Death of a Salesman – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Sup bruh? This week we chasin dat pap with
Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Crusty old salesman Willy Loman ain’t been
slingin’ sh*t lately. Not only is his family flat broke, but years in da sales game dun
run his ass down and now his mind be SLIPPIN. Fool even been in a car accident and his wife
Linda thinkin Willy wanna end it. And what’s really been rubbin Willy’s
sh*t raw is that his oldest son Biff ain’t done a damn thing with his life and Willy
don’t know why. To Willy- Biff had it all. He was high baller back in high school but
these days, he ain’t livin the life Willy want him to. Later when Willy start trippin to Biff’s
face bout bein a scrub, Biff all like “stay chill pops, After I meet with my old playboy
boss, I’m a start my own bidness with my bro Hap and the world gonna be swingin from
my nuts. You’ll see.” Next morning, Willy step to his boss to ask
for a lil slack with the travelin. But instead of hookin’ a brutha up, the boss straight
up FIRES his bitch ass. Sh*t man. Later, Biff, Willy and Happy hook up fo’
some grubbin. Biff try to tell Willy dat his interview went bunk, But Willy ain’t even
listenin and starts spillin his guts bout bein fired. Then Willy flashes back to dat
time in Boston when Biff came a knockin to see his pops, and we find out why they been
beefin for so long. Turns out, it wasn’t flunkin math that made Biff stop givin a f*ck
about sh*t. See, when Biff got to Willy’s hotel room, he find out his dad been gettin
nasty with some chicken head hoochie behind his mama’s back. Scandalous. While Willy’s doin all this reminscin, he
heads to the bathroom and start talkin to himself. Biff and Happy decide to ditch his ass and go party with some hunnies instead. When they back home, mama gets crunk on errybody’s
ass. After gettin all up in eachother’s grills, Biff decide he’s leavin for good
and says “Look pa, I’m just some regular ass dude, just like you. Drop that bullsh*t
dream before it destroys you.” But Willy only hear what he wanna hear. Thinkin he’s
hookin his boy up, he peep that life insurance policy, gets up in his hoopty, and takes his
last lonely ride. Years of pushin product just to end up cashed
out back on the struggle? While all literary cats agree that sucks a fat one for Willy,
they don’t all agree that it makes him a tragic hero. Some think they ain’t nuthin tragic bout
a regular-ass street thug, a LOW-MAN, gettin dumped on. Cuz that’s just life son. Old-school
scholars say that if you’re of low birth, it ain’t possible to be a tragic hero, cuz
you ain’t GREAT- ain’t wastin no potential. But up in the land of the American Dream,
we’re all supposed to be equally great. If you bust yo ass hard enough, you can get
those briefcases full of big faces, right? Willy dont just sell goods, he also sell himself.
Dat fake smile he use to hustle homies been bradnded on his mug so long that the real
Willy ain’t even there no mo. So in the end, chasin dat dream don’t leave
Willy with everything. It leave him with nothin. And to this thug, that’s a damn tragedy. Peep this fine stage direction, son. Before
the play start, we gettin hit in the face with some contradictions, yo. We hear a flute
laying down some fresh beats that put images of freedom in yo dome, but on the real, the
visuals showin us Willy’s broke ass house trapped by big-ass buildings. What our characters
want is freedom, but they trapped in a world of business, bills and bullsh*t that won’t
let em have it. But hold up. It ain’t all gotta be depressing,
B. The title Death of a Salesman ain’t just referring to Willy, but to Biff too. Some say Biff the hero of this story. Cuz
by the end of the play, Biff ain’t bout rollin fake and givin it all up in a desperate
grab for success. Naw man. He know that ain’t the right dream for him. When Biff is havin it out with
his pops, he say: The American dream ain’t the only dream
you gotta to have. And just cuz you throwin that to he curb don’t mean you can’t be
free. Freedom comes from recognizing who you are. Catch y’all lata. Peace.

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  1. I have a final today and I have to do an essay on Death of a Salesman and wow this helped 10000% lol

  2. haha nice! never seen this channel, loved it. DoAS is one of my favorite plays, sad and heartbreaking but you have to feel for the characters who THINK they are all fixated on what is really important- when as you said by the end Biff is the only one who gets it.

  3. when you remember Arthur miller was married to marlyin Monroe when she got him arrested when that they was spies and he was with her when she was sleeping with JFK

  4. Apparently this play is (or was, this was a while ago) really popular in China for its father-son dynamic. Also Miller himself was said to regret that he didn't explore the relationship between Biff and Willy more.

  5. Interesting thoughts. Personally, I have thought the story was about how we are obsessed with success. The American Dream wasn't about making it big, but just having simple freedoms like free speech and input into the government. Death of a Salesman seemed more like a critique of this American Dream delusion than the American Dream itself.

  6. To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble.
    – Bill Watterson

  7. Would you consider The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon? Favorite novel! I'd love to see your take on it!

  8. I thank you so much for these videos! As a single parent, awake at 2 in the morning just beginning a paper due at midnight -saved my ass #generalGist #Appreciated

  9. 1.) I wanna shirt that just says scandalous
    2.) It's the American dream just kind of what you make it and what your dream is because we're all individual

  10. I’m extremely tempted to use “there ain’t nothing tragic about a regular-ass street thug” in my essay.

  11. The antagonist , the villain of this story is live and let die type of Capitalism imposed on most of us . except for the "1%" making life miserable for the majority of us . the 1% run our government , police and military . there must be another amendment to the constitution which separates the mofo 1% from the government .

  12. stories from opera or Shakespeare would be so fun, educational and hilarious with you explaining them.

  13. I hated this play so much in high school… just crap… I wish there was thug notes back then so I could have skipped reading it and just watched Thug Notes !!!

  14. We are studying this book in my English class and I was researching for a paper when I found this little gem. strangely, though it is meant as a joke, this video brought up some points that I have never thought about.

  15. someone told me to read the book, kind of ironic since was in a similar situation working in sales .It can definitely eat a away at you and you kind of lose sense of who you are.

  16. I thought your model of this channel is just simply genius. While you educate your self by reading this, you educate the audience by teaching. BUT any old educational channel can do that. What you have done is taking your identity into it which blew life of inspiration into the seemingly boring content.

  17. "If you of low birth, it ain't possible for you to be a tragic hero cause you ain't great"
    Best line in this video. That line actually made me consider whether or not Willy was a tragic figure or not, and when I brought it up to my English teacher in Junior year of high school, he really had to think about it too.

  18. Sooooo many classics I would have walked pass if not for Thug Notes. Thank you for filtering out the bullshit they taught me in HS.

  19. I would love to use this for my class but there's an important error. Biff does not decide to go see Bill Oliver, Happy comes up with that idea and tells it to the family without ever consulting Biff. That's what puts Biff in a bad position. That's his inciting incident if he is the protagonist.

  20. I read along with the 1985 production of this book, and I have to say I've never felt so emotionally drained in my life..

  21. Bro, "Death of a Salesman" is my favorite play and probably the greatest American play ever. This was a fitting, funny AF tribute.

  22. minor objection – Biff wasn't fired. hadn't worked there for years and was mistaken about what his job had been. Missed theme of Willy growing a garden and his actual skill set (building things)…

  23. I'm not trying to be racist but this guy with his was of speaking actually analysing and book makes me nervous…

  24. So how does Biff pay his bills? Does he find the time machine and go back and place sports bets and then go back to the future?

  25. I dont mind him, but whenever he says "whiteboy", it annoys me, and I struggle to put it aside, and enjoy the rest of his stuff.

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