Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards Book Review (Funnel Scripts)

Hello in this video I’m going to do a few things First of all, I low down on a book review of copywriting secrets by Jim Edwards, my friend It’s a really really cool book, but I’m also going to help you right now write better words for your website so that you get more customers,. now the reason why the vast majority of online businesses Never work is because we do not know now to write. We do not know how to write words that sell and For many people when we talk about sales and marketing we can get a little bit put off by it Fortunately for us this book helps us do that in such a very very simple and easy way I love it and you can get this book for free Right now though I’m going to take you through something called aid cut and I would like you to put this Against your website and your social media posts and your competitors as well Okay, so when people see your social media posts on websites, what do you want them to do? Yeah, of course you know you want them to engage with you whether that’s picking the phone up and giving you a call or Pressing the Buy Now button but what I’m gonna show you you’ll soon understand in just a couple of minutes why people are walking away from you and every day when you go on Facebook or other social media and you scroll through you scroll through You’re probably missing out on masses of wonderful information to help you but the reason why you’re skipping faster so much is because of Attention, they’re not grabbing your attention so in my little section on a Deker Aidc a a is for attention and this book shows you how to grab people’s attention In a really really good way. Once you’ve grabbed your their attention, you can start communicating with them Okay But we don’t want to be talking about ourselves And who we are and how great we are and how fantastic our lives are a lot of people do that and they get it Wrong, what we need to be doing is we need to be communicating to the person that you want to speak with Writing or talking as I’m doing about them. How can I help you right now and get more clients for your business That’s what this video is about, right? so let’s move on to I interest once we’ve got their attention With vinegar a couple of seconds to grab their attention We now really need to stoke the fires of their interest. Okay? Why are they going to continue? Reading or watching what’s in it for them? And as you go through that as you grab their attention We need to take them into D D is for a desire. Now what a lot of highly skilled copywriting people do just like Jim Edwards there is they Show and demonstrate the problems that people have and how to overcome them. What would life be? Without back pain, what would life be if your adolescent child was? enjoying life and love in school What would life be if? You know So they start to build design you go through the attention and then they get they grab your interest and then the desire Starts to kick anything. Yeah, you know, I really need this So that’s a IND supposed to see from 8k C is credibility then we start to look at maybe testimonials or case studies or examples okay of What you have done in the past? With your clients and how you can help the person reading or watching this right now The next bit to get on to is a for action so many people don’t do this and this is crazy So what do you want? your website viewer your Person watching your video. What doesn’t right now. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to pick the phone up and call you fill out a form press a Buy Now button Maybe enter their email address so they can watch a little video of you What do you want them to do and that is about call to action? So I use odd Kerr a for attention either interest D for desire C for credibility an a for action So in a moment, what I’m gonna do is I can find it I’ll give you the link so you can get a copy of this free book upside down awesome Reverse mirror image and I want you to get that book. Absolutely free of charge from Jimmy It is super and there’s also another link on here as well That will help you Are right as well actually Fill in the boxes and help you write as soon as you start using these techniques you will get more clients But what you might want to do something a little bit fully So you could do this on your own social media posts or your own website Or you can just look at competitors and just go through do they grab your attention? Does it get your interest your desire is their credibility there? Is there a call to action the vast majority of people don’t do that? I do that’s why I’ve lots of clients Jim Edwards does that’s why he’s a multi multi-millionaire and he’s been doing this for years Okay. This is why you should be doing it as well because for many coaches it is the missing link now It doesn’t matter if you’re into let’s say live coaching or whatever go on to any type of website Not even a coaching website go into any type of website and you will see People completely forgetting odka and those websites tend to fail they tend to spend more money on it they may spend more money on Facebook ads and What they spend more money on Google ads Just to try and get people to buy and actually and one of the things that they need to do when they’ve got the traffic Coming in is just to work out the words that sell so get this book now

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