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  1. I think it would be very difficult even if we could, because the most intelligent dolphins, the orcas, don't have a "common" language; instead every family has their own dialect, which once again prooves how incredibly intelligent they are.

  2. We could speak the language of any animal. I can talk to my dog and cat. They dont understand much but i understand them pretty easily. A cat will vocally ask questions the same way we do? See how the word do, ends with a higher pitch? The cats meow will also end in a high pitch. Music… is a mathematical relationship between frequencies of sound waves. It IS more than just music, this mathematical relationship is a language of the universe and could be used as a language. Birds also communicate with eachother. They have their own language.

  3. Very interesting, but what's most important here is probably how damn hard it is to communicate in the first place – if you don't speak the same language, everything is just guess work to what the other part is saying. And – to bring this point further – if we can't communicate with species here on our own world, how are we aver going to communicate with aliens, if the opportunity arises? Dolphins are probably comparatively easy to understand since they communicate with sounds just like us, but what if another species is communicating via pheromones or light – ways to communicate which already exist here on earth I might add? We might be able to pick up a dolphin's name via the sound other dolphins make to get its attention (beep-beep), and that's how names for humans work as well – names are basically sounds we attach to other people so they know who they are whne adressed. So names are easy. But to understand the words, grammar and syntax of a language? That's something else.

    And I seriously doubt we'll se aliens speaking English anytime soon, no matter what the sci-fi fans think.

  4. We probably could learn to talk dolphin – by using special microphones, AI and huge data systems. Not without, I'd guess…

  5. They are intelligent and sentient beings… yet we think it's ok to capture and keep them in zoos and marine parks like slaves (or do worse to them)?

  6. “For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much—the wheel, New York, wars and so on—whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man—for precisely the same reasons.”

    ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  7. Anyone hear about the Lady who had intimate affairs with a Dolphin she trained, and drugged. A Fish making Love to a Human, how crazy is that!

  8. You've just wasted your life. Just leave dolphins alone. It's of no benefit to us how they
    communicate. All this is, is a way of so called scientists to spend
    their working lives somewhere nice and sunny and is a complete waste of

  9. You've just wasted your life. Just leave dolphins alone. It's of no benefit to us how they
    communicate. All this is, is a way of so called scientists to spend
    their working lives somewhere nice and sunny and is a complete waste of

  10. They wouldn't value material things like we do. Their 'house' is the sea, the groceries are all fresh all the time… what is life in an ocean like for a thinking being? And is that a gulf(heh) that language can bridge? Denise et al. will if it is at all possible

  11. Hey, if those scientists in Godzilla: KOTM's found a way to communicate with Kaiju, then a Dolphin is Algebra.

  12. I love that more and more of the human population is accepting that animals can sentient, and also have their own personal feelings, experiences, and lives. It's been proven that several animals are capable of empathy, which is a complex emotional state, and my personal opinion is that most mammals are emotional creatures. I look at my cats and generally know how they're feeling…. I would love the chance to communicate with them.

    I'm here for it.

  13. Man that's amazing!!! Goes to show you how hard it would be to communicate with aliens. especially without technology. So this is the first version of what they call the universal translator in star trek. Well, not the first version. the first version is the translator app on smartphones used between human languages. but this is the first to be used between another species. lol just amazing!!! The future is now guys!

  14. You need me to develop AI for you, that will figure out what their whistles mean.

    I'm actually trying to do this with birds right now.

    My belief is, you need to focus on the emotional content of the sound, as the language of animals is not logical reason, it's emotional reasoning.

    Logic is a fun game, but not their natural setting.

    With birds, each mating pair had 2 distinct languages, their chicks learn a hybrid mix of the 2 different chirps from the mother and father.

    The result is, each family of birds has 3 languages the mother's, the fathers, and the children. This pattern of education then repeats through each generation, making entire family units identifiable through their distinctive language with high precision of who is the parents.

    The calls then mimic certain patterns for different meanings.

    Alert or Danger
    Where are you
    Reply, I am here
    Stay Away

    The basic communication seems to be through the communication with posturing to display intent, with tone inflection.

    The intent seems to be always emotional.

    With birds the primative flight or fight is weighted by familiarity, trust is established by assistance and perseverance.

    My observation is, though the brain is primative, consciousness and deliberate actions are present.

    Much like a child who is too young to have had dramatic experiences, their trust is too high for their own good.

