dear Neil the first time I heard you say
I’ll do my best sir it gave me hope your broad smile before
the principle of Welton and your father still flash like a ripple in the water
when the rays of sun falls over it the way you befriended an introvert or I should say
a boy who fears the cruelty of this world is commendable yes I’m talking about
Todd Anderson the only person in your world is factitious Values. no I can blame your
father for cutting off you from all the co-Curricular activities he wanted you to
become the best I agree that his way it didn’t coincide with yours and rightfully
so as no child in history has ever agreed with their parents generation gap
I suppose after all of a parent when their children to do their best you’re the
first of grasp the essence of mr. Keating’s teaching as you understood
that his way is different even when other students was claimed it to be
spooky and weird you were the most courageous one to restart the Dead
Poets Society Club you became an instant favorite I must say that you were appropriate
cast off the role of the puck as you were the naughtiest of them all. Defying your father
takes immense courage you showed that too and also how to live a character I’m
happy for you as you choose your dreams over your
father’s wishes but your father was too harsh to withdraw you from the Welton he
didn’t understand your feelings but you have to understand that your mother was
helpless too and believe me you tried your best I’m no one to say that you were not
right in ending your life for I can only imagine what do you have to suffered.
Patriarchy killed the juvenile dreams at last it broke me to pieces Neil.
the moment you killed yourself I was shattered but you live in your dreams
even if it was momentary you live up to words to mr. Keating the only thing
he misses is your face among the numerous face standing on exclaim Oh captain my
captain I hope you are well up there doing as mr. Keating would have to say
Carpe Diem!

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