Danish vs. German (Beginners) – Language Duel

Yo, so today, Forking Tomatoes will have another form of challenge, Kinda like the foreign language challenge, but First, We have… Yo! My name is Terry, I’ve been living in Denmark for four… five years. Too long to admit that my Danish is still ** You have to censor that! He’s also Malaysian… Singaporean… He’s.. a little bit confusing But He learns Danish, and I learn German We just figured that this is gonna be a really fun thing to do So we got 2 of our friends, Rasmus and David to kind of.. Prepare 10 English words and He’s gonna translate the word into Danish, and I’m gonna try to translate it into German. And let’s see who learns their language better! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be the one who mess up the most. But you’ve been here (Denmark) for 5 years! I’ve only been here (Germany) for 1.5! We’ll find out in a minute. (Rasmus)
First word will be (Rasmus)
Correct. I know the word in German! I think we could call it “Teddybärchen” There is another word for it. I’m just gonna stick to… Cause that’s all I can think of. Is Bamse only for teddy bear? (David)
Actually that is correct. That is correct? (David)
It’s just “Teddybär” (David)
My word is very simple. Knife? Should you go first? I have to think about it. It’s just knife, without an e. I, no, doesn’t work that way! (Rasmus)
It’s a V in the end, instead of an FE. Ah, it’s K-N-I-V! How do you say it? (Rasmus)
OK, third word is… That’s right! Trappe? No! That’s staircase (Rasmus)
That’s staircase. I was on IKEA website a few days ago shopping for things, so I should remember… But! Does it start with a T? (Rasmus)
Yeah. That’s a lot of hints! (Rasmus)
Say it again (Rasmus)
Yeah. Trappe is stairwell/staircase. (David)
It’s all household items. No! I just learnt it! Like, last month! I saw it! at IKEA that day By the way, Window cloth! I would say that probably sounds very German No it’s not, They have this very weird word for it… I guess we’re both stuck on this one then (David)
You can give it a try! The word just.. It just doesn’t come to you! Yeah! It’s like… We have an exam, and there is that word for curtain… In my head right now, I have almost (all) the text for the exam, but that particular word is blank. I have the Malay word for curtain. What’s the Malay word for curtain? Langsir. Right? Oh yeah! I give up! (David)
But this is not a Malay challenge! I give up. (Rasmus)
The Danish word is.. That’s easy! And the one for German? (David)
In German it’s… Are we like 3-3 now? (David)
Yeah, 3-3 Next word. It’s gonna be a really close fight! (Rasmus)
Oh yeah, next word is… Oh no! Why’d you have to pick that word? I don’t know! It’s another word I know! I know it ends with like “Kontrol” But I don’t know “remote” I am thinking of really Germanic way of combining words like… “Lang vej kontrol” Like long distance control Is it? OK, while you think.. In German, (David)
It’s close. (David)
It’s just “Fernbedienung” Fjernsynkontrol. Does that count? No? I like Rasmus’ face. He just went like.. So what’s the Danish word? (Rasmus)
The Danish word is… (Rasmus)
Fjern is like far.. (David)
So, the 6th word is.. Did you purposely pick that? Urtårn. Ur is like.. Ur, is clock. Tårn is tower No. Klokkentårn Because when you ask for time, you ask what clock is it now. Yeah! That means.. (Rasmus)
Klokketårn Are you looking for… (David)
No, that’s the… (David)
Yeah, glockenturm. Because, turm is tower, it’s just like in Danish. What’s clock though, in German? Actually, if you talk about the clock clock, we usually just use “Uhr”. Yeah it’s the same.. (Rasmus)
Number 7. Wallet? (Rasmus)
Yeah. German.. Maybe it’s like Pung? or is it… (David)
Yup, Geldbörse. We have like 3 words, I only remember one. (David)
There is like “Beutel”. Oh yeah, Geldbeutel! (Rasmus)
The Danish word is “Tegnebog” (David)
Or even tasche. Ah, Geldtasche. (Rasmus)
Drawing, drawing money. (David)
It’s just “Money” “Bag”. (David)
The 8th one is… (Rasmus, David)
Yeah! (David)
It’s a simple word! (Rasmus)
2nd last word… (These guesses are too difficult to subtitle…) Beating! Can I say it in English? No! No? (Rasmus)
It’s close. It sounds like.. (Rasmus)
No. I’m the one learning German! I give up. I know I am so close, but I can’t get the word. I think I never learned the word “Lawnmower” before… (David)
For German it’s pretty hard, because German is not.. No it’s not! I give up. German never fits.. What is the Danish word for that? (Rasmus)
Danish word is… (David)
That’s close, that’s close. You have “græs” and “maskine” right. I’m gonna give up for German. I don’t think I’ll get the word. (David)
It’s just.. Ah! Oh no! I know that! “Mäher” is like mower? Yes! Last one. (David)
This is pretty easy. How’s that easy? I just went blank! Roof is easy? (David)
It’s the roof… (Rasmus)
Yeah it is. “Toppen af hus” Like, top of the house. I was actually gonna say “Hausspitze” tip of the house “Ruf” Couldn’t be right? (David)
No. (Rasmus)
3 letters. Oh no! That is not easy at all! (David)
For German it’s just 1 syllable. OK let’s guess this one, it’s the last one anyway. “Ruf, guf, buf, guf, zuf” 1 syllable? (David)
Yeah, it’s just 1 syllable. `”Hut”? (David)
No. So 3 syllables? 3 alphabets right? 3 alphabets? (Rasmus)
Just 3 letters. “Topf”? “Mazel tov”? What is that? Topf actually means pot. “Kopf”? That’s head. (David)
No that’s head. (Rasmus)
Starts with a T. T-A-G? It’s a D. D? “Deck”? (David)
Close. (David)
What? OK, you know what? I’m actually gonna give up. (David)
OK it’s just As in like.. Like, how do you spell it? (David)
D-A-C-H Dach? I really don’t remember learning that word.. (David)
Or if you want the long form (David)
It’s “Überdachung” What’s the score? Yeah, what’s the score? (David)
It’s a tie. We need a tiebreaker! Yeah we need a tiebreaker! You (Rasmus & David) have to discuss for a word. Or like.. (David)
The word is… Throne? Like Game of Throne? (David)
Yeah. “Thorn” (David)
What? “Thorn” (David)
Say it again? “Thorn” “Thorn” T-H-O-R-N Didn’t we play the card game Dominion And it has that word? (David)
Yeah! What is the German word? (Rasmus)
The Danish word is (David)
Let’s choose another word. And the word is.. (Rasmus)
What is.. (David)
It’s all common words. But if you find the word, you win. Because I have no idea. What is it in Danish… The first word that came to my head was But that’s a food. Food? Why would the food be so similar to needle? What’s the word in German? Ah!! Nadel, I actually know it! What’s the word in Danish? Nål? like, nål? So it’s a tie. Yes, it is! Finally! Not finally. Well it is finally! It was kinda tough, but I think Or equally bad… I am pretty proud of myself though. And you, too. I’ll pat myself, too. Oh, that sounds wrong… Do you like this video? If you do, give us a thumbs up! Click here to subscribe to our channel. And click here to watch our previous videos. OK, should I do it in English? NO!!! Okay…

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  1. Its nice you took the effort to learn Danish, its only 5 mio. who speak it. German more than 100 mio. Thinking of me I know Chinese Roof 屋顶, knive 刀,wallet 钱包

  2. Alles klar 😂

    Putting some german words in this comments to flex my language

  3. Curtain in german is Vorhang but also Gardine wich is more close to the swedish word gardin. But it doesnt matter lol

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