    The reflex of flight or scared, is very similar to children at a young age who spontaneously decide to kick and flail their arms, it's the brain creating the necessary experience to perfect the action when needed.

  15. Communication and Language are not the same thing. Humans have language, dolphins communicate. Lost me in under a minute.

  16. Its looking like we dont have the processingprogramming power for this. Pretty good scam for paid vacations to the Bahamas though.

  17. YES On June 17th, the BBC will debut a new documentary, The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins. It's the story of Margaret Howe Lovatt, who in the 1960s took part in a NASA-funded research project, in which she developed an unusual relationship with a dolphin named Peter. A relationship that at times became sexual.

  18. Idk if this is normal but i can make dolphin clicking sound by pressing my tongue against my gum trapping air, and by pressing my toungue against the gum the air escapes and then the sound appears and once i was in an Animal rescue park the dolphin reacted to the sound and actually replied lol

  19. Normally I'd just get jealous about someone having a job like that . . . . . but she respects them and just quietly hasn't assumed that we are cleverer. Fair deal.

  20. It is possible that A.I. could decipher Dolphinese but I do not think the humanity can wrap it's simian brain around it. Not enough intersection of environment but one never knows.

  21. When we finally learn how to communicate with cetaceans we'll find out they hate our fucking guts for over-breeding and turning the oceans into a plastic shithole.

  22. Tickle at a distance. ? That could be good or bad. We will need a whole new set of laws…subway ticklers etc.

  23. All the intelligence leads to seaweed ball. All species are doomed to budweiser and jeeps until the asteroid puts us out of our misery.

  24. Imagine being close to our intelligence…okey dokey…the results were not pretty. Imagine being dumber than dumb and dumber. Imagine being at disney land where parents punch each other out over a dropped ice cream cone or at burger world over a burger with an unwanted pickle. Imagine animals that are smart but will rip your face off in a jealous rage. Imagine that even in our world knowledge is over rated as in Nietsche, and truth. Imagine that.

  25. Hunting and killing of cetaceans must be forbidden and pursued as homicide. Yes, we don't know for sure which species are sentient and which are not, and even if there are non-sentient species among them, but to be on the safe side, no cetacean must be killed in vain.

  26. My guardian dogs went crazy when they heard the dolphin clicks. Interesting. They hear all kinds of sounds from my tablet all day but were triggered into barking for the first time at the sound of your dolphins.

  27. My grandmother used to tell me when they were young thier parents use something like whistle at the sea fish when they blow the dolphins will chase the fishes to the river bank they feed while they catch the fishes.

  28. I can save you a lot of time and money: they're talking about where the fish are at, and who's fucking who.

  29. The Dolphins are in extremes, they are in the womb of the sea, but they are not in the "wild", we are, we are in the wild, in the deadliest and most confusing world one might imagine. I wish I were a Dolphin.

  30. This is Cacophony.. this is like trying to teach puppies.. but a half dozen of them.. with 4 people in the pen making constant movements. Not going to happen.
    LIke completely wild dogs that cant be trained.. there is a tiny fraction of a second between stimulus of opportunity and unless you hijack that moment you are not going to reach it.
    Parrots.. sure thing to put a memory in a birds head is by the attention that came with it. Kinda like birds who curse, or yell "mom!"
    in a wild setting this is never going to happen.. unless you could cue a toy from a hidden cabinet. Why even try to use dolphin language, theres already a language.. blathering would just go in the opposite direction of what youre trying to accomplish. give them something unique, to command that attention. Light show. whatever color they can see. moving lights, different colors and designs that focus to a deposition of a toy.
    do they have developed taste receptors? whatever the aquatic equivalent of the olfactory system. Buttons/lights that give them a blast of some stank. squid perfume, dolphin booty, whatever. instaneous, out of the ordinary, deliberate on the senses stimulus… built on a two way trigger.

    lets think outside the blowhole people

  31. imagine to understand the minds of intelligence of other species on another planet. well ms… i think alien is actually observing us as we observing other species here on earth.

  32. The title: "Could we speak the language of dolphins?" would be answered with: "No, we cannot".

    This video does show that we can train dolphins to understand our 'language', although it is nothing but a designed sound, tailored for them.

    Could we truelly understand 'their' language? I mean, not by training them, but by train ourselves to understand what they are saying to eachother, or even to us? And find a way to talk back in their language, using our technology? Could it be possible, that one day we type our message in a smartphone and it will be translated into 'dolphin'? For me, that is true/full communication not just partial communication, or even animal training.

