels. The first one being Archie vol.6 by Mark Waid. I really
like this series, its fun, it’s fluffy, it’s light, it’s not like Riverdale but its light
and I enjoy it. Then I got Giant Days vol. 1 Extra Credit so this is like the side volume
but I also got the next volume which is vol. 8 in the actual series and I’m excited about
those 2 because I always fly through these and I need to fly through books faster cuz
my reading challenge is suffering. Anyway, these were all the books that I bought in
the month of December so far…let me know if you guys liked this video or read any of
the books I mentioned. If you guys are into recipe books, I seem to be going through a
phase. Bare with me. Anyways thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and I’ll see you with my next one. Bye.

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