Creating a graphic novel

I think in a lot of ways a picture book is
a graphic novel. It’s just maybe three pages from a graphic novel and with each spread
or each page being a panel. It very much works in the same way except you have the page turn,
which is kind of a dramatic moment, you know. I mean you can use that. With graphic novels
you have panels and you can see a lot of them before you turn the page. But the work is obviously a lot more involved
with a graphic novel because it just takes forever, and it doesn’t feel like there’s
a light at the end of the tunnel for a long time. With a picture book you feel like oh,
32 spreads. Check. With a graphic novel, it’s just endless and having to draw the same character
over and over and over and over again, it’s relentless and very tricky. But a lot of the process was the same for
me. But I found that I did a lot more sort of winging it with the graphic novel, which
was really fun for me. With a picture book, you have to be so — well, you don’t have
to be, but, you know, you have a limited number of words that you’re going to use, and it
almost needs to be like maybe not a work of art but just this perfectly contained thing. The graphic novel, it felt like you could
just sort of put stuff in there on the fly and it would work and so you would leave it,
and it was much more organic way — much less planning almost. You could let things
sort of flow, at least I could. And a lot more — a lot more back and forth between
the words and the pictures and just letting them sort of become what they were supposed
to become. It was fascinating to me how different it
was, and I have to say in a lot of ways I like working in the graphic novel format better
except for the amount of time that it took, except for that. So for me, I almost feel
like a project that I would really enjoy would be that sort of hybrid picture book graphic
novel for younger kids. I totally want to try that out because I think it would — it
just brings out a different kind of storytelling for me, maybe even a better form for me.

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