    We were able to learn forgotten, ancient languages with visual help ( wall drawings, etc ) and the fact that these cultures were human too. It's easier to empathize a language when they were humans, like us. While it is harder to emphatize with dolphins, we have one bonus compared with ancient languages: We don't need wall drawings to look for evidence: Dolphins are alive. We can and are studying them, right now.

    All I want to know, is if it is possible or not to communicate with them without 'training them'. But just by communicating with them, using THEIR own form of communication. Is it possible to translate theirs, so why can translate ours to them? Ofcourse, taking their intelligence level vs. ours in consideration. (Simple communication)

  33. Pfft, wait. If the Dolphins sit vertical to say "I'm talking human," is that racism? Are they using a species slur?

  34. Yes! A Ph.D in linguistics has PROVEN that Dolphin's language is communicating logical thoughts with meaning and is not just gibberish! Their clicks and language is a true transfer of knowledge back and forth in a conversational and is shared communication!

  35. The most important thing I’ve learned from this talk is that I’ve chosen my profession really wrong.
    I could be playing with dolphins instead, dammit!!

  36. There are those of us that speak dog, horse, cow, etc. Get a country boy, and put him with the animals. I speak cat, dog, horse, cow, and sadly sheep. I think the language of dolphins is far to complicated for me (I still have trouble with Spanish) but find a country boy that is a "whisperer" and they will get it.


    Hello Madame Denise Herzing, this link takes you to an amazing man whom has developed his own form of human Sonar due to his blindness. Truly a remarkable use of all the senses available to him.
    I believe sounds behaves differently underwater so perhaps some familiarisation is in order, but I see no reason why if he agrees to help that he could attempt to listen and interpret the dolphins in captivity.
    Alternatively send him some dolphin sounds maybe he might understand some of it.
    His echolocation is partly visual to him. Perhaps he might see what they describe?
    Maybe the two are un connective but he may be in a unique position to crack the Dolphin Enigma.
    Here's wishing you well. Tom Saunderson

  38. Read these books by Dr. John C Lilly Dolphins Humans of the Sea. Communications Between Man and Dolphin. I read his books in the late 1970s and have done way more then you have on the intelligence of the Cetaceans.Dr. Lilly was a neurology scientist and worked with dolphins on communications between their species and us. Orcas are the largest dolphins and have complex communications and different dialects in the oceans of the world. One of the smartest Cetaceans is the Sperm whale. Cetaceans can communicate with each other. Dr. Lilly has discovered these facts about Cetaceans 50 years ago and now you are rediscovering some of the facts known half a century ago or more.

  39. The only significant comment on dolphins made by Ms. Denise Herzing, came at the end – "Imagine communicating with another animal in his/her environment" ! 🙂

  40. Old Stuff, In India they Passed Laws Forbidding Dolphins To be kept in Captivity,Tums out The University found Their Language is more complicated than Ours , They Have been Re-classed as Non Human Beings ,…

  41. And then the Japanese ate them. The end. Disgusted by anyone's culture excuse. No animal should be killed just because it's been done for such a long time.

  42. This is a very interesting way of tackling communication, but we have a God-given ability to communicste with all animals and plants that Adam and Eve threw away but Yavashua took it back to us. In other words, this ability has been returned to us by Yavashua Jesus Christ of Nazareth but 97% of Christians haven't figured that out yet. People of other religions haven't figured it out much, either.
    The language starts and ends with love. ❤😌🐎🐃🌳

  43. train female dolphins to use human-dolphin communication systems(keyboards and human designated whistles) in captivity where the environment is controlled and then bring them out to the wild and introduce them to a wild study group where the other dolphins can learn the new systems from them.

  44. I know this might be a stupid question, but why don't they transpose the ultra-high-pitched dolphin sounds down a few octaves, to a pitch that humans can comfortably hear?

  45. I wonder, in a few hundred years, if we're speaking fluently with the dolphins, and if we showed them this video, how they would react to it…
    Like: "Oh god. Is that how we used to speak to each other? How embarrassing."

  46. If they are so smart how come they can't jump fishermen nets label on water, Or flee fast after they hear the killer whale hunting sound and more ? Of course you can train them just like a dog.

  47. It's really not hard to imagine first plant life on other exoplanets we've either discovered and what more there could be – how similar or different could life on another similar planet be?

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