Damaged Homer

*Homer bathes his body slowly, enjoying getting every inch of his being clean as he can make it. Homer was very focussed on being a clean individual as he saw it as a very respectful way to live your life. Of course, not everyone would live their lives this way and Homer’s son Bart was no different, he was jealous of Homer’s clean body, he needed revenge, he craved it.* *SLAM, Bart attacks his father* “Not so clean anymore with that blood on you now” Thought bart to himself, chuckling and smiling at his accomplishment “I should celebrate” *Bart wondered how he should do this, as he watched his father idly* *Homer screams in surprise and pain, he cant even come close to the realization that he is dirty, with splinters and blood, bart laced it with dirt, just to rub it into his wounds, and make him filthy, Homer truly was a damaged body but more so a damaged soul. So sad.*

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  1. When you are minding your own business doing your math until somebody told you the answer but the teacher told you that you got it wrong.

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